Cyclostrema cancellatum, copyright Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.

Belongs within: Liotiidae.

Cyclostrema is a circum-tropical genus of marine gastropods with a depressed or lenticular shell ornamented by axial varices (Knight et al. 1960).

Cyclostrema Marryatt 1818 BR05 [incl. Pseudoliotina Cossmann 1925 KC60]
    |  i. s.: C. baldridgae Bartsch 1911 O27
    |         C. basistriatum Jeffreys in Friele 1873 [=C. basistriata; incl. C. peterseni Friele 1876] N79
    |         C. diegensis Bartsch 1907 O27
    |         C. helicoides H86
    |         C. miranda Bartsch 1911 O27
    |         C. nitens N79
    |         ‘Liotia’ sensuyi Vidal 1921 [=*Pseudoliotina sensuyi] KC60
    |         C. serpuloides N79
    |         C. trochoides Jeffreys in Friele 1875 N79
    |–*C. (Cyclostrema) cancellatum Marryat 1818 KC60
    `–C. (Munditia Finlay 1927) P61
         |–C. (*M.) tryphenensis (Powell 1925) [=Liotina tryphenensis] P61
         |–C. (M.) anomala Powell 1940 P61
         |–C. (M.) aupouria Powell 1937 P61
         |–‘Munditia’ australis [=Liotia australis] F27
         |–C. (M.) delicatula Powell 1940 P61
         |–C. (M.) echinata Powell 1937 P61
         |–C. (M.) manawatawhia Powell 1937 P61
         |–C. (M.) owengaensis Powell 1933 P61
         |–C. (M.) serrata (Suter 1908) P61 [=Liotia serrata F27, Angaria serrata F27]
         |–‘Munditia’ subquadrata [=Liotia subquadrata] F27
         |–C. (M.) suteri (Mestayer 1919) P61 [=Liotia suteri F27]
         `–‘Munditia’ tasmanica [=Liotia tasmanica] F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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