Common seasnail Liparis liparis, from Samuel (1892).

Belongs within: Cottioidei.

The Cyclopteroidea are marine fishes found mostly in cold waters in which the pelvic fins (if present) are modified into a thoracic sucking disk.

| |--Cyclopterus Linnaeus 1758 L58
| | |--C. lumpus Linnaeus 1758K-M02k
| | `--C. nudus Linnaeus 1758 L58
| `--EumicrotremusK-M02k
| |--E. orbis ND13
| `--E. spinosus (Müller 1776)K-M02k
`--Liparidae [Liparididae]LM13
|--Edentoliparis terraenovae LM13
| |--P. calidusA02b
| |--P. copeiA02b
| |--P. mawsoni LM13
| `--P. meganchus ND13
| |--C. amblystomopsisB96
| |--C. batialis S10
| |--C. colletti S10
| |--C. longipectoralis LM13
| `--C. ranula (Goode & Bean 1879)A02b
`--Liparis Scopoli 1777SS03
|--L. agassizii Putman 1874SS03
|--L. atlanticus (Jordan & Evermann 1898) [=Neoliparis atlanticus]A02b
|--L. brashnikovi Soldatov 1930SS03
|--L. callyodonSS03
|--L. coheni Able 1976A02b
|--L. fabricii Krøyer 1847LD09
|--L. fucensisSS03
|--L. inquilinus Able 1973A02b
|--L. kusnetzovi Taranetz 1935SS03
|--L. latifrons Schmidt 1950SS03
|--L. liparisA02b
|--L. minusculus Nolf 1977 P93
|--L. montagui LM13
|--L. mucosus ND13
|--L. ochotensis Schmidt 1904SS03
|--L. owstoniSS03
|--L. punctulatus Tanaka 1916SS03
|--L. tanakaiSS03
|--L. tartaricus Soldatov 1930SS03
`--L. tessellatusSS03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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