Homoeocerus unipunctatus, copyright Kenpei.

Belongs within: Coreoidea.
Contains: Leptoscelis, Colpura, Leptoglossus, Coreus.

The Coreidae are a group of large plant-feeding bugs that typically produce strong repellent odours (Carver et al. 1991). The squash bug Anasa tristis is a pest of cucurbits.

Characters (from Carver et al. 1991): Stout, usually robust bugs with relatively thick legs; bucculae extending to, and usually behind, level of antennifers; head usually much less than half as wide as base of pronotum; ocelli present; metapleural scent gland openings with distinct peritremes; posterior margins of T4 and T5 produced posteriorly in mid line; membrane of fore wing with longitudinal accessory veins; corium without a large hyaline area.

<==Coreidae [Corizidae]
    |    |--AgriopocorisCGW91
    |    `--Tylocryptus egenusCGW91
    |    |--Notobitus abdominalis Distant 1901D01a
    |    `--CloresmusD01a
    |         |--C. khasianus Distant 1901D01a
    |         `--C. modestus Distant 1901D01a
    |    |--Rhyticoris spinipes [=Lygaeus spinipes; incl. Piezogaster patulus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--PhysomerusD01b
    |    |    |--P. grossipes (Fabr. 1794) [=Lygaeus grossipes; incl. P. delineatus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--P. subargenteus Walker 1871D01b
    |    `--AcanthocorisD01b
    |         |--A. anticus Walker 1871D01b
    |         |--A. esau Distant 1901D01b
    |         `--A. obscuricornis Dall. 1852 [incl. A. tarsalis Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--GralliclavaCGW91
    |    |--ClavigralloidesCGW91
    |    `--ClavigrallaD01b
    |         |--C. acantharis (Fabr. 1803) [=Lygaeus acantharis; incl. C. tuberculata Dall. 1852]D01b
    |         |--C. aliena (Walker 1871) [=Cletus alienus]D01b
    |         |--C. dispar Walker 1872 (n. d.)D01b
    |         |--C. gibbosaG01
    |         |--C. horrensD01b
    |         |--C. indecora (Walker 1871) [=Cletus indecorus]D01b
    |         `--C. spinigera Walker 1872 (n. d.)D01b
    |    |--Savius Stål 1862 [incl. Homoeoceroides Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--‘Homoeocerus’ diversicornis [=*Homoeoceroides diversicornis]D01b
    |    |--CnemomisD01b
    |    |    |--C. cognata Stål 1865 [incl. Hypselonotus signatus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--C. dubia (Dall. 1852) [=Paryphes dubius; incl. Hypselonotus mundus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--ScamuriusD01b
    |    |    |--S. amabilis (Stål 1855) [=Paryphes amabilis; incl. Homoeoceroides incongruus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--S. scutellaris (Walker 1871) [=Hypselonotus scutellaris]D01b
    |    `--Discogaster Burmeister 1835 [incl. Leptornytus Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--D. drewseniD01b
    |         `--D. rufocornis (Walker 1871) [=Leptornytus rufocornis]D01b
    |    |--SephinaD01b
    |    |    |--S. humeralis Distant 1901D01b
    |    |    |--S. limbata [incl. S. atra Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--S. vinula [incl. Spartocera lampyroides Walker 1871]D01b
    |    `--SpartoceraD01b
    |         |--S. batatas (Fabr. 1798) [=Lygaeus batatas]D01b
    |         |--S. brevicornisE66
    |         |--S. fusca (Thunb. 1783) [=Cimex fuscus; incl. Spartocerus diffusus]D01b
    |         |--S. giganteaD01b
    |         |--S. grandis Distant 1901D01b
    |         |--S. pantomima (Dist. 1881) [=Sephina pantomima; incl. Sp. ortonedai Montand. 1897]D01b
