Pasture wireworm Conoderus exsul, copyright Victor Engel.

Belongs within: Monocrepidiini.

Conoderus is a cosmopolitan genus of click beetles with the highest diversity of species in Australia and South America (Calder 1996).

Characters (from Calder 1996): Frontal margin of head rounded and carinate between supra-antennal ridges; anterior margin of frons wide, almost perpendicular to plane of labrum; pronotum with uniform punctation; anterior section of lateral pronotal carina visible for its entire length from above; elytral apex semicircularly emarginate, often strongly bispinose, sutural margin always spinose, striae parallel; hindwing with MP3-MP4 juncture distal of CuA1, wedge cell absent; tarsomere 4 with a distinct lamella or membranous lobe either strongly or weakly developed; tarsal claws with stout basal setae arising from outer flat portion.

<==Conoderus Eschscholtz 1829PS07 [incl. Monocrepidius Eschscholtz 1829C96, Prodrasterius Fleutiaux 1927PS07, Silene Broun 1893C96]
    |--*C. fuscofasciatus Eschscholtz 1829C96
    |--C. acuminatus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius acuminatus]C96
    |--C. alternatus (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius alternatus]C96
    |--C. amplicollisJ02
    |--C. angustipes (Blackburn 1890) [=Monocrepidius angustipes]C96
    |--C. antennarius (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius antennarius]C96
    |--C. antennatus (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius antennatus]C96
    |--C. aphiloides (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius aphiloides; incl. M. mastersii Macleay 1872]C96
    |--C. arbitrarius Elston 1929C96
    |--C. ater (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius ater]C96
    |--C. aurulentus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius aurulentus]C96
    |--C. baldiensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius baldiensis]C96
    |--C. basalis (Gyllenhal 1817)C96 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. basilaris (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius basilaris]C96
    |--C. bicolor (Schwarz 1902) [=Monocrepidius bicolor]C96
    |--‘Monocrepidius’ bifoveatus Beauv. 1805 [incl. M. bifloccosus, M. binotatus, M. canus Sturm 1843, M. dissimilis]FS90
    |--C. brevipennis (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius brevipennis; incl. M. atratus Macleay 1872]C96
    |--C. bruckii (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius bruckii]C96
    |--*Silene’ brunnea Broun 1893C96
    |--C. brunnipes (Schwarz 1902) [=Monocrepidius brunnipes]C96
    |--C. candezei (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius candezei]C96
    |--‘Monocrepidius’ capucinus Cand. 1881F89
    |--C. carinatus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius carinatus]C96
    |--C. castaneipennis (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius castaneipennis]C96
    |--‘Monocrepidius’ castaneus Fab. 1792FS90
    |--C. cerdo (Erichson 1842) [=Monocrepidius cerdo]C96
    |--C. ‘cinnamomeus’ (Macleay 1888) [=Elater cinnamomeus non Boisduval 1835]C96
    |--C. collaris (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius collaris]C96
    |--C. commodus (Blackburn 1895) [=Monocrepidius commodus]C96
    |--C. compactus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius compactus]C96
    |--C. condensus (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius condensus]C96
    |--C. confusibilis Calder 1996 [=Monocrepidius aurulentus Candèze 1882 non Candèze 1878]C96
    |--C. cordieri (LeGuillou 1844) [=Monocrepidius cordieri]C96
    |--C. corymbitoides (Schwarz 1902) [=Monocrepidius corymbitoides]C96
    |--C. coxalis (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius coxalis]C96
    |--C. crassus (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius crassus]C96
    |--‘Monocrepidius’ delauneyi Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890FS90
    |--C. discoidalis (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius discoidalis]C96
    |--C. elongatulus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius elongatulus]C96
    |--C. erubescens (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius erubescens]C96
    |--C. eveillardi (LeGuillou 1844) (see below for synonymy)C96
    |--C. exsulC96 [=Monocrepidius exsulM83]
    |--C. fabrilis (Erichson 1842) [=Monocrepidius fabrilis]C96
    |--C. falliJ02
