Compsothrips sp., photographed by Charley Eiseman.

Belongs within: Idolothripinae.

Compsothrips is a circumtropical genus of wingless ant-mimicking thrips.

Characters (from Mound & Palmer 1983): Apterous species; colour black, brown or yellow, usually constricted at metathorax with a pair of chalky white markings producing an ant-like appearance; metathoracic sternopleural sutures exceptionally long and extending to hind coxae; antennal segment IV with 2 sense cones; eyes usually prolonged on ventral surface of head; maxillary stylets greater than one-thid head-width apart.

<==Compsothrips Reuter 1901MM96 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*C. albosignatus (Reuter 1884) (see below for synonymy)MP83
    |--C. aeneus (Hood 1937) [=Oedaleothrips aeneus]MM96
    |--C. baileyi (Hood 1941) [=Oedaleothrips baileyi]MM96
    |--C. bicolor Priesner 1921MM96
    |--C. brasiliensis (Hood 1952) [=Oedaleothrips brasiliensis]MM96
    |--C. brunneus (Hood 1941) [=Oedaleothrips brunneus]MM96
    |--C. congoensis (Hood 1952) [=Oedaleothrips congoensis]MP83
    |--C. dampfi (Priesner 1926)MM96 [=*Myrmecothrips (sensu Priesner) dampfiMP83, *Formicothrips dampfiMP83]
    |--C. graminis (Hood 1936) [=Oedaleothrips graminis]MM96
    |--C. hoodi (De Santis 1958) [=Leptogastrothrips hoodi]MM96
    |--C. hookeri (Hood 1916)MM96 [=*Oedaleothrips hookeriMP83; incl. O. bradleyi Hood 1937MP83, O. campestris Hood 1941MP83]
    |--C. jacksoni (Hood 1925)MM96 [=Oedaleothrips jacksoniMM96; incl. C. hubbeli Watson 1931MP83]
    |--C. maroccanus Priesner 1964MP83
    |--C. oneillae Bournier 1974MP83
    |--C. pampicola (De Santis 1958) [=Leptogastrothrips pampicola]MM96
    |--C. querci (Watson 1920) [=*Myrmecothrips (sensu Watson) querci]MP83
    |--C. ramamurthii (Ananthakrishnan 1964) (see below for synonymy)MP83
    |--C. reuteri (Trybom 1912) (see below for synonymy)MP83
    |--C. sinensis (Pelikan 1961) [=Oedaleothrips sinensis]MP83
    |--C. sumatranus Priesner 1928MP83
    |--C. timur (Pelikan 1961) [=Oedaleothrips timur]MP83
    |--C. tristis (Cott 1956) [=Oedaleothrips tristis]MM96
    |--C. uzeli (Hood 1952) [=Oedaleothrips uzeli]MP83
    |--C. walteri (Watson 1933) [=Oedaleothrips walteri]MM96
    `--C. yosemitae (Moulton 1929) [=Formicothrips yosemitae]MM96

Compsothrips Reuter 1901MM96 [incl. Formicothrips Priesner 1927MP83, Leptogastrothrips Trybom 1912MP83, Leurothrips Bagnall 1908MP83, Macrothrips Buffa 1908 non Bagnall 1908MP83, Myrmecothrips Watson 1920MP83, Myrmecothrips Priesner 1926 non Watson 1920MP83, Oedaleothrips Hood 1916MP83]

*Compsothrips albosignatus (Reuter 1884) [=Phloeothrips albosignata, *Macrothrips albosignatus; incl. *Leurothrips albomaculata Bagnall 1908]MP83

Compsothrips ramamurthii (Ananthakrishnan 1964) [=Oedaleothrips ramamurthii; incl. C. ramamurthii bicolor Ananthakrishnan 1966 non C. bicolor Priesner 1921, C. ramamurthii indicus Ananthakrishnan 1973]MP83

Compsothrips reuteri (Trybom 1912) [=*Leptogastrothrips reuteri; incl. Oedaleothrips aemulus Jacot-Guillarmod 1942, O. amabilis Jacot-Guillarmod 1942, Compsothrips recticeps Hood 1925]MP83

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–487.

[MP83] Mound, L. A., & J. M. Palmer. 1983. The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Entomology series 46 (1): 1–174.

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