Subcraspedites sowerbyi, from

Belongs within: Dorsoplanitidae.

The Craspeditidae are involute ammonites known from the Upper Volgian of the Upper Cretaceous to the Lower Ryazanian of the Lower Cretaceous (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996, as Craspeditinae): Inner whorls compressed and involute; ribbing light and dense, soon fading; macroconchs tending to become inflated with residual, widely spaced, bullate primary ribs. Adults small to medium sized. Sutures highly simplified.

Craspeditidae [Craspeditinae, Garniericeratinae]EK02
|--Praetollia Spath 1952WCH96
| `--*P. maynci Spath 1952WCH96
|--Garniericeras Spath 1923WCH96
| |--*G. catenulatum (Fischer von Waldheim 1837) [=Ammonites catenulatus, Oxynoticeras catenulatum]WCH96
| `--G. interjectumWCH96
|--Hectoroceras Spath 1947WCH96
| |--*H. (Hectoroceras) kochi Spath 1947WCH96
| `--H. (Shulginites Casey 1973) [=Toljaiceras Shul’gina in Saks & Shul’gina 1974]WCH96
| `--H. (*S.) tolijense (Nikitin 1884) [=Oxynoticeras tolijense, *Toljaiceras tolijense]WCH96
|--Craspedites Pavlow 1892WCH96
| | i. s.: C. nodigerWCH96
| |--C. (Craspedites) (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| | |--*C. (C.) okensis (Orbigny 1845) [=Ammonites okensis]WCH96
| | |--‘Ammonites’ kaschpurensis Trautschold 1866 [=*Trautscholdiceras kaschpurensis]WCH96
| | |--C. (C.) mosquensis Gerasimov 1960 [=*Mosquites mosquensis]WCH96
| | `--C. (C.) subditus (Trautschold 1877) [=Ammonites subditus, *Vitaliites subditus]WCH96
| |--C. (Kachpurites Spath 1923)WCH96
| | |--C. (*K.) fulgens (Trautschold 1861) [=Ammonites fulgens]WCH96
| | `--C. (K.) nekrassoviWCH96
| `--C. (Taimyroceras Bodylevskii 1956)WCH96
| `--C. (*T.) taimyrensis (Bodylevskii 1956) [=*Taimyroceras taimyrense]WCH96
`--Subcraspedites Spath 1923WCH96
| i. s.: S. payeriK79
| S. preplicomphalusWCH96
| S. primitivusWCH96
| S. spasskensisSY85
| S. suprasubditesK79
|--S. (Subcraspedites) [incl. Volgidiscus Casey 1973]WCH96
| |--S. (S.) sowerbyi Spath 1952 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| `--S. (S.) lamplughi Spath 1936 [=*Volgidiscus lamplughi]WCH96
|--S. (Runctonia Casey 1973)WCH96
| `--S. (*R.) runctoni (Casey 1973) [=*Runctonia runctoni]WCH96
`--S. (Swinnertonia Shul’gina 1972)WCH96
|--S. (*S.) cristatus Swinnerton 1935WCH96
`--S. (S.) subundulatusWCH96

Craspedites Pavlow 1892 (Craspedites) [incl. Mosquites Sazonova 1971, Trautscholdiceras Sazonova 1977, Vitaliites Shul’gina 1985]WCH96

Subcraspedites (Subcraspedites) sowerbyi Spath 1952 [incl. Ammonites plicomphalus Sowerby 1823 non Sowerby 1822, *S. plicomphalus]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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