Damassadinium californicum, from here.

Belongs within: Peridiniphycidae.

The Cribroperidinioideae are a group of dinoflagellates known as fossil cysts from the Middle Jurassic to the Miocene (Fensome et al. 1993).

Characters (from Fensome et al. 1993): L-type ventral organisation; dextral torsion present; apical pore complex contacted by four or five plates; six Kofoid precingular plates, with sixth (1i) pentagonal and broadly geniculate anteriorly, and third precingular homologue (4) in middorsal location; six cingular plates; ends of cingulum not overhanging, sulcus straight and relatively broad throughout its length; five or sixth Kofoid postcingular plates, first (if present) and second postcingular homologues strongly reduced in size relative to third to sixth homologues.

<==Cribroperidinioideae [Thalassiphoroideae]
    |--Kallosphaeridium de Coninck 1969FT93
    |--Achilleodinium Eaton 1976FT93
    |--Araneosphaera Eaton 1976FT93
    |--Carpatella Grigorovich 1969 [incl. Paraireana He 1984]FT93
    |--Conneximura May 1980FT93
    |--Disphaerogena Wetzel 1933 [incl. Cyclapophysis Benson 1976, Plethysyrinx Sarjeant 1981]FT93
    |--Epitricysta Stover & Helby 1987FT93
    |--Hapsocysta Davey 1979FT93
    |--Kenleyia Cookson & Eisenack 1965FT93
    |--Meristaulax Sarjeant 1984FT93
    |--Millioudodinium Stover & Evitt 1978FT93
    |--Muratodinium Drugg 1970FT93
    |--Pandadinium Courtinat 1989FT93
    |--Silicisphaera Davey & Verdier 1976FT93
    |--Spongodinium Deflandre 1936FT93
    |--Stoveracysta Clowes 1985FT93
    |--Wigginsiella Lucas-Clark 1987FT93
    |--Aldorfia Stover & Evitt 1978FT93
    |    `--A. aldorfensis (Gocht) Stover & Evitt 1978EB93
    |--Cryptarchaeodinium Deflandre 1939FT93
    |    `--C. calcaratum Deflandre 1939EB93
    |--Hystrichokolpoma Klumpp 1953FT93
    |    `--H. rigaudiae Deflandre & Cookson 1955EB93
    |--Samlandia Eisenack 1954 [incl. Palmnickia Eisenack 1954]FT93
    |    `--*S. chlamydophora Eisenack 1965H75, EB93
    |--Tityrosphaeridium Sarjeant 1981FT93
    |    `--T. tenuistriatum (Heisecke 1970) Quattrocchio & Sarjeant 1996QS03
    |--Turbiosphaera Archangelsky 1969FT93
    |    `--T. filosa (Wilson 1967) Archangelsky 1969QS03
    |--Korystocysta Woollam 1983FT93
    |    `--K. pachyderma (Deflandre 1939) Woollam 1983FT93
    |--Diphyes Cookson 1965 [incl. Lingulasphaera Drugg 1970]FT93
    |    `--D. colligerum (Deflandre & Cookson 1955) Cookson 1965FT93
    |--Ifecysta Jan du Chêne & Adediran 1985FT93
    |    `--I. pachyderma Jan du Chêne & Adediran 1985FT93
    |--Thalassiphora Eisenack & Gocht 1960 [incl. Erikania Morgenroth 1966, Subathua Khanna & Singh 1980]FT93
    |    |--T. patula (Williams & Downie 1966) Stover & Evitt 1978FT93
    |    `--T. pelagicaG87
    |--Operculodinium (Wall 1967) Matsuoka et al. 1997QS03
    |    |--O. azcaratei Troncoso & Doubinger 1980QS03
    |    `--O. erinaceum (Morgenroth) Stover & Evitt 1978 [=Impletosphaeridium erinaceum Morgenroth 1966]QS03
    |--Apteodinium Eisenack 1958 [incl. Coniferatium Burgess 1971]FT93
    |    |--‘Gardodinium’ deflandrei Clarke & Verdier 1967FT93
    |    |--A. granulatum Eisenack 1958FT93
    |    `--A. mecsekense (Nagy) Helenes 1984EB93
    |--Cribroperidinium Neale & Sarjeant 1962FT93
    |    |--C. edwardsii (Cookson & Eisenack 1958) Davey 1969RC02
    |    |--C. perforans (Cookson & Eisenack 1958) Morgan 1980RC02
    |    `--C. ventriosum (Wetzel 1933) Lentin & Williams 1973FT93
    |--Lingulodinium Wall 1967QS03 [incl. Trioperculodinium Drugg 1970FT93]
    |    |--L. bergmannii (Archangelsky) Quattrocchio & Sarjeant 2003 (see below for synonymy)QS03
    |    |--L. polyedrum (Stein) Dodge 1989 (see below for synonymy)FT93
    |    `--L. varispinosum Slimani 1994QS03
    |--Cordosphaeridium Eisenack 1963FT93
    |    |--C. cantharellum (Brosius) Gocht 1969B93
    |    |--C. funiculatum Morgenroth 1966FT93
    |    |--C. inodesQS03
    |    `--C. senegalense Jain & Millepied 1975EB93
    |--Florentinia Davey & Verdier 1973FT93
    |    |--F. berran Below 1982I02
    |    |--F. cooksoniae (Singh) Duxbury 1980I02
    |    |--F. laciniata Davey & Verdier 1973I02
    |    |--F. mantellii (Davey & Williams) Davey & Verdier 1973I02
    |    |--F. radiculata (Davey & Williams) Davey & Verdier 1973I02
    |    `--F. verdieriVH02
    `--Damassadinium Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea Morgenroth 1968 non Danaea Smith 1793]FT93
         |--D. californicum (Drugg) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 (see below for synonymy)FT93
         |--D. abbreviatum (Damassa) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea abbreviata Damassa 1984]FT93
         |--D. chibane (Below) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea chibanis Below 1981]FT93
         |--D. crassimuratum (Wilson) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea crassimurata Wilson 1988]FT93
         |--D. fibrosum (Hultberg) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea fibrosa Hultberg 1985]FT93
         |--D. heterospinosum (Matsuoka) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea heterospinosa Matsuoka 1983]FT93
         |--D. impages (Damassa) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea impages Damassa 1979]FT93
         `--D. manicatum (Damassa) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Danea manicata Damassa 1984]FT93

Damassadinium californicum (Drugg) Fensome, Taylor et al. 1993 [=Palmnickia californica Drugg 1967; incl. *Danea mutabilis Morgenroth 1968]FT93

Lingulodinium bergmannii (Archangelsky) Quattrocchio & Sarjeant 2003 [=Cleistosphaeridium bergmannii Archangelsky 1969, Downiesphaeridium bergmannii (Archangelsky) Quattrocchio & Sarjeant 1996, Operculodinium bergmannii (Archangelsky) Stover & Evitt 1978; incl. Impletosphaeridium charrieri Troncoso & Doubinger 1980, Solisphaeridium filamentosum Heisecke 1970, Operculodinium radiculatum Smith 1992]QS03

Lingulodinium polyedrum (Stein) Dodge 1989 [=Gonyaulax polyedra Stein 1883; incl. L. machaerophorum (Deflandre & Cookson 1955) Wall 1967]FT93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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