American bird grasshopper Schistocerca americana, copyright Judy Gallagher.

Belongs within: Acridoidea.

The Cyrtacanthacridinae are a group of often large grasshoppers characterised by mesosternal lobes with their mesal margins separate and parallel or converging posteriorly with their inner posterior angles acute, and a pronotum lacking lateral carinae (Rentz 1996).

<==Cyrtacanthacridinae [Cyrtacanthacridini]
|–Valanga R96
|    |–V. irregularis R96
|    `–V. meleager K91
|–Paraidemona BM76
|–Trigonophymus BM76
|–Pezotettix giournai (Rossi 1794) E66, D95
|–Anacridium P05
|    |–A. aegyptium (Linnaeus 1764) P05
|    `–A. moestum F92
|–Nomadacris R96
|    |–N. basalis K90
|    |–N. proxima K91
|    `–N. septemfasciata Y70
|–Austracris R96
|    |–A. basalis R96
|    |–A. guttulosa R96 [=Nomadacris guttulosa R91]
|    `–A. proxima R96
|–Oedaleonotus SH72
|    |–O. borckii SH72
|    |–O. enigma SH72
|    |–O. orientis SH72
|    `–O. phryneicus SH72
`–Schistocerca Y70
|–S. americana D01
|–S. gregaria (Forskål 1775) SB05
|–S. melanocera PP72
|–S. nitens HSS13
|–S. paranensis R15
|–S. peregrina F92
|–S. piceifrons HSS13
`–S. tartarica WB37

*Type species of generic name indicated


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