Cyphagogus signipes, from here.

Belongs within: Brentidae.

The Cyphagogini are long-bodied weevils with the sides of the anterior part of the prothorax laterally compressed or concave, modified for reception of the femora, and/or the coxae are extended laterad in points over the trochanters and visible extending beyond the sides of the prothorax when viewed from above (Zimmerman 1994).

<==Cyphagogini [Calodrominae, Calodromini, Cyphagoginae]Z94
    |--Carcinopisthius Kolbe 1892 (see below for synonymy)Z94
    |    |--*C. fruhstorferi Kolbe 1892Z94
    |    |--‘Hoplopisthius’ doriae [=*Stratiopisthius doriae]Z94
    |    |--C. kolbei Senna 1892 (see below for synonymy)Z94
    |    `--C. oberthuriiZ94
         |--Allaeometrus Senna 1902 [incl. Subdismorphorhynchus Kleine 1938]Z94
         |    `--*A. breviceps Senna 1902 [incl. *Subdismorphorhynchus carinatus Kleine 1917]Z94
         |--Ancylobrentus Damoiseau 1965Z94
         |    `--*A. australicola Damoiseau 1865Z94
         |--Catagogus Kleine 1926 [=Catagonus (l. c.) non Ameghino 1904]Z94
         |    `--C. diorymerus (Lea 1898) (see below for synonymy)Z94
         |--Isomorphus Kleine 1916Z94
         |    `--*I. unicolor Kleine 1916Z94
         |--Odontopareus Damoiseau 1964Z94
         |    `--*O. aridusZ94
         |--Opisthenoxys Kleine 1921Z94
         |    `--*O. ochraceus Kleine 1921Z94
         |--Callipareius Senna 1892 (see below for synonymy)Z94
         |    |--*C. feai Senna 1892Z94
         |    `--C. planitarsus (Perroud & Montrouzier 1864) (see below for synonymy)Z94
         |--Neosebus Senna 1902 [incl. Exostenus Kleine 1916]Z94
         |    |--*N. bidentatus Senna 1902Z94
         |    `--*Exostenus’ hospiton Kleine 1916Z94
         |--Mesoderes Senna 1898 [incl. Dysmorphorhynchus Kleine 1916, Thrasycephalus Kleine 1916]Z94
         |    |--*M. sexnotatus Senna 1898 [incl. *Dysmorphorhynchus amabilis Kleine 1916]Z94
         |    |--M. guttatus (Kleine 1916) [=*Thrasycephalus guttatus]Z94
         |    `--M. maculatus Senna 1898Z94
         `--Cyphagogus Parry 1849Z94
              |--*C. westwoodi Parry 1849Z94
              |--C. bipunctatus Senna 1897Z94
              |--C. corporaaliZ94
              |--C. crassitarsus Damoiseau 1964Z94
              |--C. delicatus Lea 1898 [incl. C. hauseri Kleine 1924]Z94
              |--C. iwatensis Morimoto 1976I92
              |--C. modiglianii Senna 1893Z94
              |--C. nigraustralis Damoiseau 1966Z94
              |--C. odewahni Pascoe 1864 [incl. C. praecipuus Kleine 1943, C. suspendiosus Lea 1898]Z94
              |--C. samoanus Kleine 1928Z94
              |--C. signipesZ94
              |--C. splendensZ94
              `--C. tristriatus Kleine 1916 [=C. delicatus f. tristriatus]Z94

Callipareius Senna 1892 [incl. Asaphepterum Kleine 1916, Diastrophus Perroud 1864 non Hartig 1840, Metacidotes Schedl 1961, Pseudosebasius Kleine 1944]Z94

Callipareius planitarsus (Perroud & Montrouzier 1864) [=Diastrophus planitarsus; incl. Calliparius flavolineatus Calabresi 1922, Arrhenodes platypoda Montrouzier ms]Z94

Carcinopisthius Kolbe 1892 [incl. Pseudotaphroderes Bolkay 1911, Stratiopisthius Senna & Calabresi 1919; Hoplopisthi, Hoplopisthiina, Hoplopisthiini]Z94

Carcinopisthius kolbei Senna 1892 [incl. *Pseudotaphroderes forficatus Bolkay 1911, Stratiopisthius forficula Arrow 1940, P. papuanus Bolkay 1911]Z94

Catagogus diorymerus (Lea 1898) [=Cyphagogus diorymerus; incl. *Catagogus desidiosus Kleine 1926, Catagonus (l. c.) desidiosus]Z94

*Type species of generic name indicated


[I92] Iwahashi, J. (ed.) 1992. Reddo Deeta Animaruzu: a pictorial of Japanese fauna facing extinction. JICC: Tokyo.

[Z94] Zimmerman, E. C. 1994. Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) vol. 2. Brentidae, Eurhynchidae, Apionidae and a chapter on immature stages by Brenda May. CSIRO Australia.

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