Strictispira paxillus, from the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle.

Belongs within: Neogastropoda.
Contains: Speightiidae, Cryptoconidae, Drilliidae, Pseudomelatomidae, Clavatulidae, Horaiclavidae, Lucerapex, Terebridae, Turridae, Cochlespiridae, Conidae, Clathurellidae, Conorbidae, Borsoniidae, Mangeliidae, Raphitomidae, Mitromorphidae.

The Conoidea are a diverse clade of predatory marine gastropods, many of which have the radula modified for the delivery of venom (hence the alternative name sometimes used for the group of Toxoglossa). With the exceptions of the derived families Conidae and Terebridae, most of the externally less differentiated members of the Conoidea have been classified in the past into a broad family Turridae, now divided on phylogenetic grounds between several families.

The Strictispiridae are a small group of medium-sized conoids with claviform shells bearing well-developed spiral and axial sculpture and a marked subsutural fold on the shoulder. The radula bears a pair of solid, awl-shaped marginal teeth but no rachidian. In at least one species, Strictispira paxillus, the venom gland is absent and there is a very large and powerful odontophore (Bouchet et al. 2011). The West Pacific genus Bouchetispira has recently been elevated to its own family. Johnwyattia johnwyatti is a fossil species from the Palaeocene of Colombia of uncertain affinities to the Conoidea (Bouchet et al. 2017).

Characters (from Simone 2011): Shell normally thick-walled. Odontophore and mid-esophagus reduced. Esophageal (venom) gland elongated, with muscular bulb at distal end, inserted close to nerve ring. Rhynchodeal wall weakly muscular and not exteriorized.

<==Conoidea [Conacea, Conida, Coniformes, Coniformii, Conoidei, Toxifera, Toxoglossa, Turrina, Turroidea, Turroidei]
| | | `--PseudomelatomidaePK11
| | `--+--+--ClavatulidaePK11
| | | `--HoraiclavidaePK11
| | `--+--LucerapexPK11
| | `--+--TerebridaePK11
| | `--TurridaePK11
| `--CochlespiridaePK11
| |--ClathurellidaePK11
| `--+--ConorbidaePK11
| `--BorsoniidaePK11
| `--RaphitomidaePK11

Conoidea incertae sedis:
Johnwyattia Serna 1979BR05 [JohnwyattiidaeBK11]
`--*J. johnwyatti Serna 1979BR17
Strictispiridae [Strictispirinae]PK11
|--Cleospira McLean 1971BK11
`--Strictispira McLean 1971BK11
|--*S. ericana (Hertlein & Strong 1951) [=Crassispira ericana]BR17
|--S. paxillus (Reeve 1845)BK11
|--S. solida (Adams 1850)BK11
`--S. stillmani Shasky 1971BC01
Bouchetispira Kantor, Strong & Puillandre 2012 [Bouchetispiridae]BR17
`--*B. vitrea Kantor, Strong & Puillandre 2012BR17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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