Conorbis dormitor, from here.

Belongs within: Conoidea.

The Conorbidae is a group of conoid gastropods of uncertain monophyly, but in which many species exhibit a degree of resorption of the inner shell wall (Bouchet et al. 2011).

Characters (from Bouchet et al. 2011, quoting Tucker & Tenorio 2009): Shell squatly conical to elongated or biconical; interior of shell extensively remodelled including columellar region; nodules absent but cords may be present. Radular tooth with anterior fold usually present; basal spur directed toward apex of tooth or parallel with tooth base; waist, base and C-fold absent; terminating cusps, serratins and accessory process also absent.

<==Conorbidae [Conorbinae]
    |--Artemidiconus da Motta 1991BK11
    |--Benthofascis Iredale 1936P66
    |    |--*B. biconica (Hedley 1903)P66 [=Bathytoma biconicaP66, Mitromorpha biconicaH22, Teleochilus biconicumH22]
    |    |--B. lozoueti Sysoev & Bouchet 2001BK11
    |    `--B. sarcinula (Hedley 1905)P66 [=Bathytoma sarcinulaP66, Mitromorpha sarcinulaH22, Teleochilus sarcinulumH22]
    `--Conorbis Swainson 1840P66
         |--*C. dormitor (Solander in Brander 1766) [=Conus dormitor]BR17
         |--C. aequipartitus Cossmann 1889P66
         |--C. alatus (Edwards 1856) [=Conus alatus]P66
         |--C. amphiconus (Sowerby 1850) [=Pleurotoma amphiconus]P66
         |--C. atractoides (Tate 1890)P66
         |--C. bhagothorensis Vredenburg 1925P66
         |--‘Pleurotoma’ conoides Conrad 1835 [incl. Conorbis conradi Gregorio 1890]P66
         |--C. macnairyensis Wade 1917P66
         |--C. marginata (Lamarck 1804) [=Pleurotoma marginata]P66
         |--C. procerus Beyrich 1853P66
         |--C. sindiensis Vredenburg 1925P66
         |--C. subangulata (Deshayes 1834) [=Pleurotoma subangulata]P66
         `--C. umbgrovei Martin 1931P66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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