Poplar and willow borer Cryptorhynchus lapathi, copyright Macro Owadziarnia.

Belongs within: Cryptorhynchina.

Cryptorhynchus is a genus of weevils often associated with dead or dying trees (Anderson 2002).

Characters (from Anderson 2002): Pronotum not produced over head, head visible in dorsal view; rostrum more or less evenly curved; mandible prominent when closed, with obvious acute tooth on inner margin, angle between basal and apical cusps acute; antenna with funicle of seven articles; eyes moderately separated by slightly less than width of rostrum at base, only partially covered by postocular lobes when rostrum is in repose; elytra with intervals of more or less equal height, although alternate intervals 3, 5 and 7 may possess patches of suberect or erect broad scales giving an elevated appearance; hind femur with ventral margin simple or with one or two separate acute teeth; hind tibia with apical comb of stout setae; tarsi with claws separate, not connate at base.

Cryptorhynchus Illiger 1807 (see below for synonymy)A02
|--*C. lapathi (Linnaeus 1758)M78, D09
|--C. albicollis Germ. 1848M86
|--C. antares Erichs. 1842M86
|--C. apicalis Boisduval 1835B35
|--C. australis Boisduval 1835M86
|--‘Calandra’ bituberculataB35
|--C. capucinus Chv. 1880FS90
|--C. cariosus Erichs. 1842M86
|--C. cingillum Gyll. 1837 [=C. cingulum]FS90
|--C. claviger (Chv. 1880) [=Coelosternus claviger]FS90
|--C. clericus Chv. 1880FS90
|--C. corticalis Boh. 1837FS90
|--‘Calandra’ cruciataB35
|--C. decemguttatus Chv. 1880FS90
|--C. dentatus Chv. 1880FS90
|--C. dromedarius Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35
|--C. ephippiger Boisduval 1835M86
|--C. femoralis Erichs. 1842M86
|--C. fuliginosus Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35
|--C. fuscatus LeConte 1876A02
|--C. guadelupensis Rosensch. 1837 [=C. guadulpensis; incl. C. graphonotus]FS90
|--C. helvus LeConte 1878A02
|--C. hurdi Zimmerman 1971P92
|--C. infernalis (Chv. 1880) [=Coelosternus infernalis]FS90
|--C. insularis Rosensch. 1837 [incl. C. maculicollis, C. semicarinatus]FS90
|--C. lithodermus Boisduval 1835M86
|--C. longimanus Bohem. 1859M86
|--‘Rhynchaenus’ luridusB35
|--C. mangiferae [=Rhynchaenus mangiferae]B35
|--‘Rhynchaenus’ meditabundusB35
|--C. minutissimus LeConte 1876A02
|--C. moestusM86 [=Curculio modestusB35]
|--C. monachus Dejean in Boisduval 1835B35
|--C. nodulosus Chv. 1880FS90
|--C. pericarpius (Linnaeus 1758)G20, L58 [=Curculio pericarpiusG20]
|--C. quadrifoveatus Chv. 1880 [incl. C. pallidicornis Chv. 1880]FS90
|--C. quadripunctatus Chv. 1880FS90
|--C. sexcostatus (Chv. 1880) [=Rhyssomatus sexcostatus; incl. R. fasciatus Chv. 1880]FS90
|--C. sirius Erichs. 1842M86
|--C. stigmaticus Pascoe 1870M86
|--‘Rhynchaenus’ strepidusB35
|--C. succisus Erichs. 1842M86
|--C. teter Boisduval 1835M86
`--C. vacillatus Boh. 1837 (see below for synonymy)FS90

Cryptorhynchus Illiger 1807 [=Cryptorrhynchus Bedel 1884; incl. Arachnipes Villa & Villa 1833, Atrichopsis Voss 1954, Cryptorhynchidius Pierce 1919, Cryptorrhynchobius Voss 1965]A02

Cryptorhynchus vacillatus Boh. 1837 [incl. C. vacillatus var. delumbatus Rosensch. 1837, Euscepes fur Chv. 1880, C. latio, Acalles leporinus Chv. 1879, C. vacillatus var. leporinus, Euscepes ornatipennis Chv. 1879, C. vacillatus var. ornatipennis]FS90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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