Tiger quolls Dasyurus maculatus, copyright J.-L. Klein & M.-L. Hubert.

Belongs within: Dasyuridae.

The Dasyurinae is a group of carnivorous marsupials including the quolls (marsupial cats), mulgaras and related taxa. Members of this group include the largest living carnivorous marsupials.

Dasyurinae [Parantechini]
| i. s.: Archerium Wroe & Mackness 2000LA02
| `--*A. chinchillaensis Wroe & Mackness 2000LA02
| Ganbulanyi Wroe 1998LA02
| `--*G. djadjinguli Wroe 1998LA02
|--Dasyuroides Spencer 1896FS15, LA02
| |--*D. byrnei Spencer 1896LA02
| `--D. achilpatna Archer 1982LA02
`--+--+--Pseudantechinus Tate 1947FS15, R64
| | |--P. bilarni (Johnson 1954)FS15, K91
| | `--+--P. woolleyae Kitchener & Caputi 1988FS15, GM09
| | `--+--P. ningbing (Kitchener 1988)FS15, GM12
| | `--+--*P. macdonnellensis (Spencer 1896)R64, FS15, K91 (see below for synonymy)
| | `--+--P. mimulus (Thomas 1906)FS15, K91 [=Antechinus mimulusA82, Phascogale mimulusK91]
| | `--P. roryi Cooper, Aplin & Adams 2000FS15, GM09
| `--+--Dasykaluta Archer 1982FS15, A82
| | `--*D. rosamondae (Ride 1964)A82, GM09 [=Antechinus rosamondaeA82]
| `--Dasycercus Peters 1875FS15, LA02
| |--*D. cristicauda (Krefft 1867)LA02
| |--D. blythi (Waite 1904)GM09
| |--D. byrneiCB-E04
| |--D. hillieriLA02
| `--D. worboysi Dawson, Muirhead & Wroe 1999LA02
`--+--+--Parantechinus Tate 1947FS15, R64
| | `--*P. apicalisR64 [=Antechinus apicalisA82, Phascogale apicalisR64]
| `--Myoictis Gray 1858CB-E04, LA02
| |--*M. melas (Müller 1840)LA02, FS15, LA02
| `--+--M. wallaceiFS15
| `--+--M. leucuraFS15
| `--M. wavicusFS15
`--+--‘Antechinus’ bilarni Johnson 1954R64 [=Parantechinus bilarniCB-E04]
| |--Neophascogale lorentziFS15
| `--PhascolosorexCB-E04
| |--P. doriaeCB-E04
| `--P. dorsalisCB-E04
`--+--+--Glaucodon Stirton 1957A82, LA02
| | `--*G. ballaratensis Stirton 1957LA02
| `--Sarcophilus Cuvier 1837CB-E04, LA02 [Sarcophilini]
| |--*S. laniarius (Owen 1838)LA02 [=Dasyurus laniariusD82]
| |--S. harrisii (Boitard 1841)K92 [incl. Dasyurus ursinusF82, S. ursinusD82]
| `--S. moornaensis Crabb 1982LA02
`--Dasyurus Geoffroy 1796CB-E04, LA02
| i. s.: D. bowlingiA14
| D. maugeiG42
| D. mordax Owen 1877A82
|--D. hallucatus Gould 1842CB-E04, GM12 (see below for synonymy)
`--+--+--*D. maculatus (Kerr 1792)LA02, CB-E04, LA02 [=Dasyurops maculatusHW82, Viverra maculataG91]
| `--D. dunmalli Bartholomai 1971LA02
`--+--D. albopunctatus Schlegel 1880FS15, APB99 [=Satanellus albopunctatusA82]
`--+--D. viverrinus (Shaw 1800)FS15, R64 [=Didelphis viverrinaR64, Dasyurinus viverrinusA82]
`--+--D. geoffroii Gould 1841FS15, BD-D09
| |--D. g. geoffroiiA82
| `--D. g. fortisA82
`--D. spartacusCB-E04

Dasyurus hallucatus Gould 1842CB-E04, GM12 [=Satanellus hallucatusTL70; incl. Mustela quoll Zimmermann 1783 (nom. rej.)MR84, Dasyurus quollR64]

*Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis (Spencer 1896)R64, FS15, K91 [=Antechinus macdonnellensisA82, Parantechinus macdonnellensisK91, Phascogale macdonnellensisR64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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