Parasitic isopod Anilocra physodes, copyright Txomin Rivera.

Belongs within: Scuticoxifera.
Contains: Cirolaninae, Eurydicinae, Gnathiidae, Anthuroidea, Corallanidae, Aegidae, Epicaridea, Lironeca, Nerocila, Cymothoa, Anilocra.

The Cymothoida is a diverse group of mostly marine isopods, including both free-living and parasitic forms.

Characters (from Brandt & Poore 2003): Pleonites 1–5 free, pleonite 1 similar to others (some pleonites fused in some species). Pleotelson underside flat, without ventrolateral ridges; pleopods not enclosed laterally. Antenna 1 without scale (except in Bathynomus). Mandibular lacinia mobilis absent (present in some Anthuroidea as part of lacinia mobilis). Mandibular molar flat blade-like or conical process (sometimes absent). Maxillipedal endite, if present, rarely longer than palp article 1, distally tapering and with few setae. Dorsal coxal plate 7 similar to others. Pleopods 3–5 endopods more or less oval or rectangular, rounded dorsally. Uropodal rami ventral to pleotelson, articulating from side to side along vertical axis inside branchial spine.

    |--Cirolanidae [Cirolanoidea]BP03
    |    |  i. s.: CeratolanaBBN86
    |    |         Kensleylana Bruce & Herrando-Pérez 2005F05
    |    |           `--*K. briani Bruce & Herrando-Pérez 2005F05
    |    |         Palaega kunthi (Ammon 1882)BWW93, GH05
    |    |         Aatolana schioedtei (Miers 1884)HS15
    |    |         BooralanaHS15
    |    |         Limicolana dinjerra Bruce 1986HS15
    |    |         Plakolana mandorah Keable 1997HS15
    |    |--CirolaninaeBBN86
    |    |--EurydicinaeBBN86
    |    `--+--ConilorpheusBBN86
    |       |--OrphelanaBBN86
    |       |--Politolana concharumBBN86, M02
    |       |--Conilera Leach 1818BBN86, T08
    |       |    |--C. cylindracea Montagu 1804T08
    |       |    `--C. stygia Packard 1894BBN86
    |       `--Natatolana Bruce 1986BBN86, BP03
    |            |--N. albinotaBP03
    |            |--N. caecaBBN86
    |            |--N. californiensisBBN86
    |            |--N. pellucidaPG98
    |            |--N. taiti Keable 1997HS15
    |            |--N. vallidaPG98
    |            `--N. woodjonesi (Hale 1924)BP03
         |--Anuropus Beddard 1886 [Anuropidae]BP03
         |    |--A. kussakini Vasina 1998BP03
         |    `--A. pacificus Lincoln & Jones 1973BP03
         `--+--Protognathia Wägele & Brandt 1988 [Protognathiidae]BP03
            |    |--P. bathypelagica Wägele & Brandt 1988BP03
            |    `--P. waegeli Kussakin & Rybakov 1995BP03
               |  `--AnthuroideaBP03
                  `--+--Tridentella Richardson 1905 [Tridentellidae]BP03
                     |    |--T. benguela Brandt & Poore 2001BP03
                     |    `--T. namibia Brandt & Poore 2001BP03
                                |--Olencira praegustator (Latrobe 1802)MK83
                                |--Agarna cumulus (Haller 1880) [incl. A. carinata Schiödte & Meinert 1883]MK83
                                |--Telotha henselii (von Martens 1869)MK83
                                |    |--R. curtipinnata Bruce 1991HS15
                                |    `--R. ovata Bruce 1987BP03
                                |--Ourozeuktes Milne Edwards 1840T08
                                |    `--O. bopyroides (Lesueur 1814) [incl. O. owenii Milne Edwards 1840]T08
                                |--Cteatessa Schioedte & Meinert 1883T08
                                |    `--C. retusa (Schioedte & Meinert 1878)T08
                                |--Cterissa Schioedte & Meinert 1884T08
                                |    `--C. pterygota (Koelbel 1878)T08
                                |--Emetha Schioedte & Meinert 1883T08
                                |    `--E. audouini (Milne Edwards 1840)T08
                                |--Glossobius Schioedte & Meinert 1883T08
                                |    `--G. impressa (Say 1818)T08
                                |--Lobothorax Bleeker 1856T08
                                |    `--L. typus Bleeker 1857 [incl. Saophra aurita Schioedte & Meinert 1883, L. aurita]T08
                                |--Norileca Bruce 1990T08
                                |    `--N. indica (Milne Edwards 1840) [=Livoneca indica]T08
                                |    |--M. deplanata (Bovallius 1885)MK83
                                |    `--M. transversa Richardson 1900MK83
                                |--Elthusa Schioedte & Meinert 1884T08
                                |    |--E. raynaudii (Milne Edwards 1840)T08
                                |    `--E. vulgaris (Stimpson 1857) [=Livoneca vulgaris]T08
                                |--Ichthyoxenus Herklots 1870T08
                                |    |--I. fushanensis Tsai & Dai 1999TD03
                                |    `--I. jellinghausi Herklots 1870T08
                                |--Livoneca Leach 1818T08
                                |    |--L. californicaH47
                                |    |--L. redmanii Leach 1818T08
                                |    `--L. sinuata Koelbel 1878T08
                                |--Mothocya Costa 1851T08
                                |    |--M. epimerica Costa 1851T08
                                |    |--M. longicopaC02
                                |    |--M. nana (Schiödte & Meinert 1884) [=Irona nana]MK83
                                |    |--M. plagulophora (Haller 1880) [incl. Irona vatia Schioedte & Meinert 1884]T08
                                |    |--M. renardi (Bleeker 1857)T08
                                |    `--M. sajori Bruce 1986T08
                                `--Ceratothoa Dana 1852T08
                                     |--C. carinata Bianconi 1869T08
                                     |--C. imbricata (Fabricius 1775) [=Codonophilus imbricatus]T08
                                     |--C. impressa (Say 1818)MK83
                                     |--C. italica Schioedte & Meinert 1883T08
                                     |--C. oestroides (Risso 1826)T08
                                     |--C. oxyrrhynchaena Koelbel 1878T08
                                     `--C. parallela (Otto 1828)T08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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