Dialeptopus plantaris, copyright Peter Crowcroft.

Belongs within: Entiminae.
Contains: Listroderina, Aterpini, Phalidura, Talaurinus, Sclerorinus, Acantholophus, Cubicorhynchus, Mythites.

The Cyclominae are a group of weevils with a relatively short snout, lacking a deciduous process or scars on the mandibles, and well-developed postocular lobes (Anderson 2002). Subgroups include the Amycterini, an Australian assemblage of flightless, often grotesque weevils with seven-segmented antennal funicles and heavily sclerotised, coarsely sculpted maxillae that fill most of the oral cavity (Zimmerman 1993). The Somatodini are southern African weevils with six-segmented funicles and the basal tarsomeres uniformly spongeous below (Zimmerman 1993).

<==Cyclominae (see below for synonymy)B14
    |  i. s.: CyclomusZ93
    |--Somatodini [Somatodidae, Somatodides, Somatodinae]Z93
    |    |--Occylotrachelus [=Oncylotrachelus]Z93
    |    `--Somatodes Schoenherr 1840Z93
    |         `--*S. misumenusZ93
    |--Rhythirrinini [Rhythirrininae]GC-P14
    |    |  i. s.: Ophryota Pascoe 1872M94
    |    |           `--*O. squamibunda Pascoe 1872M94
    |    |         AphelaLB91
    |    |           |--A. algarum Pascoe 1870M86
    |    |           |--A. helopoidesM86
    |    |           `--A. phalerioides Pascoe 1870M86
    |    |         ListroderinaA02
    |    |         Ethemaia Pascoe 1865M94
    |    |           |--*E. adusta Pascoe 1865M94
    |    |           |--E. angusticollis Pascoe 1883M86
    |    |           |--E. curtula Pascoe 1883M86
    |    |           `--E. sellata Pascoe 1883M94
    |    |         FalklandiusML05
    |    |         AntarctobiusML05
    |    |         HaversiellaML05
    |    |         Steriphus Erichson 1842 [incl. Desiantha]M94
    |    |           |--*S. solidus Erichson 1842M94
    |    |           |--S. ascita [=Desiantha ascita]M94
    |    |           |--S. caudatus (Pascoe 1870) [=Desiantha caudata]M94
    |    |           |--S. diversipes (Pascoe 1870)M94 [=Brexius diversipesM94, Desiantha diversipesM83]
    |    |           |    |--S. d. diversipesM83
    |    |           |    `--‘Desiantha’ d. lineataM83
    |    |           |--S. mecaspisZ93
    |    |           |--‘Desiantha’ silacea Pascoe 1870M86
    |    |           `--S. variabilisM94
    |    |         Emphyastes Mannerheim 1852 [Emphyastina]A02
    |    |           `--E. fucicola Mannerheim 1852A02
    |    |--+--CisoleaGC-P14
    |    |  `--AterpiniGC-P14
    |    `--+--Dichotrachelus [Dichotrachelini]GC-P14
    |       |    `--D. manueliGC-P14
    |       `--RhythirrinusGC-P14
    |            |--R. annulipes Lucas 1846E12
    |            |--R. horridus Lucas 1846E12
    |            |--R. humilis Lucas 1846E12
    |            |--R. impressicollis Lucas 1846E12
    |            `--R. variegatus Lucas 1846E12
    `--Amycterini [Amycterina, Euomina, Euomini]B14
         |--Melanegis Pascoe 1870Z93
         |    `--*M. stygius Pascoe 1870Z93
         |--Atychoria Pascoe 1865Z93
         |    `--*A. funesta Pascoe 1865 [incl. Melanegis halmaturina Ferguson 1915]Z93
         |--Achorostoma Baker & Thompson 1908Z93
         |    `--*A. hystricosum (Boheman 1843) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |--Brachyrothus Marshall 1939 [=Brachymycterus Ferguson 1915 non Heydon 1866]Z93
         |    `--*B. auritus (Ferguson 1915) [=*Brachymycterus auritus]Z93
         |--Cucullothorax Ferguson 1915Z93
         |    `--*C. horridus Ferguson 1915Z93
         |--Euomella Ferguson 1923Z93
         |    `--*E. retusa (Pascoe 1872) [=Euomus retusus]Z93
         |--Neohyborrhynchus Ferguson 1921Z93
         |    `--*N. rugosus (Macleay 1865) [=Hyborhynchus rugosus]Z93
         |--Ophthalamycterus Ferguson 1913Z93
         |    `--*O. laticeps (Macleay 1866) [=Talaurinus laticeps]Z93
         |--Parahyborrhynchus Ferguson 1921Z93
         |    |--*P. convexiusculus (Macleay 1866) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |    `--P. crassiusculus (Macleay 1866) [=Hyborrhynchus crassiusculus]Z93
