Creeping lady’s tresses Goodyera repens, copyright Hans Hillewaert.

Belongs within: Orchidoideae.
Contains: Spiranthinae.

The Cranichideae are a group of orchids characterised by the presence of specialised amyloplasts in the roots called spiranthosomes, together with distinguishable subsidiary cells in the leaf epidermis and type III/type IV thickenings in the anther endothecium (Freudenstein & Rasmussen 1999).

<==Cranichideae [Spiranthoideae]
    |  i. s.: Pachyplectron [Pachyplectroninae]A86
       |  |--Galeottiella Schlechter 1920 [Galeottiellinae]SCSA02
       |  |    `--*G. sarcoglossa (see below for synonymy)SCSA02
       |  `--+--ManniellaFR99 [ManniellinaeSCSA02]
       |     |--PrescottiaA86 [PrescottiinaeSCSA02]
       |     |--SpiranthinaeSCSA02
       |     `--CranichidinaeSCSA02
       |          |--Cranichis muscosaRG07
       |          |--Fuertesiella pterichoidesRG07
       |          |--Ponthieva racemosaRG07
       |          |--Pterichis multifloraRG07
       |          |--AaA86
       |          |--BaskervilleaA86
       |          |--CoilostylisA86
       |          |--MyrosmodesA86
       |          |--PorphyrostachysA86
       |          |--PseudocentrumA86
       |          |--SolenocentrumA86
       |          `--StenopteraA86
            |  i. s.: Zeuxine gracilis (Breda) Bl. 1858RG07, SBY02 (see below for synonymy)
            |         Meliorchis Ramírez, Gravendeel et al. 2007RG07
            |           `--*M. caribea Ramírez, Gravendeel et al. 2007RG07
            |         KreodanthusRG07
            |           |--K. casillasiiRG07
            |           `--K. crispifoliusRG07
            |         Microchilus plantagineusRG07
            |         Aspidogyne multifoliataRG07
            |         Ligeophila jurvenensisRG07
            |         Stephanothelys xystophylloidesRG07
            |         AnoectochilusA86
            |         ChamaegastrodiaA86
            |         CheirostylisA86
            |           |--C. chinensisBP05
            |           |    |--C. c. var. chinensisBP05
            |           |    `--C. c. var. glabra Bhaumik & Pathak 2005BP05
            |           `--C. grandifloraMB97
            |         CystorchisA86
            |         DicerostylisA86
            |         ErythrodesA86
            |         EucosiaA86
            |         EurycentrumA86
            |         EvrardiaA86
            |         GonatostylisA86
            |         HerpysmaA86
            |         KuhlhasseltiaA86
            |         LepidogyneA86
            |         Macodes petolaA86, P03
            |         MoerenhoutiaA86
            |         MyrmechisA86
            |         PapuaeaA86
            |         PlatylepisA86
            |         PristiglottisA86
            |         TubilabiumA86
            |         Vrydagzynea albidaA86, P03
               |  `--DossiniaRG07
               `--+--Platythelis querceticolaRG07
                       |--G. brachycerasRG07
                       |--G. colorataP03
                       |--G. fuscaO88
                       |--G. oblongifoliaH93
                       |--G. pubescensV72
                       |--G. repensO88
                       |    |--G. r. var. repensV72
                       |    `--G. r. var. ophioidesV72
                       |--G. rubens-grandisP03
                       |--G. striataRG07
                       `--G. tesselataV72

*Galeottiella sarcoglossa (Richard & Galeotti) Schlechter 1920 [=Spiranthes sarcoglossa, Brachystele sarcoglossa, Microthelys sarcoglossa]SCSA02

Zeuxine gracilis (Breda) Bl. 1858RG07, SBY02 [=Psychechilos gracile Breda 1827SBY02; incl. Monochilus affine Lindley 1840SBY02, Zeuxine affinis Bentham ex Hooker 1890SBY02, Z. blatteri Fischer in Gamble 1928SBY02]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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