Goryphus basilaris, from here.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.
Contains: Gotra.

The Cryptini are a group of mostly medium-sized or large ichneumon wasps with a single bulla in forewing vein 2m-cu and without complete propodeal areolation. They have been divided between numerous subtribes but these are poorly defined and of questionable validity (Gauld 1984).

<==Cryptini [Mesostenini]G84
    |    |--Lorio Cheesman 1936G84
    |    |    `--*L. austerus [=Mesostenus austerus]G84
    |    |--Aprix Townes 1961G84
    |    |    `--*A. nutatoria (Fabricius 1775) [=Ichneumon nutatorius]G84
    |    `--Cremnocryptus Cushman 1945G84
    |         |--*C. spiniferus [=Polyaenus spiniferus]G84
    |         `--C. arrogansG84
    |--Ceratomansa Cushman 1922 [Baryceratina]G84
    |    |--*C. prima Cushman 1922G84
    |    `--C. spinifrons (Brullé 1846) [=Mesostenus spinifrons; incl. C. curvilineata]G84
    |    |--OsprynchotusBM76
    |    |--Iaria Cheesman 1936G84
    |    |    |--*I. palata [=Mesostenus palatus]G84
    |    |    `--I. papiliomaculata [incl. I. veitchi]G84
    |    `--Stenarella Szépligeti 1916 [incl. Orientostenaraeus Uchida 1930, Parasilsila Cheesman 1936]G84
    |         |--*S. gladiator [=Ichneumon gladiator]G84
    |         |--‘Mesostenus’ insidiator [incl. *Orientostenaraeus chinensis Uchida 1930]G84
    |         `--S. victoriae [=Mesostenus victoriae; incl. *Parasilsila trilineata Cheesman 1936]G84
    |    |--Gabunia togoensisQLB05
    |    |--Eurycryptus Cameron 1901 [incl. Alriada Cameron 1911, Didiaspis Seyrig 1952, Neotorbda Uchida 1932]G84
    |    |    |--*E. laticeps Cameron 1901G84
    |    |    |--*Didiaspis’ fondamentalis Seyrig 1952G84
    |    |    |--‘Torbda (*Neotorbda)’ sakaguchii Uchida 1932G84
    |    |    `--*Alriada’ spilocephala Cameron 1911G84
    |    `--Xanthocryptus Cameron 1901 [incl. Lorentzia Cameron 1911 non Cossman 1908]G84
    |         |--*X. robustus Cameron 1901G84
    |         |--*Lorentzia’ flavomaculata Cameron 1911G84
    |         |--X. lugubrisG84
    |         `--X. novozealandicus [=Arhytis novozealandicus; incl. X. albopictus]G84
    |    |--Xylostenus Gauld 1984G84
    |    |    `--*X. curtus Gauld 1984G84
    |    |--Nebostenus Gauld 1984G84
    |    |    |--*N. crypticus Gauld 1984G84
    |    |    `--N. terebratus Gauld 1984G84
    |    |--Glabridorsum Townes 1970G84
    |    |    `--*G. stokesii [=Gambrus stokesii]G84
    |    |--Myrmeleonostenus Uchida 1936G84
    |    |    `--*M. babai Uchida 1936G84
    |    |--Ischnus Gravenhorst 1892 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |    |--‘Ichneumon’ inquisitorius (see below for synonymy)G84
    |    |    |--‘Habrocryptus’ assertoriusMS01
    |    |    |--*Aglaocryptus’ curvimaculatus Cameron 1903G84
    |    |    |--I. migratorP93
    |    |    `--I. nigricollisMS01
    |    `--Anacis Porter 1967 [incl. Baeocryptus Porter 1967, Dochmidium Porter 1967]G84
    |         |--*A. festiva Porter 1967G84
    |         |--*Dochmidium’ camponotus Porter 1967G84
    |         |--A. exulG84
    |         `--‘Ichneumon (Cryptus)’ rubripes [=*Baeocryptus rubripes]G84
    |    |--Syntrips Gauld 1984G84
    |    |    `--*S. maculatus Gauld 1984G84
    |    |--Euchalinus Townes 1961G84
    |    |    `--*E. balteatus [=Skeatia balteata]G84
    |    |--Listrognathus (Suvalta Cameron 1903) [incl. Stivadens Townes 1961]G84
    |    |    |--L. (*S.) rugifrons (Cameron 1903) [=*Suvalta rugifrons]G84
    |    |    `--L. (S.) annulipes [=L. (*Stivadens) annulipes]G84
    |    `--Goryphus Holmgren 1868 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |         |--*G. basilaris Holmgren 1868G84
    |         |--*Psacus’ areolaris Holmgren 1868G84
    |         |--*Brachycoryphus’ calabaricus Kriechbaumer 1894G84
    |         |--*Miramilia’ communis Seyrig 1952G84
    |         |--*Scenopathus’ ferrugineus Enderlein 1918G84
    |         |--G. flavocinctusG84
    |         |--*Cratocryptus’ maculiceps Cameron 1905 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |         |--*Filistina’ maculipennis Cameron 1902G84
    |         `--G. turneriG84
         |--Junctivena Gauld 1984G84
         |    `--*J. gallowayi Gauld 1984G84
         |--Paranacis Gauld 1984G84
         |    `--*P. brunnea Gauld 1984G84
         |--Tomagotra Gauld 1984G84
         |    `--*T. roddi Gauld 1984G84
         |--Diloa Cheesman 1936G84
         |    |--*D. pudens [=Mesostenus pudens]G84
         |    `--D. antipodialisG84
         |--Mesostenus Gravenhorst 1829 [=Stenaraeus Thomson 1896; incl. Derocentrus Cushman 1919, Umlina Cameron 1902]G84
         |    |--*M. transfuga Gravenhorst 1829 [=*Stenaraeus transfuga]G84
         |    |--M. longicaudis [incl. Coleocentrus texanus, *Derocentrus texanus]G84
         |    |--*Umlima’ penetralis Cameron 1902G84
         |    |--M. physoscelusG84
         |    `--M. zarathaeG17
         `--Stiromesostenus Cameron 1911 [incl. Erythromesostenus Cameron 1911]G84
              |--*S. xanthostomus Cameron 1911G84
              |--S. albiorbitalisG84
              `--S. rufus (Cameron 1911) [=*Erythromesostenus rufus]G84
Cryptini incertae sedis:
  ‘Poecilocryptus’ Kriechbaumer 1901 non Cameron 1901G84
  *Buodias ruficoxisG84
  Hackerocryptus Gauld 1984G84
    `--*H. dentatus Gauld 1984G84
  Neaprix Gauld 1984G84
    `--*N. insolens Gauld 1984G84
  Takastenus Uchida 1931G84
    `--*T. longidentatus Uchida 1931G84
  Arhytis Townes 1970G84
    `--*A. maculiscutis [=Echthrus maculiscutis]G84
  Allophatnus Cameron 1905 [incl. Phaedraspis Cameron 1906, Stictocryptus Cameron 1907]G84
    |--*A. fulvipes Cameron 1905G84
    `--A. fulvitergus (see below for synonymy)G84
  Gambroides Betrem 1941 [incl. Vadonina Seyrig 1952]G84
    |--*G. javensis [=Eripternimorpha javensis]G84
    `--*Vadonina’ nimbipennis Seyrig 1952G84
  Irabatha Cameron 1906G84
    |--I. albispina Cameron 1906G84
    `--I. cairnsensisG84
  Lophoglutus Gauld 1984G84
    |--*L. bouceki Gauld 1984G84
    `--L. monticolusG84
  Necolio Cheesman 1936 [incl. Afrocryptus Seyrig 1952]G84
    |--*N. jugosus Cheesman 1936G84
    `--*Afrocryptus’ imperialis Seyrig 1952G84
  Thelodon Townes 1961G84
    |--*T. spilonotus [=Silsila spilonota]G84
    `--T. elongatus [incl. T. papuensis]G84
  Arthula Cameron 1900 [incl. Kuniocryptus Sonan 1937, Orientocryptus Uchida 1931]G84
    |--*A. brunneocornis Cameron 1900G84
    |--‘Orientocryptus’ flavofasciatus [=*Kuniocryptus flavofasciatus]G84
    `--*Orientocryptus’ formosanus Uchida 1931G84
  Ateleute Foerster 1869 (see below for synonymy)G84
    |--*A. linearis Foerster 1869G84
    |--*Ptychostenus’ minusculae Uchida 1955G84
    |--*Talorga’ spinipes Cameron 1911G84
    `--*Tsirirella’ tsiriria Seyrig 1852G84
  Cryptus Fabricius 1804 (nom. cons.)G84
    |--C. annulicornis Lucas 1849E12
    |--C. armatus Lucas 1849E12
    |--C. bicolor Lucas 1849E12
    |--C. incubitorMS01
    |--C. levaillantii Lucas 1849E12
    |--C. moschator [=Ichneumon (Cryptus) moschator]G20
    |--C. murorumMS01
    `--C. viduatoriusMS01