         |--Talaurinellus Zimmerman 1993Z93
         |    `--*T. sulciventris (Ferguson 1912) [=Talaurinus sulciventris]Z93
         |--Chriotyphus Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--*C. acromialis Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    `--C. tibialis Ferguson 1914Z93
         |--Myotrotus Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--*M. obtusus Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    `--M. apicihirtus (Ferguson 1912) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |--Ennothus Pascoe 1872 [incl. Polycreta Pascoe 1874]Z93
         |    |--*E. fallax Pascoe 1872Z93
         |    `--E. metricus (Pascoe 1874) [=*Polycreta metrica]Z93
         |--Tetralophus Waterhouse 1853Z93
         |    |--*T. sculpturatus Waterhouse 1853 [incl. T. incanus Pascoe 1870]Z93
         |    `--T. excursus Pascoe 1870 [incl. T. elevatus Pascoe 1870]Z93
         |--Alexirhea Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--*A. aurita Pascoe 1874 [incl. A. notata Pascoe 1874, A. singularis Pascoe 1875]Z93
         |    `--A. falsifica Pascoe 1874Z93
         |--Antalaurinus Zimmerman 1993Z93
         |    |--*A. clavicornis (Ferguson 1912) [=Talaurinus clavicornis; incl. T. alaticornis Ferguson 1914]Z93
         |    `--A. pulverulentus (Macleay 1865) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |--Dicherotropis Ferguson 1913Z93
         |    |--*D. damelii (Macleay 1865) [=Talaurinus damelii; incl. T. cariosus Pascoe 1874]Z93
         |    `--D. cavirostris (Lea 1911) [=Talaurinus cavirostris]Z93
         |--Lataurinus Ferguson 1913 [incl. Peritalaurinus Ferguson 1913]Z93
         |    |--*L. rugiceps (Macleay 1865) [=Talaurinus rugiceps]Z93
         |    `--L. macrocephalus (Ferguson 1912) [=*Peritalaurinus macrocephalus]Z93
         |--Anascoptes Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--*A. muricatus Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--A. fasciatus Ferguson 1921Z93
         |    `--A. obliteratus Ferguson 1921Z93
         |--Euomus Schoenherr 1847Z93
         |    |--*E. insculptus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus insculptus]Z93
         |    |--E. scorpio (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus scorpio; incl. E. fahraei Schoenherr 1847 (n. n.)]Z93
         |    `--E. stephensii (Gyllenhal 1834) [=Amycterus stephensii; incl. Euomus nodosus Ferguson 1923]Z93
         |--Hypotomops Baker & Thompson 1978Z93
         |    |--*H. angulicollis (Lea 1911) [=Notonophes angulicollis]Z93
         |    |--H. angustior (Ferguson 1914) [=Notonophes angulicollis var. angustior]Z93
         |    `--H. leai (Ferguson 1914) [=Notonophes angulicollis var. leai]Z93
         |--Pseudonotonophes Ferguson 1914Z93
         |    |--*P. dumosus (Macleay 1865) [=Talaurinus dumosus, Notonophes dumosus; incl. T. pupa Pascoe 1874]Z93
         |    |--P. gilesi Ferguson 1914Z93
         |    `--P. lemmus (Pascoe 1874) [=Talaurinus lemmus, Notonophes lemmus]Z93
         |--Molochtus Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--*M. gagates Pascoe 1874Z93
         |    |--M. hercules Ferguson 1915Z93
         |    |--M. rotundicollis Ferguson 1916Z93
         |    `--M. tibialis Sloane 1893Z93
         |--Acherres Pascoe 1872Z93
         |    |--*A. mamillatus Pascoe 1872 [incl. A. latus Ferguson 1915]Z93
         |    |--A. globicollis Lea 1904Z93
         |    |--A. granulatus Ferguson 1915Z93
         |    `--A. pilosus Ferguson 1915Z93
         |--Oditesus Pascoe 1872 [incl. Paroditesus Ferguson 1923]Z93
         |    |--*O. indutus Pascoe 1872 (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |    |--O. buceros Pascoe 1872M86
         |    |--O. sulcirostris Pascoe 1872M86
         |    `--O. tibialis Lea 1904 [=*Paroditesus tibialis]Z93
         |--Sclerorrhinella Ferguson 1913Z93
         |    |--*S. manglesii (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus manglesii, Sclerorinus manglesii, Talaurinus manglesii]Z93
