Dasylobus graniferus, from here.

Belongs within: Phalangiidae.

Dasylobus is a primarily European group of phalangiid harvestmen that do not exhibit strong sexual dimorphism between males and females and which possess a more or less distinct apophysis on the pedipalpal patella (Roewer 1923). Distinct genera Dasylobus and Eudasylobus have been recognised in the past on the basis of whether or not denticles are present on the cheliceral lamellae but are now regarded as synonymous.

Dasylobus Simon 1878K14 [incl. Eudasylobus Roewer 1911C92, Euplatybunus Roewer 1912C92, Parazacheus Lerma 1952C92]
|--*D. argentatus (Canestrini 1871)C92, D04 [=Opilio argentatusD04, Phalangium argentatumC92]
|--‘Eudasylobus’ amseli Roewer 1956R56
|--‘Eudasylobus’ arcadius Roewer 1956R56
|--D. australis Simon 1899S99
|--D. beschkovi (Staręga 1976)K14
|--D. corsicus (Roewer 1956) [=Eudasylobus corsicus]D04
|--‘Eudasylobus’ cyrenaicus Caporiacco 1934S84
|--D. eremita Simon 1878 (n. d.)K14
|--D. ferrugineus (Thorell 1876)R23 (see below for synonymy)
|--‘Eudasylobus’ fuscus Roewer 1911R23
|--D. gestroi (Thorell 1876)D04 [=Phalangium gestroiD04, *Eudasylobus gestroiC92; incl. E. sardiniensis Roewer 1923D04]
|--D. graniferus (Canestrini 1871)D04 (see below for synonymy)
|--‘Phalangium’ hyrcanum Thorell 1876 [=Eudasylobus hyrcanus]R23
|--*Euplatybunus’ insignitus Roewer 1912 [=Eudasylobus insignitus, Eup. punctatus Roewer 1912 (n. n.)]C92
|--‘Eudasylobus’ insularis Roewer 1956R56
|--D. kulczynskii (Nosek 1905)K14 (see below for synonymy)
|--D. laevigatus (Koch 1867) [=Opilio laevigatus, Eudasylobus laevigatus]R23
|--‘Eudasylobus’ ligusticus Roewer 1923 [incl. Dasylobus tenuis Roewer 1924]M78
|--D. lusitanicus Roewer 1956R56
|--D. nigricoxis Simon 1878D04 [=Eudasylobus nigricoxisS04; incl. Eudasylobus nigricoxis var. znoiko Morin 1937S12]
`--D. nivicola Simon 1879D04

Dasylobus ferrugineus (Thorell 1876)R23 [=Phalangium ferrugineumR23, Eudasylobus ferrugineusR23; incl. P. pusillum Koch 1882PWF22]

Dasylobus graniferus (Canestrini 1871)D04 [=Opilio graniferusD04, Eudasylobus graniferusS73, Metadasylobus graniferusR23; incl. Dasylobus cavannae Simon 1882D04, E. cavannaeD04, E. ferrugineicoxis Roewer 1923D04, Dasylobus fulvaster Simon 1882D04, E. fulvasterM78, Eudasylobus georginae Hadži 1936D04, Phalangium nicaeense Thorell 1876D04, Dasylobus nicaeensisD04, Eudasylobus nicaeensisD04, *Parazacheus pollinensis Lerma 1952C92, E. roeweri Stipperger 1928D04, Zacheus (Dentizachus) rucnerianus Hadži 1973D04, E. rucnerianusM78]

Dasylobus kulczynskii (Nosek 1905)K14 [=Phalangium kulczynskiiSM12, Eudasylobus kulczynskiiR23; incl. P. argaeicum Nosek 1905SM12, Dasylobus argaeicumR23]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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