Varied sitellas Daphoenositta chrysoptera striata, from Chiemomo.

Belongs within: Corvides.
Contains: Dicruridae, Rhipidura, Monarchidae, Paradisaeidae, Corvidae, Lanius.

The Corvoidea is a clade of passerine birds that has been identified by molecular analyses. Basal lineages of the Corvoidea are found in the Australo-Papuan region, where the clade is believed to have originated, but members of various sub-clades are found in Eurasia and Africa, such as the Corvidae, Laniidae and Malaconotidae, while the Vireonidae are found in the Americas. Basal lineages of the Corvoidea include the Cnemophilidae, satinbirds, frugivorous birds with brightly coloured males found in New Guinea. Cnemophilids were previously believed to be closely related to the birds of paradise (Paradisaeidae), which are now placed elsewhere in the corvoids. The sitellas Daphoenositta are nuthatch-like birds found in Australia and New Guinea that feed by branching on branches and trunks.

   |  `--RhipiduridaeKF-V21
   |       |--RhipiduraBC04
   |       `--+--Chaetorhynchus papuensisJF06
   |          `--Lamprolia Finsch 1874JF11, B94 [Lamproliidae]
   |               `--L. victoriaeFP64
   |                    |--L. v. victoriaeFP64
   |                    `--L. v. kleinschmidtiFP64
         |  `--Ifrita [Ifritidae]KF-V21
         |       `--I. kowaldi (DeVis 1890) [=Todopsis kowaldi; incl. I. coronata Rothschild 1898]N10
         `--+--Corcoracidae [Corcoracinae]OF19
            |    |--Corcorax Lesson 1830JF11, B94
            |    |    `--C. melanorhamphosJT12
            |    `--Struthidea Gould 1837 [Struthideidae, Struthideinae]B94
            |         `--S. cinereaJF06
            `--+--Melampitta [Melampittidae]OF19
               |    |--M. lugubrisBKB15
               |    `--+--M. giganteaBKB15
               |       `--‘Microeca’ fascinansBKB15
               |            |--M. f. fascinansM03
               |            |--M. f. barcooM03
               |            `--M. f. pallidaM03
                  `--+--Platylophus Swainson 1832B94 [incl. Lophocitta Gray 1841B94; Lophocittidae, PlatylophidaeOF19]
                     |    `--P. galericulatusJF11
                     `--Laniidae [Laniinae]OF19
                          |--Urolestes melanoleucusJT12
                               |--E. anguitimensJF06
                               `--E. rueppelliJT12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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