Darwinula stevensoni, copyright Robin James Smith.

Belongs within: Ostracoda.

The Darwinulidae are a group of ostracods living in fresh or brackish waters, known from the Upper Carboniferous (possibly the Ordovician) to the present (Benson et al. 1961).

|--Darwinuloidea [Darwinulacea]L05
| |--DarwinulidaeS61
| | |--VestalenulaEHH05
| | | |--V. marmonieriPH10
| | | `--V. matildaePH10
| | |--MicrodarwinulaL05
| | |--Darwinula Brady & Robertson 1885CC02 (see below for synonymy)
| | | |--*D. stevensoni (Brady & Roberston 1870) [=*Polycheles stevensoni, *Darwinella stevensoni]BB61
| | | |--D. australis Chapman 1909F71
| | | |--D. boteai Danielopol 1970DH86
| | | |--D. impudicaHH09
| | | |--D. magnaHH09
| | | |--D. protacta Rome 1953DH86
| | | `--D. sarytirmenensisHH09
| | |--Penthesilenula brasiliensisPH10
| | `--Isabenula humphreysi Rossetti et al. 2011JG19
| `--Suchonella Spizharsky 1937BB61 [SuchonellidaeL05]
| |--*S. typica Spizharsky 1937BB61
| `--S. blomiTT05
| |--Carbonita Strand 1928 [=Carbonia Jones 1870 non Robineau-Desvoidy 1863]BB61
| | |--*C. agnes (Jones 1870) [=*Carbonia agnes]BB61
| | |--C. fabulinaG88
| | `--C. humilisL05
| `--Gutschickia Scott 1944WSB93, BB61
| |--*G. ninevehensis (Holland 1934) [=Whipplella ninevehensis]BB61
| `--G. convexa Tasch 1963WSB93
|--Darwinuloides Mandelstam 1956BB61
| |--*D. oviformis (Mandelstam 1947) [=Darwinula oviformis]BB61
| `--D. sentjakensisTT05
`--Whipplella Holland 1934L05, BB61
`--*W. cuneiformis Holland 1934BB61

Darwinula Brady & Robertson 1885CC02 [=Darwinella Brady & Robertson 1872 non Müller 1865BB61, Polycheles Brady 1870 non Heller 1862BB61; incl. Cyprione Jones 1885BB61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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