         |    |--S. crawshawi Ferguson 1921Z93
         |    |--S. geniculata (Pascoe 1874) [=Talaurinus geniculatus]Z93
         |    |--S. granuliceps Ferguson 1913Z93
         |    `--S. melanopsis (Pascoe 1874) [=Talaurinus melanopsis]Z93
         |--Gagatophorus Jekel 1865 (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |    |--*G. schoenherri (Hope 1835) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |    |--G. boisduvalii (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |    |--G. draco (Macleay 1826) (see below for synonymy)Z93
         |    |--G. leichhardtii (Macleay 1865) [=Amycterus leichardtii, A. leichhardti, Macramycterus leichhardti]Z93
         |    |--G. obsoletus (Ferguson 1914) [=Macramycterus obsoletus]Z93
         |    `--G. tibialis (Ferguson 1914) [=Macramycterus tibialis]Z93
         |--Amorphorhinus Lacordaire 1863 [=Amorphorrhinus Gemminger & Harold 1871]Z93
         |    |--*A. australis (Germar 1848) [=Brachycerus australis]Z93
         |    |--A. arcanus Pascoe 1882Z93
         |    |--A. obliteratus Ferguson 1923Z93
         |    |--A. polyacanthus Pascoe 1870 [incl. A. muriceus Ferguson 1915]Z93
         |    |--A. rugicollis (Lea 1895) [=Sosyteles rugicollis]Z93
         |    `--A. tuberculatus Ferguson 1923Z93
         |--Hyborrhinus Marshall 1946 [=Hyborhynchus Macleay 1865 non Agassiz 1855, Hyborrhynchus]Z93
         |    |--*H. coenosus (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus coenosus, Acantholophus coenosus, Hyborhynchus coenosus]Z93
         |    |--H. aculeatus (Ferguson 1921) [=Hyborrhynchus aculeatus]Z93
         |    |--H. bicornutus (Macleay 1866) [=Hyborrhynchus bicornutus]Z93
         |    |--H. furcatus (Macleay 1865) [=Hyborhynchus furcatus; incl. Hyborhynchus maculatus Macleay 1865]Z93
         |    `--H. prodigus (Macleay 1866) [=Hyborhynchus prodigus]Z93
         |--Notonophes Sloane 1893Z93
         |    |--*N. cichlodes (Pascoe 1874) [=Cubicorhynchus cichlodes]Z93
         |    |--N. auriger Ferguson 1914Z93
         |    |--N. dilataticeps (Blackburn 1896) [=Cubicorhynchus dilataticeps, C. dilaticeps (l. c.)]Z93
         |    |--N. gascoynensis Baker 1971Z93
         |    |--N. hirsutina Baker 1971Z93
         |    `--N. taurus Ferguson 1914Z93
         |--Sosytelus Pascoe 1872 [incl. Bubaris Pascoe 1882]Z93
         |    |--*S. lobatus Pascoe 1872Z93
         |    |--S. carteri (Ferguson 1923) [=Bubaris carteri]Z93
         |    |--S. hardcastlei (Lea 1910) [=Bubaris hardcastlei]Z93
         |    |--S. indemnis (Pascoe 1882) [=*Bubaris indemnis; incl. B. apicalis Lea 1911]Z93
         |    |--S. pithecius (Pascoe 1872) [=Mythites pithecius, Bubaris pithecius]Z93
         |    |--S. pubescens (Lea 1911) [=Bubaris pubescens]Z93
         |    `--S. rudis (Blackburn 1896) [=Atychoria rudis]Z93
         |--Aedriodes Pascoe 1872Z93
         |    |--*A. fastigiatus Pascoe 1872 [incl. A. foveolatus Ferguson 1923]Z93
         |    |--A. crawshawi Ferguson 1923Z93
         |    |--A. humeralis Lea 1904Z93
         |    |--A. inuus Pascoe 1872Z93
         |    |--A. mendosus Pascoe 1872Z93
         |    |--A. mucronatus Ferguson 1923Z93
         |    |--A. nodipennis (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus nodipennis, Euomus nodipennis]Z93
         |    `--A. tibialis Ferguson 1923Z93
         `--Dialeptopus Pascoe 1870Z93
              |--*D. collaris (Boheman 1843) (see below for synonymy)Z93
              |--D. echinatus Lea 1896Z93
              |--D. ferreus Pascoe 1870 [incl. D. obsoletus Blackburn 1890, D. pyriferus Lea 1910]Z93
              |--D. lindensis Blackburn 1890Z93
              |--D. macilentus Pascoe 1870 [incl. D. longipes Lea 1896]Z93
              |--D. monachus Pascoe 1870M86
              |--D. plantaris Pascoe 1872 [incl. D. granulatus Pascoe 1872]Z93
              |--D. serricollis Pascoe 1872M86
              `--D. validus Blackburn 1890 [incl. D. lugubris Blackburn 1890]Z93

