Cuspidaria sp., from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Pholadomyoida.

The Cuspidariidae are a group of carnivorous bivalves with an ovate, more or less posteriorly rostrate shell.

Cuspidariidae [Cuspidarioidea]
    |–Myonera MG-H11
    |–Pseudoneaera MG-H11
    |    |–P. trigonalis Tate 1897 MG-H11
    |    `–P. wellmani [=Cuspidaria (Pseudoneaera) wellmani] PG98
    |–Austroneaera Powell 1937 P61
    |    |–*A. brevirostris Powell 1937 P61
    |    |–A. finlayi Powell 1937 P61
    |    `–A. wellmani Fleming 1948 P61
    |–Cardiomya Adams 1864 P61
    |    |–*C. gouldiana [=Neaera gouldiana] P61
    |    |–C. bruuni Dell 1956 P61
    |    |–C. californica [=Cuspidaria (Cardiomya) californica] B56
    |    |–C. perrostrata WE63
    |    |–C. pinna (Verco 1908) MG-H11
    |    `–C. planetica Dall 1908 R78
    `–Cuspidaria Nardo 1840 P61
         |–*C. cuspidata [=Tellina cuspidata] P61
         |–C. abbreviata N00
         |–C. aupouria Dell 1950 P61
         |–C. brazieri (Smith 1885) [=Neaera brazieri] H09
         |–C. costellata N00
         |–C. fairchildi Suter 1908 P61
         |–C. fallax (Smith 1885) [=Neaera fallax] H09
         |–C. inflata (Sowerby 1827) F27 [=Nucula tenuis var. inflata U79, F27, Neaera inflata F27]
         |–‘Neaera inflata’ Jeffreys 1882 non Nucula inflata Sowerby 1827 F27
         |–C. kyushuensis Okutani 1962 MG-H11
         |–C. lamellosa F27
         |–C. latesulcata (Tenison Woods 1878) [=Neaera latesulcata] H09
         |–C. martini Finlay 1927 (see below for synonymy) F27
         |–C. morelandi Dell 1956 P61
         |–C. morioria Dell 1956 P61
         |–C. morrisae Poultiers & Bernard 1995 MG-H11
         |–C. prolatissima Poultiers 1981 MG-H11
         |–C. rostrata PC11
         |–C. trailli (Hutton 1873) P61
         |–C. triassica (Stoppani 1865) SB93
         `–C. willetti Fleming 1948 P61

Cuspidaria martini Finlay 1927 [=C. inflata Martin 1886 nec Nucula inflata Sowerby 1827 nec Neaera inflata Jeffreys 1882] F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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