Quoy’s whelk Cominella quoyana, copyright Icolmer.

Belongs within: Buccinoidea.

Cominella is an Australasian genus of whelks whose shell has a high and acuminate spire, a broad notch for the anterior canal, spiral ribs or lirae on the aperture, and a smooth columella (Wilson & Gillett 1971).

<==Cominella Gray 1850 [Cominellini] WG71
|–C. (Cominella) P61
|    |–*C. (C.) testudinea (Bruguière 1789) [=Buccinum testudineum] BR17
|    |–C. (C.) maculosa (Martyn 1784) P61 [=Buccinum maculosum F27a]
|    `–C. (C.) virgata Adams & Adams 1853 P61
|         |–C. v. virgata P61
|         `–C. v. brookesi Powell 1952 P61
|–C. (Acominia Finlay 1927) P61
|    |–C. (*A.) adspersa (Bruguière 1789) [=Buccinum adspersum] P61
|    |    |–C. a. adspersa [incl. C. nimia] P61
|    |    `–C. a. melo (Lesson 1840) P61
|    `–C. (A.) hendersoni Marwick 1926 F27a
|–C. (Cominista Finlay 1927) P61
|    `–C. (*C.) glandiformis (Reeve 1847) P61 [=Buccinum glandiforme P61; incl. B. luridum F27a]
|–C. (Cominula Finlay 1927 P61
|    |–C. (*C.) quoyana Adams 1854 P61
|    |–C. (C.) euthriaformis Powell 1929 P61
|    |–C. (C.) exsculpta [=Procominula exsculpta] A27
|    `–C. (C.) youngi Powell 1940 P61
`–C. (Eucominia Finlay 1927) P61
|–C. (*E.) nassoides (Reeve 1846) [=Buccinum nassoides] P61
|    |–C. n. nassoides P61
|    `–C. n. fouveauxana Powell 1946 P61
|–C. (E.) elegantula Finlay 1926 P61
|–C. (E.) ellisoni P61
|    |–C. e. ellisoni P61
|    `–C. e. consobrina Powell 1933 P61
|–C. (E.) haroldi Powell 1946 P61
|–C. (E.) iredalei Finlay 1928 P61
|–C. (E.) marlboroughensis Powell 1946 P61
|–C. (E.) mirabilis PG98
|    |–C. m. mirabilis PG98
|    `–C. m. powelli PG98
|–C. (E.) nodicincta (von Martens 1878) P61
|–C. (E.) olsoni Dell 1956 P61
`–C. (E.) otakauica Powell 1946 P61

Cominella incertae sedis:
C. carinata H86
C. compacta Marwick 1926 F27a
C. costata F27a
C. eburnea Reeve 1846 WG71
C. errata Finlay 1924 [=Buccinum carinatum Hutton 1873 (preoc.)] F27b
C. inflata H86
C. lineolata Lamarck 1809 WG71 [incl. C. maura Adams 1855 H08]
C. maculata H86
C. papyracea C79
C. robinsoni H86
C. subnodosa H79
C. zealandica (Reeve 1846) F27a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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