Common ground-dove Columbigallina passerina, copyright Alan Vernon.

Belongs within: Columbidae.

Columbigallina is a Neotropical genus of small ground-doves, currently usually treated as a synonym of Columbina.

|–C. buckleyi T62
|–C. cruziana T62
|–C. minuta T62
|–C. passerina T62
|    |–C. p. passerina T62
|    |–C. p. bahamensis T62
|    |–C. p. insularis T62
|    |–C. p. nigrirostris T62
|    `–C. p. portoricensis T62
`–C. talpacoti T62
|–C. t. talpacoti T62
|–C. t. caucae T62
|–C. t. eluta T62
`–C. t. rufipennis T62

*Type species of generic name indicated


[T62] Tendeiro, J. 1962. Estudos sobre malófagos: revisão monográfica do género Columbicola Ewing (Ischnocera, Philopteridae). Memórias da Junta de Investigações do Ultramar, ser. 2, 32: 7–460.

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