Dash gobies Ctenogobius saepepallens, copyright Craig J. Howe.

Belongs within: Gobionellidae.

Ctenogobius is an Indo-Pacific genus of gobies characterised by an absence of median predorsal scales (Smith 1960).

Characters (from Smith 1960): 25–35 scales; few on side of nape, none median predorsal on head. Canines in males. Tongue truncate or bilobed. Gill opening barely exceeds pectoral base. Pelvic fraenum strong. 7–12 dorsal and 7–11 anal soft rays. Caudal more or less than head.

<==Ctenogobius Gill 1858S60 [incl. Aparrius Jordan & Richardson 1908JR10]
    |--*C. fasciatus Gill 1858S59 [=Gobius fasciatusF16]
    |--C. acutipennis (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1837)S60 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. aterrimus (Herre 1931) [=Rhinogobius aterrimus]M58
    |--C. cloatus Smith 1960S60
    |--C. grammatogaster Blkr. 1875S59
    |--C. keiensis (Smith 1938) [=Gobius keiensis]S60
    |--C. key (Smith 1947) [=Gobius key]S60
    |--‘Aparrius’ moloanus Herre 1927H27
    |--C. nebulosus (Forskal 1775)S60 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. nocturnus Smith 1956S59
    |--C. pavidus Smith 1959S59
    |--C. saepepallensT09
    `--C. suluensis (Herre 1927) [=Rhinogobius suluensis]M58

Ctenogobius acutipennis (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1837)S60 [=Gobius acutipennisS60, *Aparrius acutipinnisJR10, G. (Acentrogobius) acutipinnisJR10, Oligolepis acutipinnisS59; incl. Rhinogobius ocyurus Jordan & Richardson 1908H27]

Ctenogobius nebulosus (Forskal 1775)S60 [=Gobius nebulosusS60, Rhinogobius nebulosusH27; incl. Ctenogobius caninus africanus Plyfr. 1866S59, C. auchenotaenia Blkr. 1875S59, C. brevifilis Val. 1837S59, Gobius criniger Barnard 1927S60, C. crinigerH27, Rhinogobius crinigerH27, C. criniger decaryi Pellegrin 1932S59, R. lungi Jordan & Seale 1907H27, C. petersii Steindachner 1866S59]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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