Valenzuela flavidus, copyright Christophe Quintin.

Belongs within: Caeciliusidae.

The Coryphacini are a group of caeciliusid barklice with a pale body and the lacinial tip slender and bidentate or rounded (Schmidt & New 2008). The male has the median lobe of the endophallus undivided, and the female has a sheath around the spermathecal duct (New & Lienhard 2007).

|--Protodypsocus Enderlein 1903NL07, L02
| `--*P. fissiceps Enderlein 1903NL07
|--Graminacaecilius Schmidt & New 2008SN08
| |--*G. micropterus Schmidt & New 2008SN08
| `--G. frontalis Schmidt & New 2008SN08
|--Stenocaecilius Mockford 2000SN08
| |--*S. casarum (Badonnel 1931)NL07 [=Caecilius casarumNL07; incl. C. palmarum Mockford & Gurney 1956M93]
| |--S. analis (Banks 1931)NL07
| |--S. lineatus (Smithers 1977) [=Caecilius lineatus]SN08
| `--S. ‘quercus’ (Edwards 1950) [=Caecilius quercus non Kolbe 1880]SN08
|--Coryphosmila Enderlein 1925NL07, L02 [incl. CoryphocopisNL07]
| |--*C. dolabrata (Hagen 1858) [=Psocus dolabratus]NL07
| |--C. bushi (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989)NL07
| |--C. jacobsoni (Enderlein 1926) [=*Coryphocopis jacobsoni]NL07
| `--C. soehardjani (Smithers 1965)NL07
`--Valenzuela Navás 1924SN08
| i. s.: *V. marianus Navás 1924SN04
| V. alticola (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991) [=Caecilius alticola]NL07
| V. andinus (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989) [=Caecilius andinus]NL07
| V. annulicornis (Enderlein 1903) [=Caecilius annulicornis]NL07
| V. aridus (Hagen 1858)NL07
| V. badiostigma (Okamoto 1910)NL07
| V. baliensis (Thornton 1984)NL07
| V. bambusae (Soehardjan & Hamann 1959)NL07
| V. bataviensis (Enderlein 1926)NL07
| V. borneensis (Karny 1925) [=Caecilius borneensis]NL07
| V. castellus (Banks 1916) [=Caecilius castellus]NL07
| V. cincticornis (Banks 1920) [=Caecilius cincticornis]NL07
| V. clarivenus (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991) [=Caecilius clarivenus]NL07
| V. conspicuus (Banks 1937) [=Caecilius conspicuus]NL07
| V. farrelli (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989) [=Caecilius farrelli]NL07
| V. hivesi (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989) [=Caecilius hivesi]NL07
| V. impressa (Hagen 1859) [=Elipsocus impressus, Psocus impressus]SN04
| V. javanus (Enderlein 1907) [=Caecilius javanus]NL07
| V. lemniscellus (Enderlein 1907)NL07
| V. luridus (Enderlein 1903) [=Caecilius luridus]NL07
| V. maculistigma (Enderlein 1903) [=Caecilius maculistigma]NL07
| V. mclareni (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989)NL07
| V. medialunatus (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991)NL07
| V. melanocnemis (Enderlein 1907) [=Caecilius melanocnemis]NL07
| V. mjoebergi (Karny 1925) [=Caecilius mjoebergi]NL07
| V. nebulomaculatus Mockford 2000NL07
| V. pelmus (New & Thornton 1976) [=Caecilius pelmus]NL07
| V. pteridii (Smithers 1977) [=Caecilius pteridii]SN08
| V. rubinii (Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991) [=Caecilius rubinii]NL07
| V. rubiventer (Thornton 1984) [=Caecilius rubiventer]NL07
| V. serpentinus (Enderlein 1926) [=Fuellerborniella serpentina]NL07
| V. singularis (Smithers 1995) [=Caecilius singularis]NL07
| V. trigonostigma (Enderlein 1907) [=Caecilius trigonostigma]NL07
| V. vittidorsum (Enderlein 1907) [=Caecilius vittidorsum]NL07
|--V. albus groupM03
| |--V. subgroup BM03
| | |--V. albusM03
| | |--V. rodrigueziM03
| | `--V. sublineatusM03
| |--V. kunashirensis Mockford 2003M03
| `--V. subgroup DM03
| |--V. despaxiM03
| `--V. phaeopterellus Mockford 2003M03
|--V. confluensM03
|--V. fasciatus groupM03
| |--V. fasciatusNL07
| |--V. oyamai (Enderlein 1906) [=Caecilius oyamai]M03
| |--V. qunarius (Li 1993)M03 [=Caecilius quinariusL03, C. qunarius (l. c.)L02]
| |--V. traceus (Thornton 1984)M03
| `--V. velectus (Thornton 1984)M03
|--V. flavidus groupM03
| |--V. atricornis (McLachlan 1869)M03 (see below for synonymy)
| |--‘Caecilius’ bermudensisM93
| |--‘Caecilius’ boreus Mockford 1965M93
| |--‘Caecilius’ burmeisteri Brauer 1876L98 (see below for synonymy)
| |--‘Caecilius’ caloclypeus Mockford & Gurney 1956M93
| |--‘Caecilius’ croesus Chapman 1930M93
| |--V. flavidus (Stephens 1836)M03 (see below for synonymy)
| |--V. hyperboreus (Mockford 1965)M03, M93 [=Caecilius hyperboreusM93]
| |--‘Caecilius’ lochloosae Mockford 1965M93
| |--‘Caecilius’ manteri Sommerman 1943M93
| |--‘Caecilius’ maritimus Mockford 1965M93
| |--V. mexcalensisGA04 [=Caecilius mexcalensisM93]
| |--‘Caecilius’ micanopi Mockford 1965M93
| |--‘Caecilius’ perplexus Chapman 1930M93
| |--‘Caecilius’ pinicola Banks 1903M93
| `--‘Caecilius’ tamiami Mockford 1965M93
|--V. mueggenburgi groupNL07
| |--V. deceptor (Banks 1920) [=Caecilius deceptor]NL07
| `--V. mueggenburgi (Enderlein 1903) [=Caecilius mueggenburgi]NL07
`--V. sinuofasciatus groupNL07
|--V. albipes (Thornton 1984) [=Caecilius albipes]NL07
`--V. sinuofasciatus [=Caecilius sinuofasciatus]NL07

‘Caecilius’ burmeisteri Brauer 1876L98 [incl. C. burmeisteri var. helveticus Kolbe 1880L98, C. burmeisteri ab. lipsiensis Enderlein 1901L98, C. minutus Reuter 1893L98, Psocus pedicularius Burmeister 1839 non Hemerobius pedicularius Linnaeus 1758M93, C. rufus Tetens 1891 non Psocus rufus Walsh 1863L98]

Valenzuela atricornis (McLachlan 1869)M03 [=Caecilius atricornisM03; incl. C. atricornis ab. pedunculatus Enderlein 1903G74]

Valenzuela flavidus (Stephens 1836)M03 [=Psocus flavidusL02, Caecilius flavidusM03; incl. P. aurantiacus Hagen 1861L98, Caecilius aurantiacusM93, P. boreellus Zetterstedt 1840L98, P. flavicans Stephens 1836 non Hemerobius flavicans Linnaeus 1758 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)L98, P. ochropterus Stephens 1836L98, P. striatus Zetterstedt 1840L98, Caecilius strigosus Curtis 1837L98, P. subpunctatus Stephens 1836L98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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