Common yew Taxus baccata, copyright Sitomon.

Belongs within: Coniferophyta.
Contains: Araucariaceae, Podocarpaceae, Cupressaceae.

The Cupressophyta are a clade of plants including all living conifers excluding Pinaceae. They were defined by Cantino et al. (2007) as the least inclusive clade including Cupressus sempervirens, Podocarpus macrophyllus and Araucaria araucana but not Pinus strobus.

<==Cupressophyta [Taxoideae]CD07
    |  `--PodocarpaceaeMM12
    `--+--Sciadopitys Siebold & Zuccarini 1870MM12, C93 [Sciadopityaceae]
       |    |--S. lagerheimii (Johansson) Manum 1987C93
       |    |--S. macrophylla (Florin) Manum 1987C93
       |    |--S. scania Florin 1922C93
       |    `--S. verticillataMM12
          `--Taxaceae [Cephalotaxaceae, Taxales]MM12
               |  i. s.: Palaeotaxus rediviva Nathorst 1908C93
               |         TorreyaH93
               |           |--T. californicaH93
               |           |--T. nuciferaLO98
               |           `--T. taxifoliaW92
               |         Cephalotaxospermum Berry 1910C93
               |         Elatocladus Halle 1913C93, K-CB01
               |           |--E. australisF71
               |           |--E. confertusK-CB01
               |           |--E. planusF71
               |           `--E. zamioides (Leckenby) Seward 1919C93
               |    |--C. harringtoniana [incl. C. drupacea]LO98
               |    `--C. sinensisMM12
               `--+--Amentotaxus [Amentotaxaceae]MM12
                  |    `--A. argotaeniaMM12
                       |--T. baccata Linnaeus 1753CD07
                       |--T. brevifoliaH93
                       |--T. canadensisHXD06
                       |--T. cuspidataLO98
                       |    |--T. c. var. cuspidataLO98
                       |    `--T. c. var. nana [incl. T. tardiva]LO98
                       |--T. mediaMS98
                       |--T. sumatranaH03
                       `--T. wallichianaMM12 [=T. baccata ssp. wallichianaSN88]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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