Female Criconema, photographed by Tom Powers.

Belongs within: Criconematina.
Contains: Macroposthonia, Criconemoides, Discocriconemella, Criconema, Crossonema, Lobocriconema, Ogma.

The Criconematoidea are a group of soil-dwelling nematodes in which the females are parasites of plant roots, while the free-living males do not feed as adults.

Criconematidae [Criconematoidea, Criconematoidi, Macroposthoniidae, Madinematidae, Ogmidae]S00
|--Macroposthoniinae [Criconemellinae, Madinematinae]S00
| |--MacroposthoniaS00
| |--CriconemoidesS00
| |--DiscocriconemellaS00
| |--Nothocriconemoides Maas, Loof & De Grisse 1971S00
| | |--*N. lineolatus Maas, Loof & De Grisse 1971S00
| | `--N. crenulatus Ivanova 1984S00
| `--Xenocriconemella De Grisse & Loof 1965S00
| |--*X. macrodorus (Taylor 1936) (see below for synonymy)S00
| `--X. degrissei Lübbers & Zell 1989S00
|--Criconematinae [Ogminae]S00
| |--CriconemaE86
| |--CrossonemaS00
| |--LobocriconemaS00
| |--OgmaS00
| |--Bakernema Wu 1964S00
| | |--B. inaequale (Taylor 1936) [=Criconema inaequale; incl. C. bakeri Wu 1964, *Bakernema bakeri]S00
| | `--B. dauniense Vovlas 1992S00
| |--Blandicephalanema Mehta & Raski 1971S00
| | |--*B. serratum Mehta & Raski 1971 (see below for synonymy)S00
| | |--B. bossi Reay 1992S00
| | `--B. pilatum Mehta & Raski 1971 [=Ogma (Blandicephalanema) pilatum]S00
| `--Neolobocriconema Mehta & Raski 1971 (see below for synonymy)S00
| |--*N. laterale (Khan & Siddiqi 1964) (see below for synonymy)S00
| |--N. allantoideum Eroshenko 1980 [=Ogma allantoideum]S00
| |--N. braziliense (Raski & Pinochet 1976) [=Merocriconema braziliense, Criconema braziliense]S00
| |--N. calvatum (Eroshenko 1981) [=Crossonemoides calvatus, Criconemella calvata, Mesocriconema calvatum]S00
| |--N. cataracticum Andrássy 1979 [=Ogma cataracticum, Paralobocriconema cataracticum]S00
| |--N. gariepense (Van den Berg 1996) [=Criconema gariepense]S00
| |--N. hirakuraense Minagawa 1986S00
| |--N. insulicum Choi & Geraert 1975 [=Ogma (Homogma) insulicum, Paralobocriconema insulicum]S00
| |--N. olearum Hashim 1984 [=Ogma olearum, Paralobocriconema olearum]S00
| |--N. palaniense Muthukrishnan 1987 [=Ogma palaniensis]S00
| |--N. pauciannulatum (Van den Berg 1992) [=Criconema pauciannulatum]S00
| `--N. regularis Rahmani, Jairajpuri & Ahmed 1986 [=Ogma regularis]S00
`--Hemicriconemoides Chitwood & Birchfield 1957 [incl. Iota Cobb 1913 non Saussure 1855; Hemicriconemoidinae]S00
|--*H. wessoni Chitwood & Birchfield 1957 (see below for synonymy)S00
|--H. affinis Germani & Luc 1970S00
|--H. alexis Vovlas 1980S00
|--H. amurensis Eroshenko & Volkova 1986S00
|--H. brachyurus (Loos 1949) (see below for synonymy)S00
|--H. brevicaudatus Dasgupta, Raski & Van Gundy 1969S00
|--H. californianus Pinochet & Raski 1975S00
|--H. camelliae Zhang 1998S00
|--H. capensis Van den Berg 1990S00
|--H. cedrusmontanus Van den berg & Meyer 1991S00
|--H. chitwoodi Esser 1960 [=Hemicycliophora chitwoodi]S00
|--H. cocophillus (Loos 1949) [=Criconemoides cocophillus, Hemicycliophora cocophilla]S00
|--H. conicaudatus Phukan & Sanwal 1983S00
|--H. coronatus Reay & Colbran 1986S00
|--H. digitatus Reay & Colbran 1986S00
|--H. fujianensis Zhang 1998S00
|--H. gabrici (Yeates 1973) [=Paratylenchus gabrici]S00
|--H. gaddi (Loos 1949) [=Criconemoides gaddi, Hemicycliophora gaddi]S00
|--H. ghaffari Maqbool 1982S00
|--H. insignis Dasgupta, Raski & Van Gupta 1969S00
|--H. kanayaensis Nakasono & Ichinohe 1961 [incl. H. ureshinoensis Yokoo 1963]S00
|--H. longistylus Rahman 1987S00
|--H. mangiferae Siddiqi 1961 (see below for synonymy)S00
|--H. mangiferus (Edward & Misra 1963) [=Criconema mangiferum; incl. H. communis Edward & Misra 1964]S00
|--H. mehdii Suryawanshi 1971S00
|--H. microdoratus Dasgupta, Raski & Van Gundy 1969S00
|--H. minor Brzeski & Reay 1982S00
|--H. minutus Esser 1960 [=Hemicycliophora minuta]S00
|--H. neobrachyurus Dhanachand & Jairajpuri 1980S00
|--H. nitidus Pinochet & Raski 1975S00
|--H. ortonwilliamsi Ye & Siddiqi 1994S00
|--H. parataiwanensis Decraemer & Geraert 1992S00
|--H. parvus Dasgupta, Raski & Van Gundy 1969S00
|--H. pseudobrachyurus De Grisse 1964S00
|--H. rotundus Ye & Siddiqi 1994S00
|--H. scottolamassesei Germani & Anderson 1991S00
|--H. silvaticus Eroshenko & Volkova 1985S00
|--H. sinensis Vovlas 1988S00
|--H. snoecki Doorsselaere & Samsoen 1982S00
|--H. squamosus (Cobb 1913) (n. d.) (see below for synonymy)S00
|--H. strictathecatus Esser 1960 [=Hemicycliophora strictathecata]S00
|--H. sunderbanensis Ganguly & Khan 1982S00
|--H. taiwanensis Pinochet & Raski 1975S00
|--H. variabilis Rahaman & Ahmad 1995S00
`--H. varionodus Choi & Geraert 1972S00