    |--C. fictus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius fictus]C96
    |--C. filicornis (Schwarz 1902) [=Monocrepidius filicornis]C96
    |--C. flaveolus (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius flaveolus]C96
    |--C. flavidus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius flavidus]C96
    |--C. flavobasalis (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius flavobasalis]C96
    |--C. fortis (Blackburn 1889) [=Monocrepidius fortis]C96
    |--C. frontalis (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius frontalis]C96
    |--C. fulvipennis (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius fulvipennis]C96
    |--C. fusicornis (Erichson 1842) [=Monocrepidius fuscicornis]C96
    |--C. fuscipennis (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius fuscipennis]C96
    |--C. ignobilis Neboiss 1956 [=Monocrepidius ruficollis Schwarz 1902 non Blackburn 1892]C96
    |--C. inamoenus (Blackburn 1895) [=Monocrepidius inamoenus]C96
    |--C. inconspicuus (Macleay 1888) [=Elater inconspicuus]C96
    |--C. ingens (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius ingens]C96
    |--C. jekeli (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius jekeli]C96
    |--C. juvenis (Blackburn 1889) [=Monocrepidius juvenis]C96
    |--C. latus (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius latus]C96
    |--C. leluti (LeGuillou 1844) [=Monocrepidius leluti; incl. M. cinereus Blanchard 1853]C96
    |--C. lenticulatus (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius lenticulatus]C96
    |--‘Monocrepidius’ lividus Degeer 1774 [incl. M. castanipes, M. dispar, M. elongatus, M. lobatus, M. luteipes]FS90
    |--C. longiusculus (Macleay 1888) [=Elater longiusculus]C96
    |--C. macer (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius macer]C96
    |--C. macleayanus Schenkling 1925 (see below for synonymy)C96
    |--C. macleayi (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius macleayi]C96
    |--C. menevillei (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius menevillei; incl. M. antennalis Candèze 1882]C96
    |--C. mentitor (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius mentitor]C96
    |--C. mentitus Elston 1930C96
    |--C. minor (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius minor; incl. M. alpicola Blackburn 1892, M. dolosus Schwarz 1903]C96
    |--C. minutus (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius minutus]C96
    |--C. miser (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius miser]C96
    |--C. mjobergi Elston 1930C96
    |--C. narrabrensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius narrabrensis]C96
    |--C. nebulosus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius nebulosus]C96
    |--C. nigricollis (Fleutiaux 1918) (see below for synonymy)PS07
    |--C. nigricornis (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius nigricornis]C96
    |--C. nigrifrons (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius nigrifrons]C96
    |--C. nigripennis (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius nigripennis]C96
    |--C. nigrolaterus (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius nigrolaterus]C96
    |--C. nitidicollis (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius nitidicollis]C96
    |--C. nitidulus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius nitidulus]C96
    |--C. nonus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius nonus]C96
    |--C. octavus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius octavus]C96
    |--C. olliffi (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius olliffi]C96
    |--C. ovensensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius ovensensis]C96
    |--*Monocrepidius’ pallipes Eschscholtz 1829C96
    |--C. palmerstoni (Blackburn 1889) [=Monocrepidius palmerstoni]C96
    |--C. parvus (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius parvus]C96
    |--C. pellitus (Schwarz 1903) [=Monocrepidius pellitus]C96
    |--C. picescens (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius picescens]C96
    |--C. picticollis (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius picticollis]C96
    |--C. plagiatus (Candèze 1882) [=Monocrepidius plagiatus]C96
    |--C. planiusculus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius planiusculus]C96
    |--C. planus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius planus]C96