*Achorostoma hystricosum (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus hystricosus, Notonophes hystricosus, Talaurinus hystricosus; incl. T. spinosus Macleay 1865, T. tenuipes Pascoe 1874]Z93

Antalaurinus pulverulentus (Macleay 1865) [=Talaurinus pulverulentus; incl. T. pulverulentus var. prosternalis Ferguson 1914]Z93

Cyclominae [Acantholophini, Amycteridae, Amycterides, Amycterinae, Euomides, Phalidurinae, Phalidurines, Phanerognatha, Psaliduridae, Psalidurinae]B14

*Dialeptopus collaris (Boheman 1843) [=Amycterus collaris; incl. D. approximatus Blackburn 1892, D. sepidioides Pascoe 1870, D. sordidus Lea 1896]Z93

Gagatophorus Jekel 1865 [=Pseudamycterus Pierce 1919; incl. Gagatonotus Jekel 1865, Macramycterus Ferguson 1914]Z93

Gagatophorus boisduvalii (Boisduval 1835) [=Amycterus boisduvalii, *Gagatonotus boisduvalii, Macramycterus boisduvali]Z93

Gagatophorus draco (Macleay 1826) [=Phalidura draco, Amycterus draco, *Macramycterus draco; incl. M. insignis Ferguson 1914]Z93

*Gagatophorus schoenherri (Hope 1835) [=Amycterus schoenherri, Macramycterus schoenherri, *Pseudamycterus schoenherri]Z93

Myotrotus apicihirtus (Ferguson 1912) [=Talaurinus apicihirtus, Prophalidura apicihirta; incl. T. apicihirtus var. haemorrhoidalis Ferguson 1912]Z93

*Oditesus indutus Pascoe 1872 [incl. O. incoensis Pascoe 1872, O. lycosarius Pascoe 1872, O. perditus Pascoe 1872]Z93

*Parahyborrhynchus convexiusculus (Macleay 1866) [=Acantholophus convexiusculus; incl. Hyborrhynchus mastersii Macleay 1866]Z93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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