*Blandicephalanema serratum Mehta & Raski 1971 [=Ogma (Blandicephalanema) serratum non Criconema serratum Khan & Siddiqi 1963, O. mehrasi Siddiqi 1986]S00

Hemicriconemoides brachyurus (Loos 1949) [=Criconemoides brachyurus, Hemicycliophora brachyurus; incl. Hemicr. intermedius Dasgupta, Raski & Van Gundy 1969, Hemicr. promissus Vovlas 1980, Hemicr. sacchariae Heyns 1970]S00

Hemicriconemoides mangiferae Siddiqi 1961 [incl. H. aberrans Phukan & Sanwal 1983, H. birchfieldi Edward, Misra & Singh 1965, H. litchi Edward & Misra 1964]S00

Hemicriconemoides squamosus (Cobb 1913) (n. d.) [=Iota squamosa, Criconema squamosum, Hoplolaimus squamosus, Ogma squamosum]S00

*Hemicriconemoides wessoni Chitwood & Birchfield 1957 [=Hemicycliophora wessoni; incl. Hemicr. annulatus Pinochet & Raski 1975]S00

Neolobocriconema Mehta & Raski 1971 [incl. Crossonemoides Eroshenko 1981, Merocriconema Mehta & Raski 1971, Paralobocriconema Minagawa 1986]S00

*Neolobocriconema laterale (Khan & Siddiqi 1964) [=Criconema laterale, Criconemoides lateralis, Lobocriconema laterale, Ogma laterale, Paralobocriconema laterale]S00

*Xenocriconemella macrodorus (Taylor 1936) [=Criconemoides macrodorus, Criconemella macrodorus; incl. Criconema goffarti Volz 1951, Criconemella goffarti, Criconemoides goffarti, Criconemoides juniperi Edward & Misra 1964, Criconemella juniperi]S00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E86] Eder, R. 1986. Nematoda from continental subterranean aquatic habitats. In: Botosaneanu, L. (ed.) Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) pp. 125–132. E. J. Brill/Dr W. Backhuys: Leiden.

[S00] Siddiqi, M. R. 2000. Tylenchida: Parasites of plants and insects 2nd ed. CABI Publishing: Wallingford (UK).

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