Savi’s pygmy shrew Suncus etruscus, one of the smallest living mammals, photographed by Daniel Heuclin.

Belongs within: Soricidae.
Contains: Crocidura.

Suncus, the musk shrews, are found in southern Asia and Africa. One species, the house shrew Suncus murinus, has become widely dispersed through the Indo-Pacific region as a commensal of humans.

Crocidurinae [Crocidurini]B78
| i. s.: ‘Sorex’ dehmiB78
| |--S. d. dehmiB78
| `--S. d. africanus Lavocat 1961B78
| ‘Sorex’ pusilliformisB78
| Miosorex Kretzoi 1959V67
| `--M. grivensisB78
| Praesorex Thomas 1913V67
| Soricella Doben-Florin 1964V67
| `--S. discrepansB78
|--+--+--Solisorex Thomas 1924FS15, V67
| | | `--S. pearsoniIT07
| | `--+--‘Suncus’ malayanusFS15
| | `--+--‘Suncus’ madagascariensisFS15
| | `--+--+--‘Suncus’ etruscusFS15
| | | `--‘Suncus’ fellowesgordoniFS15
| | `--+--‘Suncus’ hoseiFS15
| | `--‘Suncus’ mertensiFS15
| `--+--CrociduraFS15
| `--Suncus Ehrenberg 1833FS15, V67 (see below for synonymy)
| |--S. dayiFS15
| `--+--S. stoliczkanus Anderson 1877FS15, P73
| | |--S. s. stoliczkanusP73
| | |--S. s. leucogenysP73
| | `--S. s. subfulvusP73
| `--+--S. montanusFS15
| `--S. murinus (Linné 1766)FS15, K92 [=Sorex murinaAS86]
| |--S. m. murinusB74
| `--S. m. tytleriB74
`--+--+--Feroculus Kelaart 1852FS15, V67
| | `--F. feroculusIT07
| `--+--+--‘Sylvisorex’ howelliFS15
| | `--‘Sylvisorex’ vulcanorumFS15
| `--+--‘Sylvisorex’ johnstoniFS15
| `--‘Sylvisorex’ lunarisFS15
`--+--+--+--‘Suncus’ infinitesimus (Heller 1912)FS15, AS86 [=Pachyura infinitesimaAS86; incl. S. chriseosB78]
| | `--‘Suncus’ remyiFS15
| `--+--+--‘Suncus’ varillaFS15 [incl. S. orangiaeB78]
| | `--‘Suncus’ zeylanicusFS15
| `--+--‘Suncus’ aequatorius (Heller 1912)FS15, AS86 [=Pachyura lixus aequatoriaAS86, S. lixus aequatoriusAS86]
| `--+--‘Suncus’ aterFS15
| `--‘Suncus’ lixusFS15
`--+--+--‘Suncus’ megaluraFS15
| `--Ruwenzorisorex suncoidesFS15
`--+--Scutisorex Thomas 1913FS15, V67 [Scutisoricini]
| `--S. somereniIT07
`--Sylvisorex Thomas 1904FS15, V67
| i. s.: S. megaluraB78
| |--S. m. megaluraAS86
| `--S. m. gemmeus Heller 1910 [incl. S. sorelloides Lonnberg 1912]AS86
|--+--S. konganensisFS15
| `--+--S. isabellaeFS15
| `--S. morioFS15
`--+--+--S. camerunensisFS15
| `--S. grantiFS15
| |--S. g. grantiAS86
| `--S. g. mundus Osgood 1910AS86
`--+--S. oriundusFS15
`--+--S. ollulaFS15
`--S. pluvialisFS15

Suncus Ehrenberg 1833FS15, V67 [=Sunkus Sundevall 1843V67; incl. Pachyura Sélys Longchamps 1839V67, Paradoxodon Wagler 1855V67, Plerodus Schulze 1897V67]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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