Mountain saucer-flower Crusea diversifolia, copyright Sue Carnahan.

Belongs within: Spermacoceae.

Crusea, saucer flowers, is a genus of small annual plants found in southern North America.

|--C. coronataF79
`--+--+--C. coccineaF79
| | |--C. c. var. brevilobaF79
| | `--+--C. c. var. coccineaF79
| | `--C. c. var. chiriquensisF79
| `--C. megalocarpaF79
`--+--C. diversifoliaF79
`--+--C. lucidaF79
`--+--C. parvifoliaF79
|--C. psyllioidesF79
`--+--C. calcicolaF79
|--C. setosaF79
`--+--C. wrightiiF79
`--+--C. longifloraF79
`--+--C. ‘wrightii var. angustifoliaF79
`--+--C. calocephalaF79
`--C. hispidaF79
|--C. h. var. hispidaF79
`--C. h. var. grandifloraF79

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F79] Farris, J. S. 1979. Review: Cladistics and Plant Systematics. Systematic Zoology 28 (3): 400–411.

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