Ontogeny of Cornulites, from Fisher (1962).

Belongs within: Annelida.

The Cornulitidae are a group of tubular, annular fossils of uncertain affinities known from the Middle Ordovician to the Lower Carboniferous (Fisher 1962).

Characters (from Fisher 1962): Flexuous, ringed, small to medium-sized tapering tubers of calcium carbonate, with circular cross section; rings dominant in specific stages of growth, longitudinal striae dominant in other stages. Relatively thick walls composed of large, rounded or oval cellular cavities, cells with thin walls and especially conspicuous in transverse rings which are narrower and closer together toward apex. Mould of internal cavity consisting of rodlike tapering body of invaginated cones with apices directed toward aperture. Length 5–80 mm; diameter 2–20 mm at aperture.

    |  i. s.: ‘Tentaculites’ anglicusMW04
    |--Kolihaia Prantl 1944F62
    |    `--*K. eremita Prantl 1944F62
    |--Conchicolites Nicholson 1872F62
    |    |--*C. gregarius Nicholson 1872F62
    |    |--C. nicholsonii Vine 1882C01
    |    `--C. tuberculifera Chapman 1901C01
    |--Cornulitella Howell 1952 [=Ortonia Nicholson 1872 non Wood 1869]F62
    |    |--*C. conica (Nicholson 1872) [=*Ortonia conica]F62
    |    |--C. carbonariaWS93
    |    |--‘Ortonia’ minorC01
    |    `--‘Ortonia’ pseudopunctata Vine 1882 [=O. conica var. pseudopunctata]C01
    `--Cornulites Schlotheim 1820F62
         |--*C. serpularius Schlotheim 1820F62
         |--C. flexuosus (Hall 1847) [=Tentaculites flexuosa]WS93
         |--C. scalariformis Vine 1882C01
         |--C. sterlingensisF62
         `--C. tasmanicus Etheridge 1895-1896F71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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