Arctic hookear sculpin Artediellus uncinatus, from Goode & Bean (1896).

Belongs within: Cottioidei.
Contains: Cottinae.

The Cottoidea, sculpins, are marine and freshwater fishes with large spiny heads, wide gill openings, broad mouths, slender bodies, large fan-like pectoral fins, small caudal fins, and pelvic fins reduced to three long rays (Collette & Klein-MacPhee 2002).

Cottoidea [Cottidae, Icelidae]
    |--+--Leptocottus armatusND13
    |  `--CottinaeND13
    `--+--+--Scorpaenichthys marmoratus Ayres 1854ND13, CWH77
       |  `--ArtediellusND13
       |       |--A. atlanticus Jordan & Evermann 1898K-M02a
       |       |--A. scaberB96
       |       `--A. uncinatusK-M02a
       `--+--Hemitripterus [Hemitripteridae]K-M02c
          |    `--H. americanus (Gmelin 1789)K-M02c
               |--Leptagonus decagonus Bloch & Schneider 1801K-M02d
               |--Agonopsis chiloensis (Jenyns 1840)LD09
               |--Xeneretmus latifrons (Gilbert 1890)LD09
               |--Stellerina xyosternaND13
               |--Agonus cataphractusLM13
               |--Podothecus costulatus Stinton 1978P93
                    |--A. monopterygius (Bloch 1786)K-M02d
                    `--A. olrikiD56
Cottoidea incertae sedis:
    |--Malacocottus zonurus Bean 1890KKV03, BNW02
    |--Psychrolutes phrictusB96
         |--C. microps Collett 1875K-M02b
         `--C. thomsonii (Günther 1882)LD09
    |--G. pistilligerL70
    |--G. tricuspis (Reinhardt 1830)K-M02a
    `--G. ventralis [=Phobetor ventralis]O05
    |--M. aenaeus (Mitchill 1814) [=M. aeneus (l. c.)]K-M02a
    |--M. nigerB50
    |--M. octodecemspinosus (Mitchill 1814) [=M. octodecimspinosus (l. c.)]K-M02a
    |--M. quadricornisB96
    |--M. scorpioidesB96
    |--M. scorpius (Linnaeus 1758)K=M02a
    `--M. thompsoniSBW95
  Triglops murrayi Günther 1888K-M02a
  Taurulus bubalis Euphrasen 1786LD09
  Trachydermus [incl. Centridermichthys]JR10
    `--T. fasciatus Heckel 1840 [=Trachidermus fasciatus; incl. Trachydermus ansatus]JR10
  Eocottus veronensis (Volta 1796)P93
    |--A. elegans Fricke & Brunken 1984N85
    |--A. galatheaeN85
    `--A. megalops DeWitt 1969N85
    |--*S. osensisN85
    |--S. distoechusN85
    |--S. mesembrinus Fricke & Brunken 1983N85
    `--S. misakiaN85
  Atopocottus Bolin 1936N85
    `--A. tribranchiusN85
  Ascelichthys rhodorusN85
  Chitonotus pugetensisN85
    |--C. acuticepsN85
    |--C. analisB96
    `--C. globicepsB96
  Enophrys bisonN85
  Icelinus borealisN85
  Jordania zonopeN85
  Oligocottus maculosusN85
  Hemilepidotus hemilepidotusN85
  Alcichthys alcicornisN85
  Elaphichthys elongatusN85
  Phasmatocottus ctenopterygiusN85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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