Metabelba sp., copyright Pfliegler Walter.

Belongs within: Holonota.
Contains: Metabelbella (Metabelbella)Belba (Belba)Subbelba, Metabelba (Metabelba), Parabelbella (Tectodamaeus), Damaeus (Damaeus), Damaeus (Epidamaeus).

The Damaeidae are a group of oribatids that are most diverse in humus and litter in temperate and boreal regions of the Holarctic. They may be distinguished from other oribatids by their moniliform legs, with femora and tibiae narrow proximally and swollen distally (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009). The classification of many genera within the Damaeidae is based heavily on setal counts and is quite probably artificial (Balogh & Balogh 1992).

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Adults with scalps present or absent, sometimes with mass of debris on notogaster. Cerotegument often dense and conspicuous, covering body and setae. Prodorsal lamellae and costulae absent; tutorium absent; well-developed parastigmatic enantiophysis present. Dorsophragmata and pleurophragmata absent. Subcapitulum diarthric; palpal eupathidium acm separate from solenidion; genal notch absent. Notogaster with eleven pairs of setae, of which nine pairs in longitudinal row. Genital plates with 6 pairs of setae. Legs moniliform; seta d present or absent on tibiae and genua when respective solenidion is expressed. Tarsus II with two solenidia. Larva unideficient; nymphs eupheredermous, quadrideficient; immatures with seta d present on tibiae and genua when respective solenidion is present.

