Perrierina mestayerae, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Neoheterodontoidei.

The Perrierinidae are a group of small, byssiferous bivalves with a more or less angular shell.

Cyamiidae [Cyamiinae, Perrierinidae]
|--Dicranodesma calvertensis (Glenn in Dall 1900)SB93
|--Cyamium Philippi 1845F26
| |--C. minutumN79
| `--C. oblongumF26
|--Legrandina Tate & May 1901P61
| |--*L. bernardiP61
| |--L. aucklandica Powell 1933P61
| |--L. harrisonae Powell 1935P61
| `--L. turneri Powell 1939P61
|--Perrierina Bernard 1897BRW98, P61
| |--*P. taxodonta Bernard 1897P61
| |--P. georgiana Fleming 1948P61
| |--P. insulana Fleming 1933P61
| |--P. matai Fleming 1948P61
| |--P. mestayerae Powell 1933P61
| |--P. perstriata Fleming 1948P61
| |--P. subquadrangula Dell 1952P61
| `--P. substriata Powell 1935P61
`--Cyamiomactra Bernard 1897P61
|--*C. problematica Bernard 1897P61
| |--C. p. problematicaP61
| `--C. p. truncata Suter 1907P61
|--C. communisBRW98
|--C. denticulata (Smith 1907) [=Cyamium denticulatum]H08
|--C. exasperatumN64
|--C. laminifera Lamy 1906H08
|--C. mactroides (Tate & May 1900) [=Cyamium mactroides]H09
|--C. nitida Hedley 1908H08
`--C. robusta Nicol 1964N64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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