Crotonia pulchra, copyright Dept of Animal Taxonomy and Ecology, Adam Mickiewicz University.

Belongs within: Crotoniidae.

Crotonia is a mostly Southern Hemisphere genus of relatively large mites found arboreally and among leaf litter. Colloff (1990) referred to six species groups within the genus of which the C. caudalis, C. nukuhivae and C. unguifera groups are restricted to New Zealand and islands of the Pacific whereas the other groups are more widespread on ex-Gondwanan continents.

    |--Austronothrus Hammer 1966C10a, S04
    |    `--*A. curviseta Hammer 1966S04
    |--Holonothrus Wallwork 1963C10a, S04 [Holonothridae]
    |    |--*H. foliatus Wallwork 1963S04
    |    |--H. artus Olszanowski 1999S04
    |    |--H. concavus Wallwork 1966S04
    |    |--H. gracilis Olszanowski 1997S04
    |    |--H. mitis Olszanowski 1991S04
    |    |--H. naskreckii Olszanowski 1997S04
    |    |--H. nortoni Olszanowski 1999S04
    |    |--H. novaecaledoniae Olszanowski 1997S04
    |    |--H. papua Balogh & Balogh 1986S04
    |    |--H. pulcher Hammer 1966S04
    |    |--H. robustus Olszanowski 1991S04
    |    |--H. venetiolanus Olszanowski 1999S04
    |    `--H. virungensis Norton & Olszanowski 1989S04
    `--Crotonia Thorell 1876 (see below for synonymy)S04
         |  i. s.: C. alluaudi (Berlese 1916)C90 [=Nothrus (Acronothrus) allaudiS04]
         |         C. americana (Berlese 1901) [=Neoliodes americanus]S04
         |         C. brassicae Wallwork 1977S04
         |         C. brevicornuta (Wallwork 1966) [=Acronothrus brevicornutus]S04
         |         C. camelus (Berlese 1910) [=Nothrus camelus]S04
         |         C. chiloensis Wallwork 1977S04
         |         C. cupulata Luxton 1982S04
         |         C. flagellata (Balogh & Csiszár 1966) [=Acronothrus flagellatus]S04
         |         C. lanceolata Wallwork 1977S04
         |         C. longibulbula Luxton 1982S04
         |         C. macfadyeni Colloff 2009C10b
         |         C. marlenae Olszanowski 1977S04
         |         C. ovata Olszanowski 2000S04
         |         C. perforata Wallwork 1977S04
         |         C. pulchra (Beck 1962) [=Acronothrus pulcher]S04
         |         C. ramus (Womersley 1956) [=Acronothrus ramus]CH98
         |         C. reticulata Luxton 1982S04
         |         C. rothschildi (Berlese 1916) [=Nothrus (Acronothrus) rothschildi]S04
         |         C. tasmanica Łochyńska 2008C10a
         |         C. tryjanowskii Olszanowski 2000S04
         |         C. tuberculata Luxton 1982S04
         |--*C. obtecta (Pickard-Cambridge 1875)S04, C90, S04 [=*Westwoodia obtectaCH98]
         |--C. caudalis (Hammer 1966)C90, S04 [=Acronothrus caudalisS04]
         |--C. raveni Colloff 2010C10a
         |--C. borbora groupC10a
         |    |--C. borbora Luxton 1987S04
         |    `--C. sterigma Colloff 2010C10a
         |--C. capistrata groupC90
         |    |--C. alpina Colloff & Perdomo 2009C10a
         |    |--C. ardala Luxton 1987C10a
         |    |--C. brisbanensis Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. capistrata Luxton 1987S04
         |    |--C. cornuta Colloff & Perdomo 2009C10a
         |    |--C. daviesae Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. dicella Colloff 1990C90
         |    |--C. ecphyla Colloff 1990C90
         |    |--C. gorgonia Colloff 2010C10b
         |    |--C. maculata Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. monteithi Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. pyemaireneri Colloff 2009C10b
         |    |--C. victoriae Colloff & Perdomo 2009C10a
         |    `--C. weiri Colloff 2010C10a
         |--C. cophinaria groupC90
         |    |--C. brachyrostrum (Hammer 1966)C10b [=Acronothrus brachyrostrumS04]
         |    |--C. cameroni Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. cophinaria (Michael 1908)S04 [=Nothrus (*Acronothrus) cophinariusCH98]
         |    |--C. eungella Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. gadubanudi Colloff & Perdomo 2009C10b
         |    |--C. jethurmerae Lee 1985C90, S04
         |    |--C. lyrata Colloff 1990C90
         |    |--C. momitoi Colloff & Perdomo 2009C10b
         |    |--C. norfolkensis Colloff 2010C10b
         |    |--C. pauropelor Colloff 1990C90
         |    |--C. queenslandiae Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. seemani Colloff 2010C10a
         |    |--C. wallworki Colloff 2009C10b
         |    `--C. yeatesi Colloff 2010C10b
         `--C. unguifera groupC10b
              |--C. carioca Colloff 2009C10b
              |--C. cervicorna Luxton 1982C10b
              |--C. longisetosa Lochyńska 2008C10b
              |--C. melanesiae Wallwork 1977C10b
              |--C. nukuhivae (Jacot 1935)C10b [=Acronothrus nukuhivaeS04; incl. A. nukuhivae hivaoae Jacot 1934S04]
              |--C. unguifera (Michael 1908) [=Nothrus unguifer]S04
              `--C. utricularia Colloff 2010C10b

Crotonia Thorell 1876 [=Westwoodia Cambridge 1875 nec Brullé 1846 nec Bate 1857 nec Robineau-Desvoidy 1863; incl. Acronothrus Berlese 1916]S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[C10b] Colloff, M. J. 2010b. New species of Crotonia (Acari: Oribatida: Crotoniidae) from Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands: further evidence of long-distance dispersal events in the biogeography of a genus of Gondwanan relict oribatid mites. Zootaxa 2650: 1–18.

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