<==Damaeidae [Belbidae, Belbodamaeidae, Belboidea, Damaeinae, Damaeoidea, Damoeidae]
    |--+--Dameobelba Sellnick 1928SC19, S04
    |  |    `--*D. minutissima (Sellnick 1920) [=Oribata minutissima]S04
    |  `--Metabelba Grandjean 1936SC19, S04
    |       |--M. (Metabelba)S04
    |       |--M. (Allobelba Kunst 1961)S04
    |       |    `--M. (*A.) aculeata (Kunst 1961) [=*Allobelba aculeata]S04
    |       |--M. (Neobelba Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1967)S04
    |       |    `--M. (*N.) pseudopapillipes (Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1967) [=*Neobelba pseudopapillipes]S04
    |       `--M. (Parametabelba Mihelčič 1964)S04
    |            |--M. (P.) romandiolae (Sellnick 1943) [=Damaeus romandiolae; incl. M. (*P.) gladiator Mihelčič 1963]S04
    |            |--M. (P.) ericius Kunst 1958S04
    |            |--M. (P.) italica (Sellnick 1931) [=Damaeus italicus]S04
    |            |--M. (P.) lanceolata Hammen 1952S04
    |            |--M. (P.) platynotus Grandjean 1954S04
    |            |--M. (P.) rhodopeia Kunst 1961S04
    |            `--M. (P.) sphagni Strenzke 1950S04
    `--+--Parabelbella Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1967SC19, S04
       |    |  i. s.: P. meridiana (Norton 1979)PL17
       |    |--P. (Parabelbella) (see below for synonymy)S04
       |    |    |--*P. (P.) crenatosetosa (Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957) [=Metabelbella crenatosetosa]S04
       |    |    |--P. (P.) elisabethae Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1967S04
       |    |    |--P. (P.) exilior (Mihelčič 1964) [=Damaeus (Heterodamaeus) exilior]S04
       |    |    `--P. (P.) grancanariae (Pérez-Íñigo & Peña 1994) [=Mirobelba grancanariae]S04
       |    |--P. (Nododamaeus Hammer 1977) [incl. Dasybelba Woolley & Higgins 1979]S04
       |    |    |--P. (*N.) monticola (Hammer 1977) [=*Nododamaeus monticola]S04
       |    |    `--P. (N.) perona (Woolley & Higgins 1979)S04 [=*Dasybelba peronaBB92]
       |    `--P. (Tectodamaeus)S04
       `--Damaeus Koch 1835SC19, S04
            |  i. s.: D. concolor (Koch 1840) [=Belba concolor, Dameosoma concolor]M98
            |         D. curtus Haupt 1882 (n. d.)M98
            |         D. genadensis Sellnick 1931S93
            |         D. patelloides Michael 1890M98
            |--D. (Damaeus)S04
            |--D. (Adamaeus Norton 1977)S04
            |    |--D. (*A.) onustus Koch 1841 [incl. Belba geniculosa Oudemans 1929]S04
            |    `--D. (A.) firmus Kunst 1958S04
            |--D. (Epidamaeus)PL17
            |--D. (Eudamaeus Pérez-Íñigo 1987)S04
            |    `--D. (*E.) pomboi Pérez-Íñigo 1987S04
            `--D. (Paradamaeus Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957)S04
                 `--D. (*P.) clavipes (Hermann 1804)S04 (see below for synonymy)
Damaeidae incertae sedis:
  Acanthobelba Enami & Aoki 1993S04
    |--*A. tortuosa Enami & Aoki 1993S04
    `--A. heterosetosa Choi 1997S04
  Nortonbelba Bernini 1980S04
    `--*N. italica Bernini 1980S04
         |--N. i. italicaS04
         `--N. i. plesiomorphica (Saloña & Iturrondobeitia 1989) [=Epidamaeus plesiomorphicus]S04
  Porobelba Grandjean 1936S04
    |--*P. spinosa (Sellnick 1920) [=Oribata spinosa; incl. Belba parvula Mihelčič 1955]S04
    |--P. grandjeanica Subías 1977S04
    |--P. parki Jacot 1937S04
    `--P. robusta Mihelčič 1955S04
  Metabelbella Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957S04
    |--M. (Metabelbella)S04
    `--M. (Akrodamaeus Norton 1978)S04
         |--M. (*A.) longiseta (Banks 1906) [=Oribata longiseta]S04
         |--M. (A.) flagellata (Balogh & Mahunka 1969) [=Metabelba flagellata]S04
         |--M. (A.) inaequipes (Banks 1947) [=Belba inaequipes]S04
         `--M. (A.) meridiana (Norton 1979) [=Epidamaeus (Akrodamaeus) meridianus]S04
  Belbodamaeus Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1960S04
    |--B. (Belbodamaeus)S04
    |    |--*B. (B.) tuberculatus Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1960S04
    |    `--B. (B.) marginatus Kulijev 1967S04
    |--B. (Lanibelba Norton 1980)S04
    |    `--B. (*L.) pini (Norton 1980) [=*Lanibelba pini]S04
    `--B. (Protobelba Norton 1978)S04
         `--B. (*P.) california (Banks 1904) [=Oribata california]S04
  Belba Heyden 1826S04
    |  i. s.: B. bituberculataH44
    |         B. clavipesG33
    |         B. gracilipesH44
    |         B. tatricaH44
    |         B. traegardhi [=Oribata traegardhi]H44
    |--B. (Belba)S04
    `--B. (Caenobelba Norton 1980)S04
         `--B. (*C.) alleganiensis (Norton 1980) [=*Caenobelba alleganiensis]S04
  Spatiodamaeus Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957S04
    |--*S. verticillipes (Nicolet 1855)S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--S. boreus (Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957) [=Damaeus (Spatiodamaeus) boreus]S04
    |--S. crassispinosus (Mihelčič 1964) [=Damaeus (Spatiodamaeus) crassispinosus]S04
    |--S. diversipilis (Willmann 1951) [=Belba diversipilis]S04
    |--S. fageti (Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957) [=Damaeus (Spatiodamaeus) fageti]S04
    |--S. glabrisetus (Willmann 1930) [=Belba glabriseta]S04
    |--S. similis (Willmann 1951) [=Belba verticillipes similis]S04
    `--S. subverticillipes (Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1957) [=Damaeus (Spatiodamaeus) subverticillipes]S04

Damaeus (*Paradamaeus) clavipes (Hermann 1804)S04 [=Notaspis clavipesS04; incl. Oppia glaucina Koch 1835M98, Damaeus nodipes Koch 1839S04, Belba nodipesM98, Dameosoma nodipesM98]

Parabelbella Bulanova-Zachvatkina 1967 (Parabelbella) [incl. Heterodamaeus Mihelčič 1964 nec Ewing 1917 nec Woolley 1957, Mirobelba Pérez-Íñigo & Peña 1994]S04

*Spatiodamaeus verticillipes (Nicolet 1855)S04 [=Damaeus verticillipesS04; incl. Belba mirabilis Karpelles 1893S04, Nothrus pollinosus Koch 1840 (n. d.)M98, Damaeus quadrihastatus Märkel & Meyer 1960S04, D. torvus Koch 1835 (n. d.)S04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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