Macroscytus brunneus, copyright Petri Metsälä.

Belongs within: Pentatomoidea.

The Cydnidae, burrowing bugs, are a group of shiny black or brown bugs characterised by a large triangular scutellum, numerous strong spines on the tibiae, and fringes of closely set, rigid setae on the apices of the mid and hind coxae. They burrow in soil where they feed on roots, stems or fallen seeds (Carver et al. 1991).

|–Scaptocorinae SDT88
|–Thaumastella RD77 [Thaumastellidae, Thaumastellinae SP02]
|    `–T. aradoides RD77
|–Garsauria [Garsauriinae] SDT88
|    `–G. aradoides SDT88
|–Sehirus H01 [Sehirinae SS02]
|    |–S. bicolor H01
|    |–S. dubius [incl. S. dubius var. melanopterus] H01
|    |–S. luctuosus H01
|    |–S. morio H01
|    `–S. parens H01
|–Amnestinae [Clavicorinae, Latiscutellidae, Pricecoridae] SP02
|    |–Clavicoris cretaceus Popov 1986 RJ93
|    |–Latiscutella santosi RJ93
|    |–Pricecoris beckerae RJ93
|    `–Amnestus SDT88
|         |–A. guapinolinus Thomas 1988 P92
|         `–A. spinifrons SDT88
`–Cydninae SS02
|  i. s.: Adrisa numeensis (Montr. 1858) CGW91, D14 [=Geobia numeensis D14]
|         Teabooma Distant 1914 D14
|           `–*T. princeps Distant 1914 D14
|         Cydnus H01
|           |–C. flavicornis H01
|           `–C. nigrita H01
|         Mentisa Walker 1868 D01
|           `–M. smaragdina Walker 1868 D01
`–Geotomini L99
|–Geotomus pygmaeus WEE70, K08
`–Macroscytus Fieber 1860 [incl. Hahnia Ellenrieder 1862 non Koch 1841, Philapodemus Kirkaldy 1910] L99
|–*M. brunneus (Fabricius 1803) [=Cydnus brunneus] L99
|–M. abditus L99
|–M. annulipes L99
|–M. annulipoides Lis 1999 L99
|–M. arnhemicus Lis 1999 L99
|–M. australis (Erichson 1842) (see below for synonymy) L99
|–M. australoides Lis 1999 L99
|–M. badius L99
|–M. bisetosus Lis 1999 L99
|–M. glaberrimus Lis 1999 L99
|–M. howei Lis 1997 L99
|–M. javanus L99
|–M. minimus Lis 1999 L99
|–M. monteithi Lis 1999 L99
|–M. papuanus L99
|–M. piceus (Westwood 1837) (see below for synonymy) L99
|–M. pseudaustralis Lis 1999 L99
|–M. subaeneus H01
`–M. transversus L99

Cydnidae incertae sedis:
Chilocoris L02
|–C. neozealandicus Larivière & Froeschner 1994 L02
`–C. similis G17
Microporus obliquus C90
Melanaethus noctivagus C90
Aethus indicus WL09, CGW91
Moonta Distant 1911 G76
Blaena MC13
Pangaeus SDT88
Brachypelta aterrima RD77
Cyrtomenus E66

Macroscytus australis (Erichson 1842) [=Cydnus australis, Hahnia australis, Macroscytus australicus (l. c.)] L99

Macroscytus piceus (Westwood 1837) [=Cydnus piceus; incl. C. dilatatus Signoret 1881, Macroscytus dilatatus] L99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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