Mitchell’s hopping mouse Notomys mitchelli, photographed by Gary Lewis.

Belongs within: Murinae.
Contains: Pseudomys, Uromys, Melomys.

Notomys includes the Australian hopping mice, a group of long-tailed mice with well-developed hind legs, species of which are brown or fawn above and pale grey or white below (so sayeth Wikipedia).

<==Conilurini [Uromyini]WA81
|--+--Zyzomys Thomas 1909FS15, LA02 [incl. Laomys Thomas 1909WA81]
| | | i. s.: Z. rackhami Godthelp 1997LA02
| | |--Z. woodwardi (Thomas 1909)FS15, GM12 [=Laomys woodwardiWA81]
| | `--+--Z. pedunculatus (Waite 1896)FS15, GM09 [=Conilurus pedunculatusWA81]
| | `--+--*Z. argurus (Thomas 1889)LA02, FS15, LA02 [=Mus argurusWA81; incl. Mesembriomys argurus indutus Thomas 1909WA81]
| | `--+--Z. mainiFS15
| | `--Z. palatilisFS15
| `--+--Leggadina Thomas 1910FS15, WA81
| | |--*L. forresti (Thomas 1906)T37, WA81 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--L. hermannsburgensisR64
| | | |--L. h. hermannsburgensisR64
| | | `--L. h. bolamiT37
| | `--L. lakedownensis Watts 1976GM12
| `--+--+--PseudomysFS15
| | `--Mastacomys Thomas 1882FS15, WA81
| | `--M. fuscus Thomas 1882 (see below for synonymy)WA81
| `--Notomys Lesson 1842FS15, WA81 (see below for synonymy)
| |--+--N. fuscus (Wood Jones 1925)FS15, WA81 (see below for synonymy)
| | `--+--N. macrotis Thomas 1921FS15, WA81 [incl. N. megalotis Iredale & Troughton 1934WA81]
| | `--N. mordax Thomas 1922FS15, WA81
| `--+--N. alexis Thomas 1922FS15, GM12 (see below for synonymy)
| `--+--N. aquilo Thomas 1921FS15, WA81 [incl. N. carpentarius Johnson 1959WA81]
| `--+--N. mitchellii (Ogilby 1838)FS15, WA81 (see below for synonymy)
| `--+--N. longicaudatus (Gould 1844)FS15, GM09 (see below for synonymy)
| `--+--N. amplus Brazenor 1936FS15, R64
| `--N. cervinus (Gould 1853)FS15, WA81 (see below for synonymy)
`--+--+--Leporillus Thomas 1906FS15
| | |--L. apicalis (Gould 1853) [=Hapalotis apicalis]WA81
| | `--L. conditor (Sturt 1848)WA81 [=Mus conditorWA81; incl. L. jonesi Thomas 1921WA81, L. conditor jonesiBP87]
| `--+--Conilurus Ogilby 1838FS15, WA81 [incl. Hapalotis Lichtenstein 1829WA81]
| | |--C. albipes (Lichtenstein 1829) (see below for synonymy)WA81
| | `--C. penicillatus (Gould 1842) (see below for synonymy)WA81
| `--Mesembriomys Palmer 1906FS15, WA81 [incl. Ammomys Thomas 1906WA81]
| |--M. hirsutus (Gould 1842)R64, WA81 (see below for synonymy)
| `--M. macrurus (Peters 1876) [=Hapalotis macrurus; incl. H. boweri Ramsay 1887]WA81
| `--SolomysFS15
| |--S. ponceletiFS15
| |--S. salamonisFS15
| |--S. salebrosusFS15
| |--S. sapientisFS15
| `--S. spriggsarumFS15
`--+--Protochromys fellowsiFS15
`--Paramelomys Rümmler 1936FS15, APB99
|--P. gressittiFS15
|--P. levipesFS15
|--P. mollis (Thomas 1913)FS15, APB99
|--P. moncktoni (Thomas 1904)FS15, APB99
|--P. platyops (Thomas 1906)FS15, APB99
|--+--P. lorentzii (Jentink 1908)FS15, APB99
| `--P. nasoFS15
`--+--P. rubex (Thomas 1922)FS15, APB99
`--P. steini (Rümmler 1935)FS15, APB99

Conilurus albipes (Lichtenstein 1829) [=Hapalotis albipes; incl. C. constructor Ogilby 1838, C. destructor Palmer 1897]WA81

Conilurus penicillatus (Gould 1842) [=Mus penicillatus; incl. Hapalotis hemileucurus Gray 1858, H. melanura Gray 1843, Conilurus melibius Thomas 1921, C. randi]WA81

*Leggadina forresti (Thomas 1906)T37, WA81 [=Mus forrestiWA81; incl. L. berneyi Troughton 1936WA81, Pseudomys (Leggadina) messorius Thomas 1925WA81, P. (L.) waitei Troughton 1932WA81]

Mastacomys fuscus Thomas 1882 [incl. M. fuscus brazenori Ride 1956, M. mordicus Thomas 1922, M. wombeyensis Ride 1956]WA81

Mesembriomys hirsutus (Gould 1842)R64, WA81 [=Mus hirsutusWA81; incl. Hapalotis gouldii Gray 1843 non Grey 1841WA81, Mesembriomys gouldiiWA81, Me. hirsutus melvillensis Hayman 1936WA81, Me. hirsutus rattoides Thomas 1924WA81]

Notomys Lesson 1842FS15, WA81 [incl. Ascopharynx Waite 1900WA81, Podanomalus Waite 1898WA81, Thylacomys Waite 1897 (preoc.)WA81]

Notomys alexis Thomas 1922FS15, GM12 [incl. N. alexis everardensis Finlayson 1940WA81, N. alexis reginae Troughton 1936WA81]

Notomys cervinus (Gould 1853)FS15, WA81 [=Hapalotis cervinusWA81, Podanomalus aistoni Brazenor 1934WA81]

Notomys fuscus (Wood Jones 1925)FS15, WA81 [=Ascopharynx fuscusWA81; incl. N. fuscus eyrius Finlayson 1960WA81, N. filmeri Mack 1961WA81]

Notomys longicaudatus (Gould 1844)FS15, GM09 [=Hapalotis longicaudatusWA81; incl. N. sturti Thomas 1921WA81]

Notomys mitchellii (Ogilby 1838)FS15, WA81 [=Dipus mitchelliiWA81; incl. N. mitchellii alutacea Brazenor 1934WA81, Hapalotis gouldii Grey 1841WA81, H. richardsonii Grey 1875WA81, Notomys mitchellii macropus Thomas 1921WA81]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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