Common carp Cyprinus carpio, copyright Ferran Turmo Gort.

Belongs within: Cypriniformes.

The Cyprininae are a group of carps found in Eurasia and Africa, many of which possess two pairs of barbels (Bond 1996).

    |--Gibelion catlaB96
    |    |--C. molitorellaB96
    |    |--C. mrigalaPP07 [=Cerrhina mrigalaPH72]
    |    `--C. rebaRM72
    |    |--C. idella (Valenciennes 1844)SE08
    |    `--C. piceusT90
    |    |--C. auratus (Linnaeus 1758)OE97
    |    |    |--C. a. auratusSM03
    |    |    `--C. a. langsdorfiiSM03
    |    |--C. buergeriT90
    |    |    |--C. b. buergeriT90
    |    |    `--C. b. grandoculisT90
    |    |--C. carassius (Linnaeus 1758)SE08
    |    |--C. cuvieriT90
    |    `--C. gibelio (Bloch 1782)SE08
    `--Cyprinus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. alburnus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. aphya Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. aspius Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. auratus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. ballerus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. barbus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. bjoerkna Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. brama Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. carassius Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. carpio Linnaeus 1758SE08
         |    |--C. c. carpioPP07
         |    `--C. c. communisPP07
         |--C. cephalus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. cultratus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. dentex Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. dobula Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. erythrophthalmus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. farenus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. gobio Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. grislagine Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. idbarus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. idus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. jeses Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. leuciscus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. nasus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. niloticus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. orfus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. phoxinus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. rutilus Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--C. tinca Linnaeus 1758L58
         `--C. vimba Linnaeus 1758L58

*Type species of generic name indicated


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