Cycloholcus nummus, from Knight et al. (1960).

Belongs within: Helcionellida.

The Coreospiridae are a group of univalved molluscs from the Early Cambrian with a planispiral or near-planispiral shell with few coils (Parkhaev 2002).

Coreospiridae [Coreospiroidei]
|--Cambrospira Yu 1979P02
|--Hugiagouella Chen & Zhang 1980P02
|--Cambroconus Yu 1981P02
|--Hubeispira Yu 1981P02
|--Uncinaspira He 1984P02
|--‘Gibbaspira’ He 1984 non McLean 1971P02
|--Kutanjia Kruse 1991P02
|--Tichkaella Geyer 1986P08, P02
|--Anhuiconus Zhou & Xiao 1984P02
| `--A. microtuberusP08
|--Coreospira Saito 1936P02
| |--*C. rugosa Saito 1936KC60
| `--C. walcottiK52
|--Pseudoyangtzespira Bokova 1990P08, P02
| `--P. selindeicaP08
|--Oelandiella Vostokova 1962 (see below for synonymy)P02
| |--*Archaeospira’ ornata Yu 1979BR17
| `--*Yangtzespira’ exima Yu 1979BR17
`--Latouchella Cobbold 1921 [Latouchellidae, Latouchellinae]P02
|--*L. costata Cobbold 1921F62
|--L. angustaR96
|--L. korobkovi (Vostokova 1962)D94
|--L. memorabilis Missarzhevskii 1969BE93
`--L. penecyrano Runnegar & Jell 1976RJ76

Oelandiella Vostokova 1962 [incl. Archaeospira Yu 1979, Yangtzespira Yu 1979; Archaeospiridae, Yangtzespiridae, Yangtzespirinae]P02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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