Actinopeltis sp., from here.

Belongs within: Pilekiinae.
Contains: Pseudosphaerexochus.

The Cyrtometopinae are a group of epifaunal benthic trilobites known from the Ordovician. Members of this group had pleurae bearing longitudinal rows of pits; Přibyl et al. (1985) stated that the Cyrtometopinae was otherwise supported by features of the “shape of cephalon, thoracic segments and hypostomes”, but did not elaborate further.

<==Cyrtometopinae [Cyrtometopidae]
    |  |--Skelipyx Lane 1971PVP85
    |  |    `--*S. cancrura (Salter 1853)PVP85
    |  `--Stubblefieldia Prantl & Přibyl 1947PVP85
    |       |--*S. neglecta (Barrande 1852)PVP85
    |       |--S. boops (Salter 1864)PVP85
    |       |--S. ekphyma (Lane 1971)PVP85
    |       |--S. juvenis (Salter 1848)PVP85
    |       `--S. pahnschi (Schmidt 1881)PVP85
    |--+--Courtessolium Přibyl & Vaněk in Přibyl, Vaněk & Pek 1985PVP85
    |  |    `--*C. prepater (Courtessole & Pillet 1975) [=Pseudosphaerexochus (Pateraspis) prepater]PVP85
    |  `--+--Bornholmaspis Přibyl & Vaněk in Přibyl, Vaněk & Pek 1985PVP85
    |     |    |--*B. inflata (Poulsen 1965) [=Pseudosphaerexochus (Pateraspis) inflatus]PVP85
    |     |    `--B. praecursor (Régnell 1940)PVP85
    |     `--Pateraspis Prantl & Přibyl 1947PVP85
    |          |--*P. pater (Barrande 1872)PVP85
    |          |--P. andegava (Bureau 1900)PVP85
    |          |--P. lisogorae Přibyl, Vaněk & Pek 1985 [=Cheirurus radiatus Lisogor 1954 non Barrande 1846]PVP85
    |          |--P. mediterranea (Hammann 1972)PVP85
    |          `--P. parifin Šnajdr 1983PVP85
    |--+--Valongia Přibyl & Vaněk 1984PVP85
    |  |    `--*V. wattisoni (Curtis 1961)PVP85
    |  `--Actinopeltis Hawle & Corda 1847PVP85
    |       |--*A. carolialexandri Hawle & Corda 1847PVP85
    |       |--A. barrandei Kielan 1960PVP85
    |       |--A. completa (Barrande 1872)PVP85
    |       |--A. dissimilis Petrunina 1975PVP85
    |       |--A. globosa (Barrande 1846) [incl. Cheirurus radiatus Barrande 1846]PVP85
    |       |--A. insocialis (Barrande 1852)PVP85
    |       |--A. rivanoi Šnajdr 1982PVP85
    |       |--A. spjeldnaesi Hammann 1972PVP85
    |       `--A. vercingetorix Přibyl & Vaněk 1969PVP85
    `--+--Ancyginaspis Přibyl & Vaněk in Přibyl, Vaněk & Pek 1985PVP85
       |    |--*A. prisca (Tjernvik 1956) [=Cyrtometopus priscus]PVP85
       |    `--A. ancygini Přibyl & Vaněk in Přibyl, Vaněk & Pek 1985PVP85
       `--+--Cyrtometopus Angelin 1854PVP85
          |    |--*C. clavifrons (Dalman 1827)PVP85
          |    `--C. affinis Angelin 1854PVP85
          |--Reraspis Öpik 1937PVP85
          |    |--*R. plautini (Schmidt 1881)PVP85
          |    `--R. elatifrons (Krause 1894)PVP85
          `--+--Zazvorkaspis Přibyl & Vaněk 1964PVP85
             |    |--*Z. neutra (Barrande 1872)PVP85
             |    `--Z. decorata Petrunina 1975PVP85
             `--Cyrtometopella Nikolaisen 1961PVP85
                  |--*C. tumula Nikolaisen 1961PVP85
                  |--C. aries (Eichwald 1843)PVP85
                  |--C. askerensis Nikolaisen 1961PVP85
                  |--C. kaljoi (Männil 1958)PVP85
                  |--C. rosenthali (Schmidt 1881)PVP85
                  `--C. sulcata (Thorslund 1940)PVP85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[PVP85] Přibyl, A., J. Vaněk & I. Pek. 1985. Phylogeny and taxonomy of family Cheiruridae (Trilobita). Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultas Rerum Naturalium Geographica-Geologica XXIV 83: 107–193.

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