Fistulipora sp., photographed by Charles Oldham.

Belongs within: Trepostomata.

The Cystoporata are a group of bryozoans known from the Ordovician to the Triassic. Members of this group have curved partitions (cystiphragms) separating zooecia, and often crescentic projections (lunaria) around the apertures (Prothero 1998).

    |--Lichenalia [Rhinoporidae]T93
    |    `--L. concentrica Hall 1852T93
    |--Botryllopora [Botrylloporidae]T93
    |    `--B. socialis Nicholson 1874T93
    |    |--Revalotrypa eugeniae Goryunova 1988T93
    |    `--Metelipora monstrata Trizna 1950T93
    |    |--Profistulipora arctica Astrova 1965T93
    |    `--Altshedata belgebaschensis (Nekhoroshev 1948)T93
    |    |--Xenotrypa primaeva (Bassler 1911)T93
    |    `--Hennigopora florida (Hall 1852)T93
    |--Constellaria [Constellariidae]T93
    |    |--C. floridaEB03
    |    `--C. islensis Ross 1963T93
    |    |--Goniocladiella kasakhstanica Nekhoroshev 1953T93
    |    `--Goniocladia timorensis Bassler 1929T93
    |    |--Actinotrypa peculiaris (Rominger 1866)T93
    |    `--EpactinotrypaT93
    |         |--E. flosculosa Kiseleva 1973T93
    |         `--E. incognita Kiseleva 1982T93
    |    |--Prismopora triquetra Hall & Simpson 1887T93
    |    `--HexagonellaF71
    |         |--H. australe (Cretnall 1926) [=Coscinium australe]F71
    |         |--H. lineata Crockford 1944F71
    |         `--H. ramosa Waagen & Wentzel 1886T93
    |--Ceramoporidae [Ceramoporina]P98
    |    |--CeramoporellaT93
    |    |--Ganiella Yaroshinskaya in Astrova & Yaroshinskaya 1968T93
    |    `--CeramoporaT93
    |         |--C. perforata Hennig 1908T93
    |         `--C. unapensis Ross 1966T93
    |    |--Liguloclema typicalis Crockford 1957T93
    |    `--EtherellaT93
    |         |--E. crassa Kiseleva 1973T93
    |         |--E. irregularis Crockford 1957T93
    |         |--E. minor Crockford 1957T93
    |         `--E. porosa Crockford 1957T93
    |    |--Acrogenia prolifera Hall 1883T93
    |    |--Ptilocella parallela (Hall & Simpson 1887)T93
    |    |--Semiopora bistigmata Hall 1883T93
    |    |--Stictocella sinuosa (Hall 1883)T93
    |    |--Thamnotrypa divaricata (Hall 1883)T93
    |    |--Filiramoporina kretaphila Fry & Cuffey 1976T93
    |    `--TaenioporaT93
    |         |--T. exigua Nicholson 1874T93
    |         |--T. occidentalis Ulrich 1890T93
    |         |--T. penniformis Nicholson 1874T93
    |         |--T. recubans (Hall & Simpson 1887)T93
    |         `--T. subcarinata (Hall 1883)T93
    `--Fistuliporidae [Fistuliporina]P98
         |--Cystitrypa cassiana Schäfer & Fois 1987T93
         |--Cyclotrypa Ulrich 1856DX84
         |    `--C. exposita Gorjunova 1970DX84
         |--Ramipora Toula 1875DX84
         |    `--R. ambrosoides (Cretnall 1926) [=Aetomacladia ambrosoides]F71
         |--Meekopora Ulrich 1889DX84
         |    |--M. densaDX84
         |    |--M. dudleyensis Owen 1869O69
         |    |--M. foliaceaO69
         |    `--M. incrassataDX84
         |--Coscinotrypa Hall & Simpson 1887DX84
         |    |--*C. cribriforme Prout 1859DX84
         |    `--C. reticulataDX84
         `--Fistulipora McCoy 1849RLS04
              |--F. chinensisG31
              |--F. conica Crockford 1944F71
              |--F. corticeaEB03
              |--F. crassaO69
              |--F. crassilabiata Bassler 1929DX84
              |--F. etheridgei Crockford 1947F71
              |--F. heteromorpha Liu in Ding, Xia et al. 1984DX84
              |--F. lunatifera Bassler 1929DX84
              |--F. minisculusDX84
              |--F. mutabilisO69
              |--F. nummulina Nicholson & Foord 1885 [incl. F. dobunica Nicholson & Foord 1885]O69
              |--F. stereosDX84
              |--F. waagenianaG31
              `--F. zhesiensis Liu in Ding, Xia et al. 1984DX84

*Type species of generic name indicated


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