Mediterranean cypress Cupressus sempervirens var. horizontalis, copyright Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz.

Belongs within: Cupressaceae.
Contains: Juniperus.

The Cupressoideae are a primarily Northern Hemisphere clade of conifers supported by molecular data.

<==Cupressoideae [Cupressinae]MM12
    |--+--Thujopsis dolabrataMM12 [=Thuja dolabrataLO98]
    |  `--ThujaMM12
    |       |  i. s.: T. articulataS99
    |       |         T. ehrenswaerdiMM12
    |       |         T. orientalisMH98 [=Biota orientalisLO98]
    |       |         T. polarisMM12
    |       |         T. sutchuenensisMM12
    |       |--+--T. koraiensisMM12
    |       |  `--T. plicataMM12
    |       `--+--T. occidentalisMM12
    |          `--T. standishiiMM12 [=Thuyopsis standishiiLO98; incl. Thuyopsis sauarrosaLO98]
       |    |  i. s.: C. corpulentaMM12
       |    |         C. salinarumMM12
       |    |--+--C. thyoidesMM12
       |    |  `--+--C. formosensisMM12
       |    |     `--C. pisiferaMM12
       |    `--+--+--C. lawsonianaMM12 [=Cupressus lawsonianaH93]
       |       |  `--C. obtusaMM12
       |       `--FokieniaMM12
       |            |--F. hodginsiiMM12
       |            `--F. ravenscragensisMM12
          |  |    |--C. decurrensMM12
          |  |    |--C. macrolepisMM12
          |  |    `--C. suleticensisMM12
          |  `--+--+--Platycladus orientalisMM12
          |     |  `--Microbiota decussataMM12
          |     `--TetraclinisMM12
          |          |--T. articulataMM12
          |          |--T. brachyodonJD05
          |          `--T. salicornioidesMM12
          |               |--T. s. var. salicornioidesMM12
          |               `--T. s. var. praedecurrensMM12
             |  `--+--Xanthocyparis vietnamensisMM12
             |     `--+--Callitropsis nootkatensisMM12 [=Cupressus nootkatensisH93, Chamaecyparis nootkatensisMM12]
             |        `--HesperocyparisMM12
             |             |--H. bakeriMM12
             |             `--+--H. macnabianaMM12
             |                |--+--H. forbesiiMM12
             |                |  |--H. glabraMM12
             |                |  |--H. lusitanicaMM12
             |                |  |--H. montanaMM12
             |                |  `--H. stephensoniiMM12
             |                `--+--H. macrocarpaMM12
             |                   |--H. sargentiiMM12
             |                   `--+--H. abramsianaMM12
             |                      `--+--H. arizonicaMM12
             |                         `--H. govenianaMM12
                  |  i. s.: C. abramsianaH93
                  |         C. arizonicaR-CT01
                  |           |--C. a. ssp. arizonica (see below for synonymy)H93
                  |           `--C. a. ssp. nevadensisH93
                  |         C. bakeri [incl. C. bakeri ssp. matthewsii]H93
                  |         C. forbesiiBT72
                  |         C. govenianaH93
                  |           |--C. g. ssp. govenianaH93
                  |           `--C. g. ssp. pigmaea [=C. pygmaea]H93
                  |         C. guadelupensisRJ11
                  |         C. lignum-vitaeT-W89
                  |         C. lusitanicaGP05
                  |         C. macnabianaH93
                  |         C. macrocarpaE02
                  |         C. sargentiiH93
                  |--C. funebrisMM12
                  `--+--+--C. chengianaMM12
                     |  `--C. jiangeensisMM12
                     `--+--C. giganteaMM12
                        |--+--C. cashmerianaMM12
                        |  `--C. torulosaMM12
                        `--+--C. duclouxianaMM12
                           `--+--C. atlanticaMM12
                              `--C. sempervirens Linnaeus 1753MM12, CD07
                                   |--C. s. var. sempervirensY98
                                   `--C. s. var. horizontalisY98

Cupressus arizonica ssp. arizonica [incl. C. arizonica var. glabra, C. arizonica var. revealiana, C. stephensonii]H93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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