Speckled mousebird Colius striatus, photographed by Jerry Friedman.

Belongs within: Telluraves.
Contains: Trogonidae, Bucerotidae, Upupiformes, Coraciiformes, Piciformes.

The Coliiformes include the colies or mousebirds, small long-tailed arboreal birds found in sub-Saharan Africa. Though a small group in the modern fauna, represented only by the two genera Colius and Urocolius (treated by some authors as a single genus), fossil representatives of the Coliiformes are known from the Palaeogene of Europe and North America (Mayr 2005).

    |    |--Sandcoleidae [Sandcoleiformes]M05
    |    |    |  i. s.: ‘Eobucco’ brodkorbi Feduccia & Martin 1976M09
    |    |    |--Botauroides parvus Shufeldt 1915M09
    |    |    |--Sandcoleus Houde & Olson 1992M05
    |    |    |    `--S. copiosus Houde & Olson 1992M04
    |    |    |--Anneavis Houde & Olson 1992M05
    |    |    |    `--A. anneae Houde & Olson 1992M04
    |    |    |--Eoglaucidium Fischer 1987M05, Ml02
    |    |    |    `--*E. pallas Fischer 1987Ml02
    |    |    |--UintornisM09
    |    |    |    |--U. lucaris Marsh 1872M09
    |    |    |    `--U. marionae Feduccia & Martin 1976M09
    |    |    `--Tsidiiyazhi Ksepka, Stidham & Williamson 2017KSW17
    |    |         `--*T. abini Ksepka, Stidham & Williamson 2017KSW17
    |    `--+--ChascacocoliusKSW17
    |       |    |--C. cacicirostris Mayr 2005M09
    |       |    `--C. oscitans Houde & Olson 1992M09
    |       `--ColiidaeM05
    |            |  i. s.: Palaeospiza [Palaeospizidae]M09
    |            |           `--P. bella Allen 1878M09
    |            |--+--Eocolius walkeri Dyke & Waterhouse 2001M05
    |            |  `--Selmes Peters 1999M05, Ml02
    |            |       `--*S. absurdipes Peters 1999Ml02
    |            `--+--Masillacolius Mayr & Peters 1998M05, Ml02
    |               |    `--*M. brevidactylus Mayr & Peters 1998Ml02
    |               `--+--Oligocolius Mayr 2000M05
    |                  |    |--*O. brevitarsus Mayr 2000Ml02
    |                  |    `--O. psittacocephalonKSW17
    |                  |--Primocolius Mourer-Chauviré 1988M05
    |                  |    |--*P. sigei Mourer-Chauviré 1988Ml02
    |                  |    `--P. minor Mourer-Chauviré 1988Ml02
    |                  `--+--Urocolius Bonaparte 1854M05, Ml02 (see below for synonymy)
    |                     |    |--U. archiaci (Milne-Edwards 1871) (see below for synonymy)Ml02
    |                     |    `--U. macrourusKK05 [=Colius macrourusFP64]
    |                     `--Colius Brisson 1760M05, Ml02 [incl. Necrornis Milne-Edwards 1871Ml02]
    |                          |  i. s.: C. castanotusJT12
    |                          |         C. hendeyi Rich & Haarhoff 1985B93
    |                          |         C. palustris (Milne-Edwards 1871) [=*Necrornis palustris]Ml02
    |                          |--C. leucocephalusBKB15
    |                          `--+--‘Urocolius’ indicusBKB15 [=U. macrourus indicusKK05]
    |                             `--+--C. coliusBKB15
    |                                `--C. striatusJT12
    |                                     |--C. s. striatusS05
    |                                     `--C. s. leucotis Rüppell 1839S05
       |  `--+--Bucerotiformes [Bucerotes]JM14
       |     |    |--BucerotidaeMa02
       |     |    `--UpupiformesMa02
       |     `--+--CoraciiformesJM14
       |        `--PiciformesJM14
            |--Leptosomus Vieillot 1816HK08, B94 (see below for synonymy)
            |    |--L. aferS66
            |    `--L. discolorMa02
            `--Plesiocathartes Gaillard 1908Ma02 [PlesiocathartidaeJM14]
                 |--*P. europaeus Gaillard 1908Ml02
                 |--P. gaillardi Crusafont & Villalta 1955Ma02
                 |--P. geiselensis Mayr 2002M09
                 |--P. kelleri Mayr 2002Ma02
                 |--P. major Weidig 2006M09
                 `--P. wyomingensis Weidig 2009M09

Leptosomus Vieillot 1816HK08, B94 [=Leptosoma (l. c.) nec Leach 1819 nec Fitzinger 1843 nec Stafford 1904B94; Leptosomatinae, Leptosomidae, Leptosominae]

Urocolius Bonaparte 1854M05, Ml02 [incl. Limnatornis Milne-Edwards 1871Ml02, Palaeopicus Brodkorb 1952Ml02]

Urocolius archiaci (Milne-Edwards 1871) [=Picus archiaci, Colius archiaci, *Palaeopicus archiaci; incl. Picus consobrinus Milne-Edwards 1871, Pa. consobrinus, *Limnatornis paludicola Milne-Edwards 1871, Colus paludicola]Ml02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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