Twelve-spotted asparagus beetle Crioceris duodecimpunctata, copyright Aimaina Hikari.

Belongs within: Criocerinae.

Crioceris is an Old World genus of leaf beetles with patterned elytra (Riley et al. 2002). The species C. asparagi and C. duodecimpunctata are significant pests on asparagus crops.

Characters (from Riley et al. 2002): Head with X-shaped groove between eyes; eyes emarginate near antennal insertions; prothorax feebly constricted near base, with sides arcuate; elytra with dark spots or pattern; tarsal claws separated, divergent from base to apex; pygidium not exposed; aedeagal tegmen Y-shaped, not forming ring around median lobe.

Crioceris Geoffroy 1762 (nom. cons.)RC02
|--C. (Crioceris)RC02
| |--C. (C.) asparagi (Linnaeus 1758)RC02
| `--C. (C.) duodecimpunctata (Linnaeus 1758)RC02
`--C. (Pseudolema Jacoby 1903)RC02

Crioceris incertae sedis:
C. clarkiJ89a
C. cyanellaR26
C. fuscomaculataB89
C. impressa [incl. C. castanea]B90
C. liliiC01
C. melanopaR26
C. merdigeraC01 [=Lema merdigeraL02]
C. nigripesB74
C. obliterataJ89b
C. quadrimaculataR26
C. quadripustulataJ89a
C. quatuordecimpunctataC01
C. recens Blackburn 1889B89
C. seminigra Jacoby 1889J89a
C. semipunctataJ89a
C. subpolitaB90
C. unicolorJ89a

*Type species of generic name indicated


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