Allophatnus fulvitergus [=Cryptus fulvitergus; incl. *Phaedraspis rufobalteata Cameron 1906, *Stictocryptus testaceus Cameron 1907]G84

Ateleute Foerster 1869 [=Ateleuta Schulz 1906; incl. Psychostenus Uchida 1955, Talorga Cameron 1911, Tsirirella Seyrig 1952]G84

*Cratocryptus’ maculiceps Cameron 1905 [=*Cratocryptodes maculiceps, *Cratocryptoides maculiceps, *Loiada maculiceps]G84

Goryphus Holmgren 1868 [incl. Brachycoryphus Kriechbaumer 1894, Cratocryptodes Schulz 1906, Cratocryptoides Schmiedeknecht 1908, Cratocryptus Cameron 1905 non Thomson 1873, Filistina Cameron 1902, Loiada Cameron 1905, Miramilia Seyrig 1952, Psacus Holmgren 1868 non Pascoe 1866, Scenopathus Enderlein 1918]G84

‘Ichneumon’ inquisitorius [incl. Ic. porrectorius, *Habrocryptus porrectorius, *Ischnus porrectorius, *Erythrocryptus rufus Cameron 1905]G84

Ischnus Gravenhorst 1892 [=Habrocryptus Thomson 1873; incl. Aglaocryptus Cameron 1903, Erythrocryptus Cameron 1905]G84

*Type species of generic name indicated


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