Smicrips texana, copyright Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Coleoptera.
Contains: Monotomidae, Nitidulidae, Xenoscelinae, Pharaxonothinae, Erotylinae, Cryptophilinae, Languriinae, Loberinae, Sphindidae, Cryptophagidae, Cucujidae, Silvanidae, Phalacridae, Laemophloeidae, Passandridae.

The Cucujoidea are an assemblage of beetles characterised by the presence of a ring-type (cucujoid) aedeagus in the male and a more or less cylindrical, pygopod-like tenth abdominal segment in the larva. Larvae also usually have a mandible with a prostheca and an often falcate mala, and may have six stemmata (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

Cucujoids include a number of fungus-feeding beetle families such as the Erotylidae and Cryptophagidae. The Erotylidae also include a number of plant-feeding species that were previously treated as a separate family Languriidae. Synapomorphies of this broader Erotylidae include the presence of subocular glandular ducts, a supraocular line, smooth pronotal carina, a trochantinal notch, and mesocoxal cavities laterally closed by the metaventrite, though all but the last character are modified in some subgroups (Leschen 2003).

The Hobartiidae are a family of oblong, pubescent fungus-feeding beetles found in Australia and South America, closely related to the pollen-feeding Boganiidae of Australia and southern Africa. Members of these latter two families possess dorsal tubercles on the mandible that fit against lateral cavities on the clypeus (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

The palmetto beetles of the genus Smicrips are a Neotropical group of tiny beetles associated with vegetation, particularly with palms (Bouchard 2014). The Helotidae are commonly found feeding on flowers and fruits with members of the genus Helota associated with decaying and fermenting substrates (Bouchard 2014). Ericmodes is a genus of elongate, somewhat flattened beetles with a covering of stout, decumbent setae and deep window punctures on the elytra, found in Australia and southern South America (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

Cyclaxyra is a small New Zealand genus of convex beetles with setae-lined foveae in the epipleuron that are often filled with wax (Bouchard 2014). Myrabolia species are elongate, flattened, pubescent beetles with a stridulatory file on the vertex (Lawrence & Britton 1991).

<==Cucujoidea [Clavicornia, Cucujides, Erotilenae, Silvanides, Trimera]
    |  i. s.: TasmosalpingusB14 [TasmosalpingidaeMW15, Tasmosalpinginae]
    |           `--T. quadrispilotus Lea 1919B14
    |         Cybocephalus Erichson 1844Ha02 (see below for synonymy)
    |         Lamingtonium [Lamingtoniidae]L03
    |           |--L. binnaburenseL03
    |           |--L. loebli Lawrence & Leschen 2003B14
    |           `--L. thayeraeL03
    |         Sinisilvana Hong 2002 [Sinisilvanidae]Ho02
    |           `--*S. fushunensis Hong 2002Ho02
    |  |  `--+--Smicrips LeConte 1878P02 (see below for synonymy)
    |  |     |    |--‘Tisiphone’ hypocoproides Reitter 1876 [incl. *Smicrips palmicola LeConte 1878]P02
    |  |     |    |--S. chontalenaP02
    |  |     |    |--S. distansP02
    |  |     |    |--S. exilisP02 [incl. Tisiphone nitiduloides Reitter 1876P02, FS90]
    |  |     |    |--S. mexicanaP02
    |  |     |    `--S. texana (Casey 1916) [=Tisiphone texana]P02
    |  |     `--NitidulidaeRS15
    |  `--+--Erotylidae [Dacnidae, Engidae, Engididae, Languriidae]MW15
    |     |    |  i. s.: Hedista [Triplacinae]LB91
    |     |    |         Triplatoma gestroiG01
    |     |    |         Iphiclus sedicimmaculatusRS15
    |     |    |--XenoscelinaeL03
    |     |    `--+--PharaxonothinaeL03
    |     |       `--+--+--ErotylinaeL03
    |     |          |  `--CryptophilinaeL03
    |     |          `--+--LanguriinaeL03
    |     |             `--LoberinaeL03
    |     `--+--HelotidaeRS15
    |        |    |--NeohelotaB14
    |        |    `--HelotaMW15
    |        |         |--H. fulviventris Kolbe 1886B14
    |        |         |--H. gemmataB14
    |        |         `--H. gorhamiB14
    |        `--+--SphindidaeRS15
    |           `--EricmodesMW15 [incl. ProtocucujusB74; ProtocucujidaeMW15]
    |                |--E. australis Grouv. 1893M96
    |                |--E. fuscitarsis Reitter 1878B14
    |                |--E. nigrisB14
    |                `--E. sylvaticusMW15
       |  |    |--Hydnobioides pubescensB14, LB91
       |  |    `--Hobartius [Hobartiinae]B14
       |  |         |--H. chilensis Tomaszewska & Ślipiński 1995B14
       |  |         `--H. tasmanicusLB91
       |  `--BoganiidaeRS15
       |       |  i. s.: AthertoniumLB91
       |       |--+--BoganiumB98
       |       |  `--AfroboganiumB98
       |       `--ParacucujinaeMW15
       |            |--Metacucujus encephalartiCN91, B98
       |            `--Paracucujus rostratus Sen Gupta & Crowson 1966MW15, B14
          `--+--+--+--+--Agapytho [Agapythidae]RS15
             |  |  |  |    `--A. foveicollis Broun 1921B14
             |  |  |  `--Priasilphidae [Priasilphinae]RS15
             |  |  |       |--Priastichus tasmanicus Crowson 1973MW15, B14
             |  |  |       |--ChileosilphaB14
             |  |  |       `--PriasilphaMW15
             |  |  |            |--P. angulata Leschen, Lawrence & Ślipiński 2005B14
             |  |  |            `--P. obscuraMW15
             |  |  `--+--Phloeostichidae [Hymaeinae]RS15
             |  |     |    |--RhopalobrachiumLB91
             |  |     |    `--HymaeaMW15
             |  |     |         |--H. laticollis Carter 1908C08
             |  |     |         |--H. magnaMW15
             |  |     |         `--H. succinifera Pascoe 1869M86
             |  |     `--CavognathidaeRS15
             |  |          |--Taphropiestes pullivora (Crowson 1964)B14
             |  |          |--Cavognatha pullivoraMW15, LB91
             |  |          |--NeocercusLB91
             |  |          `--ZeonidicolaE02
             |  |               |--Z. chathamensis Watt 1980E02
             |  |               `--Z. dumbletoniiLB91
             |  `--+--CucujidaeRS15
             |     `--SilvanidaeRS15
             `--+--+--Cyclaxyra [Cyclaxyridae]RS15
                |  |    |--C. jelineki Gimmel, Leschen & Ślipiński 2009B14
                |  |    `--C. politulaMW15
                |  `--Myrabolia [Myraboliidae, Myraboliinae]RS15
                |       |--M. brevicornis (Erichson 1842) [=Silvanus brevicornis]H73
                |       |--M. grouvellianaL03
                |       |--M. haroldianaM96
                |       |--M. lindensis Blackb. 1892M96
                |       `--M. parva Blackb. 1892M96
                   |  `--LaemophloeidaeMW15

Cybocephalus Erichson 1844Ha02 [incl. Acribus Waterhouse 1877Ha02, Phantozomerus duVal 1854Ha02, Stegnomorpha Wollaston 1854Ha02; CybocephalidaeMW15, Cybocephalinae]

Smicrips LeConte 1878P02 [incl. Tisiphone Reitter 1876 non Hübner 1819P02; SmicripidaeRS15, Smicripinae, Smicripini, Tisiphoninae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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