Three-striped poison frog Ameerega trivittata, copyright Tom Kirschey.

Belongs within: Dendrobatidae.

Colostethus is a genus of cryptically coloured poison frogs with a primarily trans-Andean distribution.

<==Colostethus Cope 1866 [=Calostethus Mivart 1869; Calostethina, Colostethidae]FG06
|--+--+--*C. latinasusGM19, PW11
| | `--C. prattiPW11
| `--+--C. imbricolusPW11
| `--+--C. inguinalisPW11
| `--C. panamensisPW11
`--+--+--C. fraterdanieliPW11
| `--+--C. argyrogasterPW11
| `--C. fugaxPW11
`--Ameerega Bauer 1986PW11, FG06
|--A. altamazonicaPW11
`--+--A. simulansPW11
`--+--A. silverstoneiPW11 [=Epipedobates silverstoneiDM-G05]
`--+--+--A. braccataPW11
| `--A. flavopictaPW11
`--+--+--+--A. bassleriPW11 [=Epipedobates bassleriDM-G05]
| | `--A. bilinguisPW11 [=Epipedobates bilinguisDM-G05]
| `--+--A. parvulaPW11 [=Epipedobates parvulusDM-G05]
| `--A. pongoensisPW11
`--+--*A. trivittataGM19, PW11 [=Epipedobates trivittatusGM19]
`--+--+--A. pulchripectaPW11
| `--+--A. hahneliPW11 [=Epipedobates hahneliDM-G05]
| `--A. pictaPW11
`--+--+--A. maceroPW11
| `--A. rubriventrisPW11 [=Epipedobates rubriventrisDM-G05]
`--+--A. smaragdinaPW11
`--+--A. cainarachiPW11
`--A. petersiPW11

Colostethus incertae sedis:
C. awaDM-G05
C. bocageiDM-G05
C. elachyhistusDM-G05
C. infraguttatusFG06
C. insperatusDM-G05
C. kingsburyiDM-G05
C. maculosusDM-G05
C. nexipusDM-G05
C. pulchellusDM-G05
C. ruthveniGM19
C. sauliDM-G05
C. talamancaeDM-G05
C. toachiDM-G05
C. trilineatusDM-G05
C. undulatusFG06
C. vertebralisDM-G05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DM-G05] Darst, C. R., P. A. Menéndez-Guerrero, L. A. Coloma & D. C. Cannatella. 2005. Evolution of dietary specialization and chemical defense in poison frogs (Dendrobatidae): a comparative analysis. American Naturalist 165 (1): 56–69.

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