    |         `--S. rubicunda Spin. in Gay 1852 [incl. S. chilensis Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--GonocerusL-SSY04
    |    |    |--G. annulipes Lucas 1847E12
    |    |    `--G. juniperi Herrich-Schäffer 1839L-SSY04
    |    |--CletomorphaD01b
    |    |    |--C. kirbyi Distant 1901 [=C. denticulata Kirby 1891 (preoc.)]D01b
    |    |    |--C. raja Distant 1901D01b
    |    |    `--C. walkeri Kirby 1891 [incl. C. benita Kirby 1891]D01b
    |    `--PlinacthusD01b
    |         |--P. acicularis (Fabr. 1803) [=Alydus acicularis; incl. Cletus conspicuus Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--P. dubius (Herr.-Schäff. 1842) [=Gonocerus dubius; incl. Cletus clarus Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--P. pungens (Thunb. 1783) [=Cimex pungens; incl. Gonocerus luridus Dall. 1852]D01b
    |         `--P. spinosus Stål 1859 [incl. Cletus mundus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--AcanthocephalaD01a
    |    |    |--A. affinis (Walker 1871) [=Metapodius affinis]D01a
    |    |    |--A. angustipes (Westw. in Hope 1842) [=Metapodius angustipes; incl. M. constrictus Walk. 1871]D01a
    |    |    |--A. femorataL86
    |    |    |--A. latipes (Drury 1782) [=Cimex latipes; incl. Metapodius sericeicollis Walk. 1871]D01a
    |    |    `--A. unicolor (Westw. 1842) [=Metapodius unicolor; incl. M. distinctus Walk. 1871]D01a
    |    `--LaminicepsD01a
    |         |--L. cardinalisD01a
    |         |--L. ducalisD01a
    |         |--L. fasciatusD01a
    |         |--L. festivus Distant 1901D01a
    |         |--L. megaera (Burm. 1835) [=Paryphes megaera]D01a
    |         `--L. sumptuosus Distant 1901D01a
    |    |--Acidomeria strigata (Walker 1871) [=Gonocerus strigatus]D01b
    |    |--Namacus annulicornis Stål 1870 [incl. N. rufescens Walker 1872]D01b
    |    |--MargusD01b
    |    |    |--M. inornatusD01b
    |    |    `--M. obscurator (Fabr. 1803) [=Coreus obscurator]D01b
    |    |--CatorhinthaD01b
    |    |    |--C. guttula (Fabr. 1794) [=Lygaeus guttula]D01b
    |    |    `--C. semialba (Walker 1872) [=Namacus semialbus]D01b
    |    |--ParyphesD01b
    |    |    |--P. festivus Costa 1863 [incl. P. gloriosus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--P. viridipes Walker 1871 (n. d.)D01b
    |    `--HypselonotusD01b
    |         |--H. concinnus [incl. H. propinquus Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--H. interruptus Hahn 1831 [incl. Jadera subvittata Walker 1871]D01b
    |         `--H. lanceolatus Walker 1871D01b
    |    |--Saguntus lobulatus Stål 1865 [incl. Hypselonotus crassifemur Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--Quintius pallens (Walker 1871) [=Hirileus pallens; incl. H. pallidus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--Molchina Amyot & Serv. 1843 [incl. Euplatycoris Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--M. granulata Stål 1870 [incl. Euplatycoris bellicornis Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |--ZorevaD01b
    |    |    |--Z. marginalis (Walker 1871) [=Hypselonotus marginalis]D01b
    |    |    `--Z. spiniferaD01b
    |    |--ArchimerusD01b
    |    |    |--A. alternatusE66
    |    |    |--A. calcaratorE66
    |    |    `--A. pallens (Dall. 1852) [=Physomerus pallens, Piezogaster pallens]D01b
    |    |--NematopusD01b
    |    |    |--N. fasciatus Westw. in Hope 1842 [incl. Hypselonotus fascicollis Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    |--N. indus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Cimex indus; incl. Hypselonotus pectoralis Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    |--N. lepidus Stål 1862 [incl. Hypselonotus armatus Walker 1871]D01b
