Thylacine Thylacinus cynocephalus, from here.

Belongs within: Australidelphia.
Contains: Dasyuridae.

The Dasyuromorphia is a group of Australian carnivorous marsupials including the marsupial mice and cats (Dasyuridae), numbat Myrmecobius fasciatus and thylacines (Thylacinidae).

Characters (from Long et al. 2002): Small number of incisors (I4/3); intestinal caecum absent.

Dasyuromorphia [Dasyura, Dasyurida, Dasyurini, Dasyuroidea]
| i. s.: Apoktesis Campbell 1976LA02
| `--*A. cuspis Campbell 1976LA02
| Mayigriphus Wroe 1997LA02
| `--*M. orbus Wroe 1997LA02
| Wakamartha Archer & Rich 1979LA02
| `--*W. tasselli Archer & Rich 1979LA02
| Joculusium muizoni Wroe 2001BA12
|--Djarthia Godthelp, Wroe & Archer 1999LA02
| `--*D. murgonensis Godthelp, Wroe & Archer 1999LA02
`--+--Myrmecobius [Myrmecobiidae, Myrmecobiinae]FS15
| `--M. fasciatusCB-E04
| |--M. f. fasciatusBP87
| `--M. f. rufusBP87
`--Thylacinidae [Thylacininae]CB-E04
|--Badjacinus Muirhead & Wroe 1998LA02
| `--*B. turnbulli Muirhead & Wroe 1998LA02
|--Maximucinus Wroe 2001LA02
| `--*M. muirheadae Wroe 2001LA02
|--Muribacinus Wroe 1996LA02
| `--*M. gadiyuli Wroe 1996LA02
|--Mutpuracinus Murray & Megirian 2000LA02
| `--*M. archibaldi Murray & Megirian 2000LA02
|--Nimbacinus Muirhead & Archer 1990LA02
| |--*N. dicksoni Muirhead & Archer 1990LA02
| `--N. richi Murray & Megirian 2000LA02
`--+--Ngamalacinus Muirhead 1997LA02
| `--*N. timmulvaneyi Muirhead 1997LA02
`--+--Wabulacinus Muirhead 1997LA02
| `--*W. ridei Muirhead 1997LA02
|--Tyarrpecinus Murray & Megirian 2000LA02
| `--*T. rothi Murray & Megirian 2000LA02
`--Thylacinus Temminck 1824FS15, LA02
|--*T. cynocephalus (Harris 1808)LA02 (see below for synonymy)
|--T. harrisiiF82
|--T. macknessi Muirhead 1992LA02
|--T. megiriani Murray 1997LA02
`--T. potens Woodburne 1967LA02

Inorganic: Myrmecobius fasciatus protominilorientalus Okamura 1987O87

*Thylacinus cynocephalus (Harris 1808)LA02 [incl. T. major Owen 1877D82, T. rostralis De Vis 1893D82, T. spelaeus Owen 1845D82]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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