Female blue riverdamsel
Pseudagrion microcephalum, copyright Renjusplace.

Belongs within: Zygoptera.
Contains: Ischnura, Agriocnemis.

The Coenagrionidae are a cosmopolitan group of damselflies whose adults are commonly found skimming over still or sluggish waters (Watson & O’Farrell 1991).

Characters (from Theischinger & Hawking 2006): Usually brightly coloured, often vivid red or blue with black markings. Anal vein long; supplementary longitudinal veins absent in distal portion of wings. Larva without a median cleft on premental ligula; one to eight pairs of premental setae, three to eight pairs of palpal setae; caudal gills leaf-like, subnodate or denodate, without prominent main tracheole, held vertically.

<==Coenagrionidae [Coenagriidae]
|–Ischnurinae [Ischnurainae] WO91
|    |–Ischnura TH06
|    `–Aciagrion fragile (Tillyard 1906) WO91, TH06
|–Coenagrion TH06 [Coenagrioninae WO91]
|    |–C. brisbanense O70
|    |–C. haustulatum WP99
|    |–C. lyelli (Tillyard 1913) TH06
|    `–C. puella (Linnaeus 1758) FB03
|–Agriocnemidinae WO91
|    |–Agriocnemis TH06
|    |–Argiocnemis rubescens Selys 1877 WO91, TH06
|    `–Austrocnemis WO91
|         |–A. maccullochi (Tillyard 1926) TH06
|         |–A. obscura Theischinger & Watson 1991 TH06
|         `–A. splendida (Martin 1901) TH06
|–Amphicnemidinae WO91
|    |–Archibasis mimetes (Tillyard 1913) WO91, TH06
|    |–Teinobasis WO91
|    |    |–T. ariel TH06
|    |    `–T. rufithorax (Selys 1877) TH06
|    `–Amphicnemis SL89
|         |–A. ecornuta Selys Longchamps 1889 SL89
|         |–A. furcata SL89
|         |–A. lestoides SL89
|         `–A. wallacii SL89
`–Pseudagrioninae WO91
|–Xanthagrion erythroneurum (Selys 1876) WO91, TH06
|–Caliagrion billinghursti (Martin 1901) WO91, TH06
|–Ceriagrion WO91
|    |–C. aeruginosum (Brauer 1869) TH06
|    |–C. cerinorubellum [=Agrion cerinorubellum] SL89
|    |–C. coromandelianum (Fabr. 1798) [=Agrion coromandelianum] K00
|    `–C. melanurum K00
|–Austroagrion WO91
|    |–A. cyane (Selys 1876) TH06
|    |–A. exclamationis Campion 1915 TH06
|    |–A. pindrina Watson 1969 TH06
|    `–A. watsoni Lieftinck 1982 TH06
`–Pseudagrion TH06
|–P. aureofrons Tillyard 1906 TH06
|–P. cingillum (Brauer 1869) TH06
|–P. ignifer Tillyard 1906 TH06
|–P. jedda Watson & Theischinger 1991 TH06
|–P. lucifer Theischinger 1997 TH06
|    |–P. l. lucifer TH06
|    `–P. l. aureum TH06
|–P. microcephalum (Rambur 1842) TH06
`–P. pruinosum [=Agrion pruinosum] SL89

Coenagrionidae incertae sedis:
Xanthocnemis zelandica (McLachlan 1873) HL02
Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Sulzer 1776) FB03
Hetaerina TW05
|–H. americana TW05
`–H. titia P74
Argia TW05
|–A. emma P74
|–A. lugens P74
`–A. vivida TW05
Megalagrion O94
|–M. oahuense W92
`–M. pacificum H91
Nehalennia speciosa (Charpentier 1840) P74, I92
Enallagma P74
|–E. boreale P74
|–E. carunculatum P74
|–E. cyathigerum P74
`–E. praevarum P74

*Type species of generic name indicated


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