Dorsum (left) and venter of female Cytostethum mediostriatum, from Fain & Domrow (1974).

Belongs within: Sarcoptoidea.

Cytostethum is an Australasian genus of atopomelid mites parasitic on marsupials, primarily Macropodidae. Males lack an ambulacrum on tarsus IV.

<==Cytostethum Domrow 1956H98
    |--C. charactum Domrow 1956H98
    |--C. clibanarius Domrow 1961H98
    |--C. dendriticum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. donrowi Fain 1972H98
    |--C. euphallus Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. gracile Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. hamatum Fain & Domrow 1984H98
    |--C. inerme Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. intermedium Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. macropus Fain 1970H98
    |--C. maydenense Fain & Domrow 1975 [=C. maydenenses (l. c.)]H98
    |--C. mediosquamatum Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. mediostriatum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. mesocharactum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. mollisoni Domrow 1961H98
    |--C. nanophyes Domrow 1956 [=C. nanophys (l. c.)]H98
    |--C. neotubiferum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. nudum Fain 1972H98
    |--C. postscutatum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. postsquamatum Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. potorous Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. procharactum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. promeces Domrow 1956H98
    |--C. prosquamatum Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. pseudocharactum Domrow 1956H98
    |--C. pseudotubiferum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. spinulatum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. tasmaniense Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. thetis Fain & Domrow 1975H98
    |--C. thylogale Fain 1970H98
    |--C. tooloomense Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    |--C. trachypyx Domrow 1956H98
    |--C. tubiferum Fain & Domrow 1974H98
    `--C. wallabia Fain & Domrow 1975H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H98] Halliday, R. B. 1998. Mites of Australia: A checklist and bibliography. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

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