    |--C. plasoni (Schwarz 1906) [=Monocrepidius plasoni]C96
    |--C. posticusWFS04
    |--C. primus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius primus]C96
    |--C. punctatostriatus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius punctatostriatus]C96
    |--C. quartus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius quartus]C96
    |--C. quintus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius quintus]C96
    |--C. rectangulus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius rectangulus]C96
    |--C. regularis (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius regularis]C96
    |--C. ruficollis (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius ruficollis]C96
    |--C. rufifrons (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius rufifrons]C96
    |--C. rufopilosus (Schwarz 1902) [=Monocrepidius rufopilosus]C96
    |--C. rugulipennis (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius rugulipennis]C96
    |--C. rutilicornis (Erichson 1842) [=Monocrepidius rutilicornis]C96
    |--C. scapularis (Guérin-Méneville 1838)C96 [=Elater scapularisC96, Monocrepidius scapularisM86]
    |--C. scutellatus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius scutellatus]C96
    |--C. secundus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius secundus]C96
    |--C. seniculus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius seniculus]C96
    |--C. septimus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius septimus]C96
    |--C. sextus (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius sextus]C96
    |--C. simulans (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius simulans]C96
    |--C. socius (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius socius]C96
    |--C. sordidulus (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius sordidulus, M. sordidus Schwarz 1902 non LeConte 1853]C96
    |--C. spatulatus (Candèze 1882) [=Monocrepidius spatulatus]C96
    |--C. squalescens (Candèze 1887) [=Monocrepidius squalescens]C96
    |--C. squalidus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius squalidus]C96
    |--C. striatus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius striatus]C96
    |--C. strigatus (Candèze 1891) [=Monocrepidius strigatus, M. striatus Candèze 1878 non Macleay 1872]C96
    |--C. subflavus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius subflavus]C96
    |--C. subgeminatus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius subgeminatus]C96
    |--C. submaculatus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius submaculatus]C96
    |--C. submarmoratus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius submarmoratus]C96
    |--C. sulcatus (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius sulcatus]C96
    |--C. sulcicollis (Eschscholtz 1829) [=Monocrepidius sulcicollis]C96
    |--C. tabidus (Erichson 1842) [=Monocrepidius tabidus; incl. Ludius crocopus Hope 1845]C96
    |--C. tenuicornis (Schwarz 1907) [=Monocrepidius tenuicornis]C96
    |--C. tepperi (Blackburn 1889) [=Monocrepidius tepperi]C96
    |--C. terraereginae (Blackburn 1892) [=Monocrepidius terraereginae]C96
    |--C. tertius (Macleay 1888) [=Monocrepidius tertius]C96
    |--C. torresi (Candèze 1880) [=Monocrepidius torresi]C96
    |--C. tumidus (Candèze 1887) [=Monocrepidius tumidus]C96
    |--C. undatus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius undatus]C96
    |--C. variegatus (Blackburn 1889) [=Monocrepidius variegatus]C96
    |--C. ventralis (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius ventralis]C96
    |--C. viduus (Candèze 1859) [=Monocrepidius viduus]C96
    `--C. vitticollis (Schwarz 1902) [=Monocrepidius vitticollis; incl. M. vitticollis prosternalis Schwarz 1902]C96

Conoderus basalis (Gyllenhal 1817)C96 [=Elater basalisC96, Monocrepidius basalisM86; incl. E. australasiae Boisduval 1835C96, M. australasiaeM86]

Conoderus eveillardi (LeGuillou 1844) [=Monocrepidius eveillardi; incl. M. breviceps Macleay 1872, M. rubicundus Macleay 1872]C96

Conoderus macleayanus Schenkling 1925 [incl. Monocrepidius decimus Macleay 1888 non Candèze 1859, M. macleayi Schwarz 1907 non Blackburn 1892]C96

Conoderus nigricollis (Fleutiaux 1918) [=Drasterius collaris var. nigricollis, Prodrasterius nigricollis; incl. P. collaris taiwanus Kishii 1996]PS07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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