Heterosiphonia plumosa, copyright kristobal22.

Belongs within: Ceramiales.

The Dasyaceae are a family of red algae exhibiting cellulosympodial growth and bearing whorled tetrasporangia in stichidia on determinal laterals (Choi et al. 2002).

Characters (from Choi et al. 2002): Growth cellulosympodial; tetrasporangia whorled, borne in stichidia on determinal laterals; pigmented pseudolaterals present, Y-shaped cell abutments at pseudodichotomies; trichoblasts absent; carposporophyte with basal fusion cell initiated by direct connection between auxiliary cell and fertile central-axial cell, at first bypassing supporting cell but ultimately incorporating it.

<==Dasyaceae [Dasyeae]
    |  i. s.: AmphisbetemaCK02
    |         SinosiphoniaCK02
    |         TapeinodasyaCK02
    |         DasyopsisS57
    |           |--D. plumosa (Harvey & Bailey) Schmitz 1893 [=Dasya plumosa]S57
    |           `--D. spinellaPP64
    |         Falkenbergia rufolanosa [=Polysiphonia rufolanosa]L27
    |    |  i. s.: ‘Heterosiphonia’ japonicaCK02
    |    |--*Dasysiphonia chejuensisCK02
    |    |--*Rhodoptilum plumosumCK02
    |    |--DipterocladiaCK02
    |    |--EupogodonCK02
    |    |    |--*E. planusCK02
    |    |    `--E. spinellusCK02
    |    `--Dasya Agardh 1824CK02
    |         |--D. arbusculaG64
    |         |--D. baillouvianaCK02
    |         |--D. coccineaG64
    |         |--D. collabens Hooker & Harvey 1845L27
    |         |--D. haffiaeW03
    |         |--D. hutchinsiaeCK02
    |         |--D. ocellataG64
    |         |--D. sinicolaCK02
    |         |--D. venustaG64
    |         `--D. villosaCK02
         |    |--*D. purpurascensCK02
         |    `--D. occidentalisCK02
         |    |--*T. quercifoliaCK02
         |    `--T. australasicaCK02
         `--Heterosiphonia Montagne 1842CK02
              |--*H. berkeleyi Montagne 1842CK02 [=Dasya berkleyiL27]
              |    |--H. b. var. berkleyiL27
              |    `--H. b. var. squarrosa non H. squarrosaL27
              |--H. callithamnionHK90
              |--H. concinna (Hooker & Harvey) Falkenberg 1901 [=Dasya concinna]L27
              |--H. crassipes (Harvey) Falkenberg 1901HS14
              |--H. crispella (Agardh) Wynne 1985 [=Callithamnion crispella Agardh 1828]HL09
              |--H. densiuscula Kylin 1925S57
              |--H. firma Agardh 1890L27
              |--H. gunnianaCK02
              |--H. laxa Kylin 1925S57
              |--H. muelleriCK02
              |--H. plumosaCK02
              |--H. pulchraCK02
              |--H. punicea (Montagne) Kylin 1919 [=Polysiphonia punicea]L27
              |--H. squarrosa [=Dasya squarrosa Hooker & Harvey 1855]L27
              |--H. tessellata (Hooker & Harvey) Falkenberg 1901L27
              `--H. wurdemanniiHK90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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