    |    |    `--N. ruficrus (Perty 1830) [=Anisoscelis ruficrus; incl. Hypselonotus ventralis Walker 1871]D01b
    |    `--Mictis profana (Fabr. 1803)CGW91, D14 [=Lygaeus profanaD14; incl. M. profanus var. cruxK08]
    |--Leptoscelidini [Leptoscelinae]D01b
    |    |--LeptoscelisD01b
    |    |--Malvana minax (Walker 1871) [=Hypselonotus minax]D01b
    |    |--AmblyomiaB96a
    |    |--CoribergiaB96a
    |    |--DalmatomammuriusB96a
    |    |--KalinckascelisB96a
    |    |--MalvanaioidesB96a
    |    |--PlunentisB96a
    |    |--Sephinioides Brailovsky 1996B96a
    |    |    `--*S. ugaldei Brailovsky 1996B96a
    |    `--PhthiaD01b
    |         |--P. affinis Distant 1901D01b
    |         |--P. cantharidinaD01b
    |         |--P. decorataD01b
    |         |--P. lunata [incl. P. concinna Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--P. pictaD01b
    |         |--P. smaragdina (Walker 1871) [=Sphictyrtus smaragdinus]D01b
    |         `--P. ventralisD01b
    |    |--CorizusH01
    |    |    |--C. crassicornis [incl. C. crassicornis var. abutilon]H01
    |    |    |--C. maculatusH01
    |    |    |--C. parumpunctatusH01
    |    |    `--C. subrufus [incl. C. capitatus]H01
    |    |--JaderaD01b
    |    |    |--J. abdominalis Walker 1871 (n. d.)D01b
    |    |    |--J. aeola (Dallas 1852) [=Serinetha aeola; incl. Lygaeus conspersus Walker 1872]D01b
    |    |    |--J. antica (Walker 1872) [=Lygaeus anticus]D01b
    |    |    |--J. haematoloma [incl. Lygaeus marginalis Walker 1872]D01c
    |    |    `--J. sanguinolenta (Fabr. 1775) [=Cimex sanguinolentus; incl. Lygaeus rufoculis Kirby 1890]D01b
    |    `--SerinethaD01b
    |         |--S. abdominalis (Fabr. 1803) [=Lygaeus abdominalis; incl. S. taprobanensis Dallas 1852]D01b
    |         |--S. aethiops Dallas 1901D01b
    |         |--S. fraternaD01b
    |         |--S. lurida Dallas 1852D01b
    |         |--S. subrufescens (Kirby 1888) [=Lygaeus subrufescens]D01c
    |         `--S. vicina Dallas 1852 [incl. S. coxalis Kirby 1891, Astacops nigricornis Walker 1872]D01b
    |    |  i. s.: SciophyrusD01a
    |    |           |--S. anticus (Walker 1871) [=Cletus anticus]D01a
    |    |           `--S. crassus (Walker 1871) [=Cletus crassus]D01a
    |    |         PachycephalusD01a
    |    |           |--P. opacusD01a
    |    |           `--P. touchei Distant 1901D01a
    |    `--ColpuriniB96b
    |         |--ColpuraD01a
    |         |--AgathyrnaB96b
    |         |--Acanthotyla fasciata (Walker 1871)B96b, D01a [=Cletus fasciatusD01a]
    |         |--Monasavuhygia Brailovsky 1996B96b
    |         |    `--*M. cordata Brailovsky 1996B96b
    |         |--Acarihygia Brailovsky 1993B96b
    |         |    `--*A. fijiana Brailovsky 1993B96b
    |         `--Brachylybas Stål 1870B96b
    |              |--*B. variegata (Le Guillou 1841) [=Gonocerus variegatus, B. variegatus]B96b
    |              |--B. delgadoi Brailovksy 1996B96b
    |              |--B. taveuni Brailovsky 1996B96b
    |              `--B. vanua Brailovsky 1996B96b
    |    |--Amblypelta cocophagaCGW91, MHG04
    |    |--Aulacosternum nigrorubrumCGW91, C91
    |    |--PompanotusCGW91
    |    |--TurranaCGW91
    |    |--LeptoglossusCGW91
    |    |--CoreusL02
    |    |--AmorbusCGW91
    |    |    |--A. alternatusCGW91
    |    |    `--A. rubiginosusG75
    |    `--CletusCGW91
