Crematogaster scutellaris, copyright Philippe Garcelon.

Belongs within: Meranoplini.

Crematogaster is a pantropical genus of ants characterised by a heart-shaped gaster with the postpetiole attached to its upper surface; the petiole is flattened and the postpetiole is often bilobed in dorsal view (Heterick 2009). Though the genus as a whole is readily recognised, subordinate taxa are less so: species are often very variable and though several subgenera have been recognised, they are poorly defined and often of doubtful validity.

<==Crematogaster Lund 1831Z01 [=Cremastogaster Mayr 1861TB85; incl. Acrocoelia Mayr 1852Z01, Transpeltoides Wheeler 1922Z01]
|--*C. (Crematogaster) scutellaris (Oliver 1791) [=Formica scutellaris]Z01
|--C. (Decacrema) borneensisFJ99
`--C. (Orthocrema)H09
|--C. (O.) dispar Forel 1902H09, TB85 [=Cremastogaster sordidula disparTB85]
`--C. (O.) queenslandica Forel 1902H09, TB85 [=Cremastogaster sordidula queenslandicaTB85]
|--C. q. queenslandicaTB85
|--C. q. froggatti Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster sordidula froggatti]TB85
|--C. q. gilberti Forel 1910 [=Cremastogaster sordidula gilberti]TB85
|--C. q. rogans Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster sordidula rogans]TB85
`--C. q. scabrula Emery 1914 [=C. froggatti scabrula]TB85

Crematogaster incertae sedis:
C. aberrans Forel 1892 [incl. Myrmica diffusa Jerdon 1851, C. diffusa, C. aberrans var. inglebyi]B03
C. aegyptiacaG89
C. anthracina Smith 1857B03
C. apicalis Motsch. 1865B03
C. artifex Mayr 1879 [=C. dohrni artifex; incl. C. dohrni artifex var. macaoensis Wheeler 1928]Z01
C. australis Mayr 1876 [=Cremastogaster australis]TB85
|--C. a. australisTB85
|--C. a. chillagoensis Forel 1915 [=Cremastogaster australis chillagoensis]TB85
`--C. a. sycites Forel 1916 [=Cremastogaster australis sycites]TB85
C. baduviN-ZLI11
C. biroi Mayr 1897 [incl. C. biroi var. aitkeni, C. biroi var. symthiesi]B03
C. bouvardiN-ZLI11
C. brunnescens Motsch. 1865B03
C. buddhae Forel 1902B03
C. castaneaG89
C. claraHH63
C. contemta Mayr 1878B03
C. cornigera Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster cornigera]TB85
C. dalyi Forel 1902B03
C. deponens Walk. 1859B03
C. difformis Smith 1857B03
C. dohrni Mayr 1878B03
C. ebenina Forel 1902B03
C. egidyi Forel 1903Z01
C. emeryanaBS06
C. eurydice Forel 1915 [=Cremastogaster (Atopogyne) eurydice]TB85
C. ferrarii Emery 1887B03
C. flava Forel 1886B03
C. forticula Walk. 1859B03
C. frivola Forel 1902TB85 [=Cremastogaster frivolusTB85; incl. Cremat. perthensis Crawley 1922H09, TB85]
|--C. f. frivolaTB85
`--C. f. sculpticeps Forel 1907 [=Cremastogaster frivola sculpticeps]TB85
C. fusca Mayr 1876 [=Cremastogaster fusca]TB85
C. gavipagaN-ZLI11
C. himalayana Forel 1902B03
C. hodgsoni Forel 1902B03
C. impressaHH63
C. inflata Smith 1857B03
C. kirbii (Sykes 1835) [=Myrmica kirbii]B03
C. kneriA61
C. kutteri Viehmeyer 1924 [=Cremastogaster kutteri]TB85
C. laeviceps Smith 1858TB85
|--C. l. laevicepsTB85
|--C. l. broomensis Forel 1915 [=Cremastogaster laeviceps broomensis]TB85
|--C. l. chasei Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster laeviceps chasei]TB85
`--C. l. clarior Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster laeviceps clarior]TB85
C. laeviusculaW03
C. longiceps Forel 1910 [=Cremastogaster longiceps]TB85
|--C. l. longicepsTB85
`--C. l. curticeps Wheeler 1915TB85
C. longipilosaN-ZLI11
C. millardi Forel 1902B03
C. mjobergi Forel 1915 [=Cremastogaster mjobergi]TB85
C. mogdiliani (Emery 1900) [=Tapinoma mogdiliani]B03
C. ocellataN-ZLI11
C. osakensis Forel 1900 [=C. sordidula var. osakensis; incl. C. sordidula var. japonica Forel 1912]Z01
C. pallens Walk. 1859B03
C. pallida Lowne 1865 [=C. pallidus]TB85
C. pallipes Mayr 1862 (see below for synonymy)TB85
C. perelegans Forel 1902B03
C. physothorax Emery 1889 [=C. difformis physothorax]B03
C. politula Forel 1902 [=C. subnuda politula]B03
C. pythia Forel 1915 [=Cremastogaster pythia]TB85
C. ransonneti Mayr 1868B03
C. rogenhoferi Mayr 1878B03
C. ronganensis Zhou 2001Z01
C. rothneyi Mayr 1878 [incl. C. rothneyi var. civa]B03
C. rufa (Jerdon 1851) [=Myrmica rufa]B03
C. rufotestacea Mayr 1876 [=Cremastogaster rufotestacea]TB85
|--C. r. rufotestaceaTB85
`--C. r. dentinasis Santschi 1929 [=C. (Orthocrema) rufotestacea dentinasis]TB85
C. sagei Forel 1902B03
C. scita Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster scita]TB85
|--C. s. scitaTB85
`--C. s. mixta Forel 1902 [=Cremastogaster scita mixta]TB85
C. sewardiN-ZLI11
C. soror Forel 1902B03
C. stolliS10
C. subnuda Mayr 1878 [incl. C. subnuda rabula]B03
C. travancorensis Forel 1902B03
C. treubiFJ99
C. vagula Wheeler 1928 [=C. matsumurai vagula]Z01
C. walshi Forel 1902B03
C. whitei Wheeler 1915TB85
C. wroughtoni Forel 1902B03
C. xerophila Wheeler 1915TB85
|--C. x. xerophilaTB85
`--C. x. exigua Wheeler 1915TB85

Crematogaster pallipes Mayr 1862 [=Cremastogaster pallipes, Cremas. pallidipes Dalla Torre 1893; incl. Crematogaster piceus Lowne 1865]TB85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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