Macroscytus brunneus, copyright Petri Metsälä.

Belongs within: Pentatomoidea.
Contains: Geotomini.

The Cydnidae, burrowing bugs, are a group of shiny black or brown bugs characterised by a large triangular scutellum, numerous strong spines on the tibiae, and fringes of closely set, rigid setae on the apices of the mid and hind coxae. They burrow in soil where they feed on roots, stems or fallen seeds (Carver et al. 1991).

|--Garsauria Walker 1868 [incl. Microrhynchus Signoret 1883; Garsauriinae]L96
| `--*G. aradoides Walker 1868 [incl. *Microrhynchus aradoides Signoret 1883, Microrrhynchus (l. c.) aradoides]L96
|--SehirusH01 [SehirinaeSS02]
| |--S. bicolorH01
| |--S. cinctusYR12
| |--S. dubius [incl. S. dubius var. melanopterus]H01
| |--S. luctuosusH01
| |--S. morioH01
| `--S. parensH01
|--Amnestinae [Clavicorinae, Latiscutellidae, Pricecoridae]SP02
| |--Clavicoris cretaceus Popov 1986RJ93
| |--Latiscutella santosiRJ93
| |--Pricecoris beckeraeRJ93
| `--AmnestusSDT88
| |--A. guapinolinus Thomas 1988P92
| `--A. spinifronsSDT88
| i. s.: Mentisa Walker 1868D01
| `--M. smaragdina Walker 1868D01
|--Centrostephus Horváth 1919L96
| |--*C. parumpunctatus (Signoret 1884) [=Chilocoris parumpunctatus]L96
| |--C. pullus Horváth 1919L96
| `--C. tumidicollis Horváth 1919L96
|--Cydnus Fabricius 1803 [incl. Brachypelta Amyot & Serville 1843]L96
| | i. s.: C. albomarginellus [=Cimex albomarginellus, Sehirus albomarginellus; incl. Cydnus dubius]L49
| | C. flavicornisH01
| | C. nigritaH01
| | C. pygmaeusL49
| |--*C. (Cydnus) aterrimus (Förster 1771)L96 (see below for synonymy)
| `--C. (Orientocydnus Lis 1994)L96
| `--C. (*O.) borneensis Lis 1994L96
|--Blaena Walker 1868 [incl. Macrymenus Signoret 1881]L96
| |--*B. setosa Walker 1868 (see below for synonymy)L96
| |--B. blothroposa Froeschner 1966L96
| |--B. cirra Froeschner 1966L96
| |--B. coarctata Froeschner 1960L96
| |--B. mediocarinata Froeschner 1960L96
| |--B. multitricha Froeschner 1960L96
| `--B. subsulcata Froeschner 1960L96
`--Chilocoris Mayr 1864 [incl. Amnestoides Signoret 1881, Macroporus Uhler 1876, Statanus Distant 1908]L96
|--*C. nitidus Mayr 1864L96
|--C. australis Lis 1995L96
|--C. bacanicus Lis 1995L96
|--C. barbarae Lis 1991L96
|--C. biroi Horváth 1919L96
|--C. crasimargo Horváth 1919L96
|--C. crassimargoides Lis 1993L96
|--C. entzii Horváth 1919L96
|--C. impressicollis Horváth 1919L96
|--C. madangicus Lis 1993L96
|--C. maximus Lis 1993L96
|--*Statanus’ membranaceus Distant 1908L96
|--C. neozealandicus Larivière & Froeschner 1994L2002
|--C. peterseni Froeschner 1967L96
|--C. repetitus (Uhler 1876) [=*Macroporus repetitus]L96
|--*Amnestoides’ ritzemae Signoret 1881L96
|--C. rolandi Lis 1993L96
|--C. similisG17
|--C. tasmanicus Lis 1995L96
`--C. vagauensis Lis 1993L96

Cydnidae incertae sedis:
Melanaethus noctivagusC90
|--P. douglasi Signoret 1882L96
`--P. scotti Signoret 1882L96
Cilicydnus robustispinusYR12
‘Cretacoris’ gurvanicusYR12
Cydnavites infidisYR12
Orienicydnus hongiYR12
|--C. melolonthoides Schiödte 1843L96
`--C. scarabaeoides [=Cydnus scarabaeoides; incl. Ce. histeroides]L49
*Hiverus hirtusL96

*Blaena setosa Walker 1868 [incl. *Macrymenus membranaceus Signoret 1881, Macrhymenus (l. c.) membranaceus]L96

*Cydnus aterrimus (Förster 1771)L96 [=Cimex aterrimusL96, Brachypelta aterrimaRD77; incl. Cimex tristis Fabricius 1775L96, *Brachypelta tristisL96, Cydnus tristisL49, Pentatoma tristisL1802]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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