    |         |--C. apicifer Walker 1871 (n. d.)D01b
    |         |--C. bipunctatus (Westw. in Hope 1842) [=Coreus bipunctatus; incl. Cl. signatus Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--C. fuscescens Walker 1871D01b
    |         |--C. inconspicuus Walker 1871D01b
    |         |--C. punctiger (Dall. 1852) [=Gonocerus punctiger; incl. Homoeocerus minax Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--C. punctulatus (Westw. in Hope 1842) [=Coreus punctulatus; incl. Cl. femoralis Kirby 1891]D01b
    |         |--C. rubidiventris (Wastw. in Hope 1842) [=Coreus rubidiventris; incl. Cl. pallescens Walker 1871]D01b
    |         |--C. similisWEE70
    |         `--C. subnotatus Walker 1871D01b
    `--Homoeocerus [Homoeocerinae]D01a
         |--H. abbreviatus (Fabr. 1794) [=Lygaeus abbreviatus; incl. H. umbratus Walker 1871]D01a
         |--H. abdominalis Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. angulatus West. in Hope 1842 (see below for synonymy)D01a
         |--H. annulatus (Thunb. 1822) [=Alydus annulatus; incl. Ceratopachys subsparsus Walker 1871]D01a
         |--H. atkinsoni Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. auriculatusD01a
         |--H. borneensis Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. concisus Walker 1871D01a
         |--H. graminis (Fabr. 1803) [=Lygaeus graminis; incl. H. turbidus Walker 1871]D01a
         |--H. lineatus Walker 1871 (n. d.)D01a
         |--H. lucidus Walker 1871D01a
         |--H. magnicornisD01a
         |--H. malayensis Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. montanus Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. nigridorsumD01a
         |--H. prominulus (Dall 1852) [=Ceratopachys prominulus; incl. C. vicinus Sall 1852]D01a
         |--H. serrifer (Westw. in Hope 1842) (see below for synonymy)D01a
         |--H. signatus Walker 1871 [incl. H. biplagiatus Stål 1873]D01a
         |--H. simplex Walker 1871D01a
         |--H. sinicus Walker 1871D01a
         |--H. smecticus Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. subjectus Walker 1871D01a
         |--H. tinctusD01a
         |--H. trimaculatus Distant 1901D01a
         |--H. unipunctatus (Thunb. 1783) [=Cimex unipunctatus; incl. H. chinensis Dall 1852]D01a
         |--H. variabilis (Dall 1852) [=Ceratopachys variabilis; incl. H. anticus Walker 1871]D01a
         |--H. walkerianus [incl. H. plagiatus Walker 1871 (preoc.)]D01a
         `--H. yerburyi Distant 1901D01a
Coreidae incertae sedis:
  Paradasynus spinosusYS01
  Thasus gigasGE05, EN20
  Narnia inornataI92
  Aufeius impressicollisBM76
  Syromastes marginatusH01
  Therapha hyoscyamiH01
    |--E. scaphaH01
    `--E. sibiricaH01
    |--C. tabulataG75
    `--C. vittigerG75
  Anasa tristisCGW91, RD77
  Hebeicoris xinboensis Hong 1985RJ93
  Uranocoris Walker 1871D01b
    `--U. suavis Walker 1871D01b
  Menenotus diminutus Walker 1871D01b
  Derepteryx truncata Walker 1871D01b
  Hyalymenus walkeri [incl. H. ichneumoniformis Walker 1871 (preoc.)]D01b
  Verlusia rhombeaD01b
  Dulichius inflatusRD77
  Chariestrus antennatorE66
  Pachylis Lepeletier & Serville 1825E66, K18
    `--P. argentinusE66

Homoeocerus angulatus West. in Hope 1842 [incl. H. clarus Walker 1871, H. mundus Walker 1871, H. parallelus Walker 1871]D01a

Homoeocerus serrifer (Westw. in Hope 1842) [=Coreus serrifer; incl. H. parvulus Walker 1871, H. unipunctatus Dall 1852 non Cimex unipunctatus Thunb. 1783]D01a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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